Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Forger

I was just opening Scrabble, which I do A LOT and watched a guy, David Has show how to cut multiple cherry tomatoes at once on a YouTube that Kay put on Facebook. I would tag it here but I don't know how so I will just explain. Place a salad plate down on the counter and fill with the tomatoes. Place another salad plate on tom and take a chef's knife and cut through the opening between the two plates. You have completely cut in half tomatoes. Thanks Kay!

Also, do you sometimes have a nagging question that won't let up and you can't find an answer to? I have had one for most of a week and am now reaching out to the smartest people in the universe to help me clear the question up. Here goes: There used to be a store in major malls that specialized in inexpensive dark wood pieces of bric a brac and small tables and hutches, etc, along with other home accessories and I believe it had some sort of Oriental in it's name. It had at least two words in its title. It's probably been gone for 20 years but it was my go to store for cute things for the house. Any ideas?

I was in a bedroom a couple days ago, doing something that I have done in the past but have never gotten caught when G walked in on me and shockingly said, 'What in the hell are you doing? Have you lost your mind?'
I thought for a minute and was surprised that in all our forty some years he didn't know that I have always improvised when something didn't live up to what I ended up wanting.  I bought this comforter for a queen sized bed and decided it needed a splash of color (especially because I wanted to have turquoise towels in the adjoining bath!)  I just got out my paint and painted parts.

As you can see from this ridiculous photo, I have done four flower centers so far.  It is slow going and I don't relish doing it so I only do one a day.  Now you know yet another secret of mine!  Yeah, and I do it on quilts too!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Green Thumb

I have lots of orchids and I wanted to hang them in my trees in the hopes of saving them while I am gone for the summer. I looked all over the place for those little wooden crates that I have seen orchids in on Florida trees but couldn't find them. So I went on line and found out that they are called vanda's because they are used with vanda orchids. I don't know what kind I have and don't really care and some people I know try this with any orchid so I thought I would give it a try. If they die, they would have anyway.
These are the little wooden crates.  I ordered a dozen 4 inch ones because it cost almost as much to ship them to me as they cost; they are just under $4.

Here they are, adorably hanging in my palms.  I hope they are alive when we return in the fall!

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Kitchen!

I have been asked about the kitchen in our new house so I thought I would show you it in photos.
Except for a four burner stove instead of my dream six burner, it is amazing in itself because the neighborhood has natural gas, which is a rarity in Florida.  The cabinets are darker than maple and I have no idea what wood it is.  The refrigerator is a Samsung and we keep leaving the freezer door open, not being used to anything but a straight side by side.

The microwave is also a convection oven, just as mine was at our last house.  There is a doorway into the dining room in between the pantry (next to the ovens) and then there is a nook that I am referring to as a butler's pantry.

We have dueling  coffee machines side by side, with Flavia being my favorite and Keurig being G's fave.

The sink island has a slight bar on the back of it that has four chairs around it.

The center island is currently used as a table for my cutting mat.  I started sewing stuff for the bedrooms but called a halt to it because I am still not flexible enough to keep going up and down to do things.  I  figure it will get done eventually and with only six more days before we travel home, I am not gonna frustrate myself.  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tampa Or Bust

I can't believe it; I forgot to blog three times this week. I have to blame it on winding down the Florida season and the morning power walk. It's my only excuse.
My girlfriend Wendy picked me up yesterday morning to take a trip to Tampa.

There is my little girl looking at us depart.  She loves Wendy.  Our plan was to buy some shrimp to take up north and to pick up her Mom (who I adore) and go to lunch.  And that's exactly what we did!

We went to the Port of Tampa where the shrimp boats come and sell their wares.  We took coolers so we wouldn't have to rush.  Depending on what time of day the shrimp come in,  you could get them right from the boat.  They actually flash freeze them,  on the boat.  I chose 21-25 size.
I decided on 25 lbs.   It is so sweet and wonderful tasting.

You can buy them with or without heads.  I have had them both ways and cleaning shrimp isn't my favorite thing in the world to do, but taking out one step of it helps.

Then we were off to the Historic District of Ybor City.  We chose  Columbia for our lunch choice.

This is a terrible picture of the place.  It is surrounded with tile work of Spanish life.  The restaurant started out in 1905 right in Tampa after the owners immigrated from Cuba.  You can find other restaurants of theirs that sprang up in other Florida towns since then, all with the same name.

I chose a Tapa for lunch  of chrizo, lobster, tomatoes, and manchego cheese on flatbread, which is them drizzled with an piquillo pepper alioli.

