Saturday, October 22, 2016

My New Macbook Pro

Last Monday I went to my Apple appointment.  I had to get a new computer in order to make all things right again.  They told me they would call me when the transfer of all my files from the old computer to the new.  Friday I called and after twenty minutes of waiting, I got through and they told me that the transfer was finished on Tuesday.  I was livid!  Come to find out, they sent me several emails which I didn't receive because they had my computer!  That is the only place I receive email from. 

The computer is really different.  I was on the phone with Apple last night and now have another appointment at the Apple Store on Monday.  I have lots of questions and am writing them down to ask.

My sister left yesterday.  It was loads of fun having her here.

Up next?  We move to our 'new' ranch on Tuesday.  It is a bit chaotic.  I have a lot going on. 

Oh, and I still can't download pictures.  

We are heading out in an hour to have a session of line dancing with a bunch of friends.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Colorful Quilt Top

Last night we went to the CineBistro. It is a theater that has recliners instead of seats and you are served a meal of your choice while watching the movie you can choose. We opted for 'The Girl On The Train', even tho' Linda hadn't as yet read the book. It was a good movie and the ambiance was delightful.

In an hour I am going back to the Apple Store to try and figure out how to download photos from my iPhone. I have my fingers crossed.

A while back, my quilting pals came across a picture of a quilt top we all liked. So my sister Mike drew it up on the computer in Excel.


This is what it looked like after we assembled it the last couple of days when we had free time.
Since I took this picture, I have added a 4 inch black border.  Same with Mike.  Each of the thirty squares are 12''square with a black border adding 2 1/2" to each side.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

October's Modern

I managed to take my 35mm camera to Modern Quilt Guild so I could share some wonderful quilts with you.

I go to the Apple Store for a scheduled appointment tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to download the hundred pictures I have taken since I did the 10 update.

My sister is visiting me for a week and we are having lots of fun.

Now, onto the quilts.


This is my friend Lynn's daisy quilt.  It turned out great.

She also did this for a challenge having to do with a dead person.  Yeah, I know, it's very odd but the quilt is luscious.

Christine was commissioned to do three bed quilts and this is one of them.

This is another.

And this is one that Christine did before that was the inspiration for this next bed

quilt.  The colors are almost interchangeable.

My dear friend Pam did this beautiful quilt for one of her kids or grandkids, I can't remember what she said.  It's very unique and clever.


She also just got this one back from the long arm gal.  It. all done with ruler.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bella At School

My sister comes in two days and hopefully she can figure out my camera problem.

This photo is taken off the granny cam at daycare that is fed online from 10 to 6 everyday.  That is Bella in the middle front where we can just see her feet.  She loves her new daycare.

We bought furniture yesterday and today we met with an electrician, carpenter and a guy put up new blinds in the master for the photo shoot tomorrow.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

What's Going On

Besides the fact that I am super busy, not being able to use the camera on the iPhone has changed my blog style completely. Once I get used to a habit, it's hard to go back to the 'old ways'. A dear friend of ours here in Florida, Alan, was storing some stuff in the attic area over the garage a couple days ago and fell right through the ceiling, causing all sorts of damage to himself, including a large protruding bone on his leg. He has had surgery and although they can't cast it yet, he is on the mend. Tomorrow, after three days in the hospital, is going to a rehab facility for a week or so to learn how to do things with an ailing limb and a body full of contusions and bruises and lacerations. He's a trooper though.

We are happily taking care of Odie, their dog in the interim. If I can remember to carry my camera around today, I will take a couple pictures of Odie. He is an adorable Shih tzu.


This is the first new bedding set I have chosen for the new digs.  I had to get new shades for some broken blinds I have been putting up with since we moved here, which will be three years in March.  Do you believe I didn't fix it for myself but now that the house is going on the market, and is going to  be photographed this next week, I figure it needs to be done.  I like to do an internal inspection of the house before some stranger tells me whats wrong with my house.

The painters have finished at the new house as of last night and that makes me very happy.  The  studio
is finished except for window treatments and a little finishing up of the electricity. The process of boxing up all my fabric has begun but it's gonna be a slow process.  I am not in any hurry.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Selling The House

We got a lot accomplished yesterday. We decided on where to look at carpeting, new front doors, window treatments for the new house and decluttered the garage in our present location. The realtor is coming over this evening to put the house on the market. Insultingly, he said he was bringing a stager with him. If he were talking to me I would have told him to jump in the lake, but alas, he was conferring with G. There will be no staging that I don't decide on my self. I have managed to sell twenty or so houses without outside interference.

 I started to tie the centers of the five baby quilts.

I got two of them completed


and probably won't get much further today because I have a luncheon and then mahjong. That's a good day to me!

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Sleepy Babies

Well I can't get my phone  camera to work at all.  Or rather I can't download any photos because of a non existent passcode blocking them.  I spent three hours at the Apple store and finally just left without anyone helping me.  That's a job for G to do for me.  He has much more patience (and free time!)   I had to pull out my 35 mm Nikon out of its bag and dust it off.  

