Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

All my BFF's are in Houston at the International Quilt Festival and so are keeping me up to date as to what's going on. There is a lot of people watching and it never fails to entertain. So far, my favorite is this chick.
Not only are the shoes and socks typical of the normal quilter, but this gal has made a jumper and stitched the yearly festival bags to it, including the straps!!!  If the purpose was to eliminate carrying purchases in the hand, what about the strain on the back.  Clearly I am not a fan of this look.

It has been YEARS since we have lived anywhere where a trick or treater happens by but this new abode is not without kids.  In honor of that, we have purchased three 30 pack full size candy bars from Sam's Club to pay back for all the years (at least 10) that we didn't have to buy one.  I have put G on candy detail.  Otherwise it's sit in a dark house for four hours.  Is that what you do?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Plant Life

I have finally got my mojo going and am starting on a new (super secret)quilt top and the components for the next years humane society quilt for raffle. My days seem to be so chopped up that I have had to start some things that don't need a large time frame but can be worked and then left to continue later. I have also have found a love for succulents.

Putting them out in my brand new lanai with a sprinkler by the plantings elevates worrying about

watering them, plus they need much less water than the average plant.  It's a win win!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another Little Critter

Can you see the gecko on the top of this pot? He is on the top right as you are looking at it.  You can click on it to make it bigger.  Anyway, I saw this little guy come in from the lanai the day after I got down here (over three weeks ago) and crawl into this pot.
I just walked by it this morning and there he still was and he is still alive.  I wonder why he is staying there with no food.  It is a pot made out of a painted dried gourd with wicker at the brim (where the tiny gecko is) and hollow copper pipe wound around for an artsy effect.  Maybe he's an art lover?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Crazy Florida

When I first saw this, I took it in stride, thinking that someone putting in a pool needed a cleanup in the adjoining road. Then when I saw it for three consecutive days ON MY STREET,

I had to rethink it. Then when nothing came to mind, I asked a new BFF, Abby and she told me that they regularly wash the sidewalks, curbs and street. I was flabbergasted! Have you ever? When we lived in Germany they did that but with a bucket and mop and that was because a herd of cows had just soiled the surroundings. No such happening here! Abby explained to me that they do it because it is included in our HOA dues we pay. Wow. At least we are employing some people that would otherwise not have a job? That's what I am hanging on to.

I got back from the dentist (not good news gum wise) and was explaining what I spent my last two and a half hours doing when he turned around and there was a dead gecko hanging from his shirt.  How does that happen?  I think I need to go back to bed.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Back To The Gallery

I wanna go back to the DiRosa gallery to show you some more art that they had inside one of the galleries.
These are just small lengths of plywood arranged in such a manner to depict

this moose head.  I was in awe.
Just outside the gallery was this building made up of bottles.  Originally the bottles were not capped but due to being outside and little varmint calling the bottles their home, they

were eventually capped.

I think I waited to long to blog this because there was lots of stuff about these bottles that I can

no longer remember.  If my mind isn't failing, I think that these bottles are not attached in any manner except to be strategically placed, without mortar or glue.

The art is pretty much found articles.

Some have movement
and some is just there.

The jury is out on this; why have the branches propped up on the horse?

This deer is very worldly and is balancing on a

This looks like clouds in a deep blue sky until you get right up in it's face and you can see that

it is made up of little rods and for the life of me I can't remember what they are made of.  Maybe dowels?

Can you guess what this indian guy is made up with?

Yep, you are right.  Push pins.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Restoring The Homefront

While G, B and I are enjoying the fall in Florida, the renovation of our house is in full swing. All the doors and windows are being replaced (except for the ones that are new already).
My BFF next door is keeping tabs on the work.  I guess it has been cold and windy and she

actually had to chuckle seeing the men try and haul dozens of windows down the side of the house towards the lake, battling the wind.  They had to cut out about eight inches around each window to get the old ones out.

There's nothing like a port a potty in the driveway to make a girl giddy.

We are worried about the disruption of our gardens but we neglected to do anything about that before we headed south so hopefully the damage will be minimal.

The master bedroom is being leveled too.  We have a built in bed, night stands, vanity and dresser that is getting dated and I wanted to change it up.  Unfortunately, we re-carpeted the house two years ago and decided to redo the master afterwards so we ordered new carpet to replace the carpet that was installed around built ins.  That was 18 months ago and we happily just called the installer that we were now ready to install the eggplant carpeting we ordered.  I know they think we were nuts ordering so early but with a strange color that was, in itself difficult to find, I didn't want to take the chance that the color would be discontinued.  I'm a one color carpeting gal.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Artsy Fartsy

I have received my last addition to my 12" block exchange that I recently had and it's a beauty.
The name of it is 'Fallen Leaf' and I think you can tell from the photo that the gold leaf is three dimensional.   Mary Ann did a great job on this quilt, even with having a new knee.  Great job!