The star of the restaurant is the Columbia's Original '1905' Salad'.  It consists of iceberg, with a very thin julienne of baked ham, swiss, and also tomatoes green olives (which I don't eat) grated romano and this salad dressing.  It is truly the bomb.  You can get the recipe for both salad and dressing on line.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sweater Numbero Uno Is Done

I finished the sweater I started with Kathy, probably purchasing the yarn and pattern the second or third week of February.  If you will notice, the top is held together with a crochet hook because first, the big buttons I was gonna use on it are up north, and second, the button holes are on the bottom of the front border rather than the top where they are supposed to be.  Because of that error, I think my closure will be one of those chop stick closures instead.  When I do this again I will be more aware of top and bottom.  When it is just pieces it's hard to figure out or rather I just went for it, and didn't pay much attention to what was top and what was bottom!!  I will now have to pay the price.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Knitting Away

I'm a tad like a fish out of water, flopping around in this new, fantastic house. The studio is filled to capacity with boxes so I can't call it my own yet. I have been spending my evenings in the great room on the new couch. The tv doesn't have a box so I don't switch channels but watch the food network channel from around 8 p.m. to bedtime. I ran out of stuff that I was working on so went upstairs to the not yet studio and found a couple projects that I had set aside to work on when I thought we would be homeless.

One was a larger version of a sweater I made for Maggie Z's first granddaughter.  I had the yarn and it is always easier to make a sweater when you just finished one because your brain and hands are geared up for the same stitch.  I have that one done (I knit exclusively at night) except for the ribbon closures, which are boxed with all my ribbon and somewhere upstairs.

The next project was a little more difficult to just pick up and continue on.

It took me a couple hours to figure where I was in the process.  Once I got my sea legs, I had the parts all made and started to put them together last night (my least favorite part of knitting).  If I recall, the knitting store I purchased the yarn from doesn't sell the patterns but rather gives you the pattern when you buy the yarn.  This sweater called for 900 grams (100 grams too much) and at 100 grams a ball for $9.75, the sweater cost $87.75 without the needles or tax, and that's without it being made.

I was at JoAnn's yesterday and found this amazing Bernat super bulky taupe yarn that feels like chenille.  It cost $7.49, (on sale from $9.99) and with the senior discount, I got 20% off that.  Each ball is 300 grams so I can literally make the same sweater for less than $20.

Here's the comparison of the two skeins.  I love a bargain!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Nature Made

I think I mentioned the turtles that we have in the back yard. They are really something.
There are two birds (crows?) that are constantly harassing one turtle.  My picture taking timing is way off.  I seem to find the camera when the pecking is over and one bird has lost interest and flown off.

The turtle ( I guess I should name him) keeps kicking up his right rear leg and making dust (sand? dirt?) fly.  The turtle and birds make a lot more noise than the jumping mullets, white pelicans or dolphins I had in my last back yard.  It just doesn't make sense.

I was closing windows due to rain starting yesterday when I saw a tree frog that was as big as my fist.  It was sitting on an alarm clock in an open window and scared the stuffing out of me.  Needless to say, I had to get G to remove the thing.  I was not gonna get warts!!!! I have enough on my plate.  I suggested gloves but G would have none of that.  I am gonna watch him very closely.  It feels like a zoo here.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Shiver Me Timbers

I just realized I forgot to blog today. One thing led to another and all that. It somehow slipped my mind. I probably wouldn't have even realized it until tomorrow morning except for this picture my friend,
Susie, who is the shortest gal in the photo, sent me.  I saw it when I opened email and thought, ' I should have blogged this pic' and then it all came clear.

This was a pirate themed gala we went to that, as you can see, I was the only non costumed gal in our group.  I had only been out of the hospital for three weeks and didn't feel confident in my movements to  go in costume.  Plus, I was very restricted in footwear due to my uneven legs.  As it was, the dancing went on with out me and G  participating.  Next year?  I will go as the sluttiest wench you can think of. I already bought the skirt!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Keeping Busy

I got fabric and patterns for some dresses (which is pretty much all I wear in good weather) and immediately made one back in January, before the hip and all.  It was too long and on the hanger forever and I decided to wear it anyway

and if it felt too odd, I would either give it to Goodwill or shorten it.  I ended up doing neither.  My belt drawer just happened to be open when I was walking by and I saw a black and white bead belt and thought to myself, 'that would work' and slipped it on and was happy as a clam.  I went into the man cave and had G take a picture of it.  I managed to uncover some of the other regular fabric and a couple patterns so I will busy myself with that if I find I am looking for stuff to do.

Right now I am making pillow shams and bed skirts and stuff like that.  Just washing and drying new towels takes all day.  I usually wash and dry them four times before they can go into the regular wash,  but I still have some wine colored towels from years ago here that still make water turn reddish when soaked.  I found that out when trying to use one to wash Bella's face.  She ended up with a pink tint!

Because the studio and 99% of its contents are off limits, and mostly because I labeled the boxes, 'STUDIO' rather than battery charger for the vacuum or de walt electric drill/screw driver, things that would come in mighty handy if I didn't have to open 80 boxes to find them, I am relatively screwed for now.   The floor was to have been already started and it's not so we leave in two weeks and therefore I decided to screw it and not have all those workers under foot while I am still here.  I have enough to keep me busy.  Plus, it's Florida.  Who knows when they will show.

I saw a commercial for Sparkle paper towels and was very impressed with the comical commercial about us not needing a paper towel that can hold a bowling ball or some such thing, and was determined to get some.

