Sunday, May 01, 2016

Piles Of Flannel

Every day I do a little of my charity work. I had decided that I wasn't going to take any thing home for the summer to work on except fabric for baby quilts so I have been hustling to get some stuff done. I have been serging everyday for awhile.


These center colors on the flannel backs are all serged and then sewn down and now I have to get cracking' and cut them out into 9'' pieces.

I now have at least half of them cut.  Then they will need to be served all the way around.  I know what I am doing today!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Friday Musings

We got together to work on our shabby chic projects. Kathy came

with her pillow (using Kaffe Fassett fabric) already made. I gave her some muslin and stuffing and had
her make a pillow insert for her pillow case and Janie's.


Kathy proceeded in walking Janie through the making of her pillow.  Here are Janie's hands petting the pillow case.  Kathy had already washed and dried her's so it got fluffy but Janie's has not been washed and dried so it's not as fluffy.

Then it was on to the Carlton Ritz beach club for dinner,

mine, filet,

G's, short ribs and a mac block,

Neal's that was grouper and crawfish étouffée,


salmon and risotto and then

the sunset, that did not disappoint.


Dessert consisted of frozen banana bites and a log


of key lime cheesecake.  Good day was had by all!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Cutting Up

When we went to a shop hop a month or so ago, I purchased this pattern to make a shabby chic

pillow and or a rug.  We (some of us girls) have tried to pick out a time to make it and so finally, on
Wednesday we started the procedure.

I decided to make the rug and Janie and Kathy decided on a pillow.  The directions suggested using this plastic Shape cut tool by June Tailor that has slits every 1/2" for the rotary cutter.  We all tried it and it was not in the least successful.  Someone out there is getting a kickback for the multiple times this gadget is mentioned in the directions.  We opted for using a nice pair of scissors.

The cutting went fast.  I did my 87 strips over two nights of tv watching.  The blister I got on the first night told me to bust it and continue the next night.  It worked out very well.

I started out clipping four double folded fabric and cutting those (hence the blister) so I finished up last night doing only multiples of three.  It was much easier.

I chose a rug to do so my base is canvas (duck cloth)

and here are a few rows that I completed.  Janie and Kathy are doing pillows so their base is fabric, and much easier to manipulate.  It's just like me to make it as difficult as possible.  We are getting together this afternoon to continue making our shabby chic pillows and rugs.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Studio Plans

We meet up with a contractor to discuss the changing of the future studio later on this afternoon before the owners return from London to pack up the house so we can move in.  We close in a week.

Right now this

and this same room from a different angle will be my future studio.  The white door on the back right is a closet.  With the knocking out of

this closet and cutting through to the next room, which is too dark to photograph (a theatre room - all black; yuck) so that my studio is big enough for moi.  I am even relinquishing some of the theatre room for G's man cave so he doesn't have to have the den next to the master bedroom. Plus I am quite sure he wants to be as close to me as possible.  Ya think??   I have no idea when all this will take place.  I leave for home in 26 days so that I get there in time for Memorial weekend, so it's gotta be planned down to the wire.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday Monday

This is a scene at river quilters that I attended yesterday.


We meet in a lovely massive clean and bright room in a neighborhood. They have a full kitchen and all the electricity we can handle for lights, irons and sewing machines. The group has dwindled due to it being the end of season in Florida.  Everyone brings their own lunch but each month we meet, someone of us is responsible for bringing 'snacks' which usually consist of a veg tray from the grocery store, some candy and or cookies and maybe a cut up fruit of some sort.  It's a great group.


G yells up the studio stairs for me to look out to the right in the back yard to see a deer in the shade of some trees.  A couple minutes later he yells up that the deer is at the water line drinking water.  That is the last heads up I get up from my work to acknowledge.  He has a  massive window in his man cave that he can see out without as much as moving his body in the recliner.  What a life!

Music and Golf

We had a very busy day yesterday. We got up and walked, then lifted weights, then were off to a Welcome Club sponsored outing to see a band, Robin and the Retros.  This all took at

Snook Haven, an outdoor facility with good food and lots of seating.


There was a lot of random dancing so I didn't get a good picture of the band with out having to move my butt off the chair so this is as good as I got.  I didn't even know there were six people on the stage because my view wasn't good enough.

We had a lovely time with friends and food and fun.  But we had to get going because we had an afternoon golf date with another couple.

Here you have proof that my legs were on the cart.

I love playing with the touch screen on the golf cart.  It tells you what hole you are on, how far from the current flag you are as well as being able to touch the screen to see, say, how far away a hazard is.  Lots of fun.

I tried to use the blue balls again.  I could see it better in Florida than I could in Indiana.

I have my quilting bee, River Quilters, today.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Boxing It Up

You are probably getting tired of my sandhill crane obsession but here is another picture of the new
family. I received this photo


from the girl across the street with the caption 'Company approaching your house!'. My reputation for loving these birds is epic.