I have certainly taken my sweet time painting these shams.  I was more than a little surprised to get them and have no yellow on them but only grey and white when the comforter, which I had already added turquoise to, had the yellow on it.  Now I am a little weary about putting the shams and comforter together, thinking that if the yellow doesn't match, I will have to scrap this.  Hey, no time like the present.  I am taking them down and matching them up.  After all, we are going to the Ellenton outlets today; if this doesn't work, maybe they have something that will!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Creating A Monster!

Because I have not remotely mastered the new clicker for the tv's down here (new service; Bright House) I can't catch up on my regular programming which I am sorely behind in viewing. So I picked up a new vice from G. Online gambling.
If it were real money I wouldn't be doing it but because it's not I have become a real gambler.  In one day, just doing it randomly while watching the food network and painting pillow shams I
made $200,000


and $400,000 and then upped my ante and went down to nothing.  Thankfully they give you money everyday and it takes me little time to loose it all.  Pretend money; that's the only way to gamble.  Oh, the app is called Double Down and it's free!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Still Tooling Around The House

Yesterday I killed this disgusting bug (they call them palmettos down here but I call them roaches) with a generous dose of Fantastick.  Even dead I would rather move to a new house than to pick it up.  That was a job for G.
I finally got around to planting the newest orchids into their little grates to join all the other orchids I have in the front of the house.

The front doors are adorned with these cute pumpkin wreaths but I can't seem to get them to look similar, no matter what I do.  I saw them at JoAnns with my sister but refused to pay $40 a piece for them so waited for a sale and a coupon and I got them and several pillow forms for just a tiny bit more.
I unpacked these darling ribbon pillows that were with two others I didn't like once they were delivered and that are already in the car to return to Pier 1.  You can return anything you buy on line to any store.  Not a bad deal, right?
I also got this stair step basket now that I have a second floor studio.  I remember my mom had one and I thought at the time that it was silly and why not just run up and take whatever should be up there.  I now know better.  What a difference a few years makes!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Around The House

My day today is very weird. The whole schedule of things got away from me. I went for my power walk in way too hot of weather, me thinking it was much earlier in the morning than it actually was.  I was literally sick and had to lay down for several minutes to get to feeling normal.
I unpacked some packages that I had ordered and hadn't dealt with yet.  This was in one of the boxes.  It is a basket of sorts made out of the wood from a wine barrel (red wine due to the stained color) and the rim of metal that holds the barrel together is the handle.  I saw it at our friends house in San Fran and had to have one.  It's quite big and my island is considerably smaller than theirs was but I made it work.  So much for using the island for cooking!

The internet was on the fritz until now.  Gordon is at my dental appointment because I can't have my teeth cleaned or any dental procedure at all without taking antibiotics due to the hip replacement.  My script never made it to Walgreens.  Fortunately, I won't have to wait long as I am taking G's appointment next Monday.

I ordered two area rugs out of very fun yarn that kinda dances.  There was to have been two rugs delivered today from Rugs As Art but one is back ordered because of it's size of 9 x 13.

It is very pretty.

The living room lies in wait for it's rug.  I have already given the rug that was there to the woman who fixed some broken blinds and so I just have the rug pad

which doesn't look very good but it will be here within the next two weeks so it will have to do.  The pillows will go well with the area rug.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Think I Need One Of These

This was  a wall feature outside either a store or a restaurant in Walnut Creek. California, and I fell in love with it.  Seeing how our business is steel, I thought that this was fitting.

I have been looking for a privacy feature for my deck up north that can withstand the wind and originally thought of louvers but this could do the trick too.

I even like the idea of the succulents planted in it.  I would need more openings in the metal structure but it would divide the front and back of the house from being right on top of the neighbors.  As much as we all like each other tremendously,  your space is your space.  Right?

As I type, the windows and doors are starting to be replaced in our home in Indiana.  I am so glad I am not there!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Up And At 'Em

We got up this morning and decided to walk right away instead of our habit of doing it right before dinner. We also got the weight training out of the way too. We no longer have our own workout room so we have to actually
get dressed in case someone else is at the workout place.  I even have to buy more workout clothes as I can't just keep on the dress I had on when I did it at home.

I had my phone with me yesterday, while there as I was waiting for the carpet guy to call so I took a couple pictures of the facility inside and the view

from the windows looking out to a couple different

pools.  This is as close to having my own pool as I want.  It's a beautiful facility and this all comes with the membership to three golf courses.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


After six months or hemming and hawing  I have finally done my part and my website, is up and complete.  It has been a bit of a nightmare, finding out that some russian organization stole my domain just because my webmaster was ill and didn't renew my domain.  The only thing that I didn't update is my studio and that's because I haven't gotten around to cleaning it enough to photograph it.  I'm bad.

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Chairs

I was perusing Pier 1 last week and fell in love with these chairs.
So much so that I purchased 6.  They were delivered yesterday afternoon.  This picture makes it look that one chair is much taller than the other.  Not so but I wanted you to see the red plaid backs.

These are so not like anything I currently have, preferring more contemporary than this french bungalow style.  But I just think they are adorable for my kitchen table.

The only thing that could make them better would be if they were upholstered with pigs.