Yesterday was the day I finally saw it in the store and purchased it.  I haven't opened them yet but I have been a Bounty gal for a long time and then thought, why?  All I use them for are little messes, nothing big so why waste the money throwing paper in the trash that could have covered my roses in a frost?  Time will tell.  Anyway, I love the commercial and the 'fairy gal' that does them.  Kathy, my BFF who happens to be on her way to Paris, swears by them.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Constructive OnLine Shopping!

I grabbed the camera to show you just a few things I received from Amazon Prime this past week.  I looked all over the place (home depot, lowes, bed, bath and beyond to name a few) for certain things with no luck.  So on line I purchased
this hanger line that folds up when not in use that has been a staple in my laundry for years and years.

Also these ceilings in the closet must be 10' and I can't reach the top shelves so I was looking for a one step stool that folds up and out of the way.  Having been unsuccessful for a week or two of finding one, I got one delivered the next day.

Yes, these two photos are of the same stool.  My camera color seems to be slipping.

This storage ottoman reads blue in this photo but the color of this chevron is grey, not blue.  This is for the foot of the bed so Bella can get into bed unaided.
I also got two of these hooks and had them installed on the tile of our master shower.  There was no place for our towel to hang in the whole bathroom.  I wonder what the previous owners did, throw them on the ground?

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Amazon Prime

I have heard about the wonder of Amazon Prime from my friends for a long time. You pay something like $70 a year and all stuff you purchase is shipping free and next day delivery. All these people got almost everything from Amazon. Considering we lived on an island, it made sense to them. All I could think of was all that wasteful packaging. Yes, that is how my brain works. Then, I was discussing it and I was told that all the boxes etc are recyclable and if I wasn't getting it, some store who probably didn't recycle at all, would get it. So I finally came around. And in a very good way.

All the little things I need in a new move and I have gone store to store to find them, have shown up at my door the very next day. I will start to document the stuff I am buying. You will get a kick out the diverseness of it all.
I purchased this higher ottoman that matched the door and has storage for $60.  Bella likes it

although she is still a kid and likes to spy on passersby on her own two legs.  I auditioned the other ottoman but kept the tags on and covered it so it would be good as new in case I wanted to return it.  And now I will.  I wonder if I will  have Saturday delivery!!!!

Friday, April 04, 2014

Glorious Food!

Deborah from Minnesota, I think I found you on facebook but if not, email me directly so we can chat. I love a new neighbor!!!!

Oh, we are gonna walk now so I will have to finish this when I return.

I'm back.

I have some pictures of wonderful lunches I have had with my friends.

Turkey sandwich

Fish tacos

Wedge salad

Veggie Sandwich

Bacon sliders

Fried oyster salad

Fried shrimp


Lobster roll

Buffalo blue cheese fries

And not a wine glass in sight.

and this is what I have when left to my own devices.  See why I need my friends around?

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hell's Kitchen

We did our first power walk yesterday in months and I mean months. I was the deciding factor when it was time to turn around, but Bella, she seemed fine at the time but she laid down on the cool tile for a couple hours, trying to recoup. For me it was baby steps, but a good start.
The highlight of the day was opening up the three boxes that were delivered by UPS from Bed Bath and Beyond.  We had ordered this magnificent Royal Daulton everyday dishes and they arrived in less than a week!!!  Yes, that is Gordon Ramsay on the box.  He looks cute but needs botox badly.
I am in love with the dishes.
Even the couch loves them.  We are all very happy here!  There will be no Hell's Kitchen here!!!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Taking Care Of Business

My lady of leisure
seems to have a bit of a hygiene issue.  Since I last got her teeth cleaned, she apparently has contracted gingivitis.  I was instructed by the vet that she needs daily tooth brushing.  I am a bit embarrassed to say that I have never done that.  Not to Bella or my old gal, Mazy.  Mazy lived to be 16 1/2 and never lost a tooth.  I guess I have to change my ways.

I purchased this kit to help get the ball rolling to combat any further deterioration.  The vet said that I just need a regular soft toothbrush and dog toothpaste but I feel like she was also compelled to sell some stuff in the store that sponsored the traveling tooth  cleaning van.  I haven't opened it yet because I felt like yesterday was taken care of due to the teeth cleaning.  Speaking of that, it only took twenty minutes, without putting her under, to clean her teeth.  It was pricy considering the time it took to do, but not as much as it would have in a surgical situation in the vets office.

Tired of seeing the real me teetering while getting used to my new longer (although even with the other leg, or so they say!) leg beneath the new hip, I became pro active and went and purchased yet another
lift to put in my left shoe.  It can be cut to fit my shoe and unfortunately you have to buy two, but the heel part is the only one I really need so I replaced one of the two I have in the left shoe for a new one and it has helped remarkably.  I am trying to be very aware of putting my heel down first and extending my stride just as my physical therapist told me to do.  Again, baby steps.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Lady Of Leisure

We take off in about an hour to go to the place where Bella will have her teeth cleaned without being put out. I will try and take pictures.
There is someone here that is really enjoying the new couch.   She particularly likes the crack where the cushions meet.  We got the five year warranty (something we rarely get) so Bella can scratch and drool to her hearts content.