I received a large order of sewing stuff yesterday.  I split up half for here and half for home up north.  I had to buy a little more than normal to get the free shipping.  My sister would be proud of me!  This on like store is a good deal, especially for serger thread.  It's $1.98 a 3000 yard cone and at JoAnn's it is $3.49.  I didn't compare anything else, price wise, but I gotta think it's all a good price.

Here is the box your much needed order will come in.  Just go to  .

About 45 minutes into our morning walk, Bella wanted in her stroller.  I put her in and gave her water and wheeled her around a corner and there were two guys going by, jogging, and one of the guys said
'you'd better not let my dog see that!'  Cute.

Friday, April 22, 2016


I went to a fab luncheon and fashion show yesterday and plan on hitting the store that featured the fashion show today. I circled all the stuff on the store brochure that I had to have and hopefully they will still have some stuff today.


Janie, the girl that lives across the street gifted me this adorable sink drain.  Should I be offended when I come into mind whenever a pig is around?  Hummmm.

Bella was always up on my sewing machine table when she was a little girl but now it is pretty much when other quilters are gathered around.  Every now and then tho' she wants 'up'.  I love it when she wants to join me.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Off To The Lodge

After several hours of quilt talk and assisting Lynn on the long arm, the girls decided to treat ourselves to a lunch out (just like the day before and today!) and we decided to check out the new restaurant at The Lodge, in Lakewood Ranch.  I guess the land it was built on was a cattle range the was won in a poker game several years back.  Ahhhh, don't you just love gambling?

Everything about the decor screams ranching.

Even the fans have prancing horses on them.

The door stop?  None other than a cowboy boot filled with rocks off the 'plains'.


The table we sat at had lots of stuff we all loved.  Check out the beautiful shape of the wine glass.


Now check out the shape of the water/coke glass.  That same top feature that was on the wine glass was also on it.

This is a bad shot of it but the silverware was intertwined with the knife blade in the tines of the fork.  The hand held end of the knife was turned, just like a blacksmith would do so that it wouldn't lay flat but needed those tines to stay upright.  I wish I had thought of that!


Food was wonderful.  Everyone but me got the burger because the beef was locally raised.  (See the connection falling into place?) I had to, for my daughters sake, try the soft shell crab app.

I was not disappointed, in the crab itself, or the preparation.  It was divine.


The waffle sweet potato fries were shared by all .  Yum.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bricks and Mortar 1

I realized that I had already put away my last quilt into the hanging closet and hadn't named, measured or photographed it. So, that is what I just did.


It is called 'Bricks and Mortar 1.  I love doing improv.  It measures in at 19 wide and 26 long.

Here is a detail of the quilting that I did on my Janome 6600.

I no longer am the owner of the Bernina 770.  She and I were not a good fit.  She is happily at someone else's house, or at the very least, I hope that they become fast friends because it clearly wasn't happening with the two of us!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Mantra

Don't you sometimes see one of those sayings and think that someone had you in mind when they penned the saying?


I totally agree and I KNOW that whoever wrote this was looking at a picture of me when they put it in writing.

Monday, April 18, 2016


Check out our iron sandhill cranes.  Now let's look at the real thing.

This was a mommy sand hill crane feeding her babies a worm about two weeks ago.

Here is the whole family in our back yard.  The kids are really growing.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


I was in charge of getting the new Mahjong cards for 2016 and I failed miserably. I completely dropped the ball. So, after Modern Guild yesterday I piled G and Bella in the car and headed to a Hallmark store that supplied Mahjong cards for a mere $9 and tax. This store was very odd because along with the bric a brace normal to a Hallmark store, it also sold clothing and accessories for women. Wow, it was weird. And, of course, there were three employees hovering so I couldn't take a picture of the anomaly.

We decided to take Bella out to dinner, which is one of her favorite things to do.  Our town is very dog friendly.

G had a mountain of fish and chips and didn't finish the fish but we managed to finish up the fries.

I ordered the swordfish with crab on top and ribbons of veg underneath.  The vegetables were divine and I will let you know about the fish when I have it for lunch today.

The orchid went uneaten.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


I am off to the Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild. We got up at six something this morning and it seems like I am ready for a nap! Gotta run!

Friday, April 15, 2016

A Few More Things

Kathy, my friend that hosts Stitch and Bitch, is visiting a new grandson in Indiana so I took over the reins and had S&B here. It was a nice time had by al.That broke up a while ago and now I am fed and back in the studio.

These are the two ingredients for making home made Best Press.  The formula is one ounce of potato vodka (hence the starch) to 8 oz distilled water.  It works wonderful and cost pennies!


I have to show of my Amaryllis in bloom again.  I am shocked that it has done so well.
The bloom doesn't last for long but it does re grow so that's a good thing.


This is the first baby quilt I have made with my gifted birds.  I have enough to make one or two more.  I am gonna put one bird on the backing of each one I make.


I was complaining to Linda that I can't get close enough to the take-up lever knee lifter.  She put her thinking cap on and told me that some people put on a piece of a noodle to make it fatter.  I did and it does!  Try it!  You'll love it!