I finally put all five quilts tops together and pinned them.  They are ready for the tying of 

the center quilt.  I bought this twine last year with no purpose for it other than that I liked it

and I think it will work perfectly for this job.  It would also look good as piping around the parts to a quilt.  But that's another day.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

iPhone iPad iPod Macbook

This is the third day in a row that I can't download photos onto my laptop.  An error message says that my photos are locked and I can't access them until I unlock.  It's not that easy.   Although I haven't dedicated my entire life to unlock, I have spent time that I didn't want to use in just such an assignment with no luck.  I am gonna have to go to the Apple Store today because I get not help elsewhere.

I am very sure it's because I updated all my electronic devices last Thursday.  It's a ways a challenge to download the new update, if only to get rid of the annoying reminders.  This is how I am punished.  I hate electronics!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Another Painting Party

I believe this is the next painting we will do as a group but I think it needs a semicolon after look.  Other than that, it's spot on!

I am meeting a painter today for the other house.  I feel as tho' I am finally getting the ball going.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Let's Create Art!

We had a hoot yesterday afternoon at one of those painting parties.  A bunch of us got together, with wine and nibbles and set off to make the worlds most beautiful vase of lilacs.

This was what I selected for us all to make.  We have already picked out the one we
want to do next; an abstract, that is much more forgiving.

We started out filling in the background.

We then, after painting the vase, started to add conical shapes of eggplant color.


At this stage my painting looked like it wanted to turn into dreadlocks.

This is Linda's and Patti's.

This was my work station.  I know, a little messy.

And here we are, all finished and looking pretty similar.  It was great fun.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Funk It Up

Last night was $5 burger night at a local restaurant.  It takes place every Monday and I have managed to get there a few times and am gonna try to do it more often.  The burgers are fantastic, made to order and the company is grand too.  Oh yeah and it's happy hour drinks too.

I am blogging very late this morning. After doing some walking, I set into making a few preparations for the painting party we are going to in the late afternoon. I made myself in charge of refreshments that consist of the required wine, water, soda, popcorn, mixed nuts, grapes, watermelon squares with a stuffing of feta and balsamic glaze and grazers. Here is the recipe from Tommy Cooks. I didn't want to have anything that would have to be served in any way but room temperature so that is why I chose what I did.

I did this quilt for a challenge for Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild.  The challenge requirements were to take a modern spin off a traditional quilt block, using only solid fabrics and limiting the


size to any one side being not more than 24".  Can you guess what block I contemporized?  Do you need a hint?

It's my take on a nine patch, funked up.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sleeping Baby Quilts

I spent some quality time at the new house deciding what to do with each room. I opened up each drawer and cabinet in the very spacious kitchen and photographed it to decide where to put my stuff before it ever goes there. I have been in the current house three years in March and I never did set up the kitchen the w

ay I would have liked to when I first moved in because it was only six weeks out of the hospital and climbing was then out of the question. I can't wait to have the big pantry full of stuff. I took some measurements and did a little dusting and that's about all Bella would put up with. She still doesn't get the new house at all.

I decided not to think but to keep busy so I decided to make a few baby quilts. I want to put off another art quilt to give my brain a rest.


I already had five of the 'quilt' parts of the quilt sewn together so I decided on making five quilts.

These are a couple that I have made in the past.

The quilt part of the top is yarn tied and the rest of it is machine quilted.  They are fun to make.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dealing With The New (Ranch!) House

Seeing as how I completed making the parts for this sweater in less than two weeks,


I have decided that I am knitting too much and need to start doing SOMETHING at the new house. I have been over there (it is about six blocks away) a few times but it is so uncomfortable for both Bella and me because there isn't a stick of furniture in the joint so while I am measuring, etc. I can't sit down at all. I have decided to take over some cleaning supplies and a tape measure, some water and Bella's bag and quilt, and spend a little quality time there today.

Most of the major work,taking down and putting up walls, removing carpet and replacing with hardwood, and adding electrical to the new studio on ceiling and floors has been done. The stuff I need to tackle are measurements for blinds, a new front door, painting and colors, placement of studio equipment and where to put what in the kitchen, and master closets. That's the plan today.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Cult Happenings

We got together with the Cult group as usual yesterday morning. There was lots to see and talk about. There was also some knitting by three of us and some projects, finished and in the works of finishing.

Lynn is ready to start quilting this challenge for the Modern guild that is a black and white piece with a touch of color and in her case, it was yellow.  Very graphic and cool shapes!

Joyce, who is new to quilting, just got this aquatic quilt back from the long arm quilter.  All the sea creatures have a large yoyo in the center of them, with the smaller yo-yos for the circles.  She also did prairie points for the first time.  It turned out wonderful.

I finished sewing up these 12 inch blocks (30 of them) and trimmed them down to size and now they are in a holding pattern, waiting for my sister Mike to come for a visit next month, so we can finish sewing them together.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Hour Gang

It seems to be catching on; this Thursday happy hour.  My gang likes to sample little plates
of wonderful food.  This week it was Seasons 52.

First up is the skillet shrimp scampi.  It's in a little lodge cast iron.

grilled chicken yakitori skewers,

caramelized grilled sea scallops,

and duck wing lollipops rounded out the meal.  That is,


until we saw the mini desserts.  How cute are they?  We had to
get them too.  Interestingly enough, the calorie count was on the menu  right
under the name of the small plates but no where in sight was a calorie count for
these little beauties.  That's probably a good thing!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I am not ready to do some heavy thinking about what to create next so I am just doing preparation for projects that have been put on hold.  My friend Anne and I purchased these beautiful shimmer fabrics a couple years ago and we finally made a date to sew them together in December when we get together for the last time of the year.  I have them cut and in a box to transport back north when I go back for the holidays.

I think it was Peggy that sent us a lovely quilt photo that we all agreed was a fun one to do.  Mike drew it up in Excel and along with Anne, we decided to make it.

We cut all the strips a couple weeks ago and put them in 30 groups of 12 strips.

I started combining them and cutting them down.  I have just over half of them done.  My sis comes for a visit in three weeks and we will be putting the squares together to make a very colorful quilt top.

I have my first Mahjong game today since last May.  I hope I remember how to play.

Monday, September 19, 2016

I Need A Gallon Of Ice Cream

I have been doing some binge watching of television due to not having wifi and therefore not being able to download any audio books. I watched the first season of 'Billions', got caught up with 'Suits' and got half way through 'Portlandia', all the while knitting and ripping out, knitting and ripping out. 

Today I have another consult for my poor teeth before I have another one with another doctor on Wednesday. This is going to be my season of the tooth, I just know it.

I was on the phone while I walked the dog this morning and so I took a minute to take a couple pictures of my beloved 'bird of paradise' plant.


 It is a very large plant, about four foot tall and just as wide. It has a good twenty blooms on it.



 it doesn't bloom all at the same time so there are dead birds along with beautiful new ones.  I wish it didn't work like that.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Can It

I have had several Bright House employees visit my abode in the last five days. Finally, after 5 p.m. yesterday, the problem with my WiFi was figured out. Something about a short in the system. Go figure. Have you ever left your house to arrive back and have everything work? Not me. It just doesn't happen.


I'll bet you have run into this.  I can recall several times of going to an estate sale (back in the day; way to lazy now) and run into these cans of all sizes filled with needles, rusty pins, bias binding, a stray safety pin or snap and everything just looked sad and old.  Now we can say that about ourselves.  Currently, crystal light plastic containers are used for notions.  We seem to buy containers rather than use what can be recycled.  Oh, such waste.  But then, we would have to eat the ten thousand cookies to get the tin empty only to fill it again.

We have a welcome club cocktail party tonight and after that?  The Emmys!  Thanks for the reminder Claudia!

Friday, September 16, 2016

True Love

A bunch of us (eight to be exact) met up at Brio for happy hour, where the food is a steal and so are certain designer drinks and wine. My kind of hookup. '

Anyway, we got to talking about our dogs and out came the smart phones. Pictures and stories were passed around the table (as well as the food!) about our favorite four legged pals.

Carol had the best story and picture. She said when she got a new boyfriend that she found out that he had a dog (maltese) and she too had a dog (havanese) and if her dog didn't like his, the relationship was over.

It was love at first sight. They were fast friends forever. So much so that they went to the vet to have their teeth cleaned at the same time. This is what they looked like when they came out of sedation.


 No kidding. The vet took this picture. Are you just loving it?

Thursday, September 15, 2016


I had a girlfriend come over to drop some stuff off and I decided to whip up a snack while we were gabbing.


I always have goat cheese on hand so I grabbed that.  My favorite use of goat cheese is as a dip with stick pretzels.  I normally, by myself, just eat it out of the container.  I decided to jazz it up a bit and so I


plopped the whole container on a plate and proceeded to change it into a work of art.  It looked great and tasted great until the ends of pretzel in the goat cheese started to get soft.  Those ends stayed in the goat cheese after a half hour or so.  I guess this isn't the best way to present it.  I will have to go back to just having the cheese block in the center of lots of pretzels surrounding it.

Bella is trying another day care today.  She goes in for a four to five hour temperament trial.

The one she went to on Tuesday is a little out of the way to go to regularly.  It was great tho' and will be my stand by place.  This new one has on line viewing so I can check on Bella when ever I want.  Now, I just need to wake her up.  This is her one minute ago!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Stitch and Bitch is now officially called ''The Cult''.  Janie's husband called what we have done to his wife a cultish activity (quilting) and so we decided to go for it.  Here we are on our field trip to 'Rainbow's End' in Dunedin for some much needed quilting supplies.  We all managed to buy something with Kathy doing best, based on the largest bag.

We then hopped over to Bon Appetit on the Gulf for lunch.


It was delightful.  We had a mixed salad,

a cold seafood sampler,

a greek salad,

and fish and chips.  Yum.

The only picture I took in the quilt shop was this and the only reason I took it was to text it to another cult member.  It's pretty cute for a fireplace mantle, isn't it?