Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ah, Those Kids!

The kids came last night, and is per usual, they came bearing gifts.


These speedo clad boys (Brad, Cody, Mitch, Ryan, Chad and Leo, names on the back of the speedo) are wine glass markers.


They just like to hang around.

For all those USB cords all over the house, we were gifted three of these  little miracle circles that can house all the phones, pads, pods and computers that come into the house at any given weekend.

I also got this blush SPF 45 for those times when you need a little more protection from the sun but don't want to slather up.

You can see why I love for the kids to visit!!!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Free Batting For The Taking

I have been going into closets that are rarely opened and getting rid of STUFF that no longer has a place in our family.  It is very liberating.

Of the stuff I want to get rid of, I have three bolts of unopened medium loft polyester batting that I used for baby quilts for the hospital but I no longer do that here and therefore if anyone would like them (oh, they are 48' wide) you are welcome to them.  They are in northwest Indiana so let me know and you can come and get it.

A New Kid In Town

I think this was the first time I didn't even think of the blog since Sunday. Wow, I must be slipping. I have had lots of stuff to entertain me, including a golf for charity yesterday that I didn't do half bad at. We had a little rain this morning and I really didn't want to get out of bed; Bella didn't want to either. The kids are coming up for the weekend so my thoughts are now on food.

I did finish all six quilt tops for Florida. I brought down the batting from the storage room but haven't cut it yet.

We have a little baby fawn living on our property.  I appears to be in good health and therefore


must have been separated from it's mom.  It is positively adorable and just a tiny bit bigger than Bella.  This happened at a neighbors two doors down a couple years ago and all seemed well in the end.  It's amazing how calm and not scared at humans at all.  I hope mom comes and finds the little guy.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Optical Illusion

G's brother just left for home. He has been here since Thursday, playing in an invitational golf tourney with G. The end of the event had a dinner dance, which we went to last night. They had the dinner but no band showed up so, no dance. We were home by nine. We have such a swinging life!!


I just started piecing the fourth quilt top (minus the borders) so you know what I have been doing.  They certainly brighten up the studio.  I am constantly walking away from the sewing machine tho'.
It does get frightfully boring at times to do the same thing.  I am enjoying the process as Jean Ann would say!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Flora Heaven

Bella and I got up this morning, and before the promised rain could hamper our fun, we headed out to our favorite garden shop.  They like to have dogs visit and Bella is always a popular gal.  She noses into fragrant pots of loveliness.  I needed some potting soil, another rosemary plant, some mint and a couple succulents for the back deck steel planter. While looking around I saw lots of stuff that if I had that kind of a garden or back yard, I would buy them all.

As it is. my taste, at my own homes, tends to be minimalist and more contemporary than some of these whimsical things at the garden shop.


If I didn't mind getting soil under my fingernails, (and I don't care what they say, even with any kind of glove, short of surgical gloves, my nails always get dirty!) I would love the job of pairing a plant with a found object or weird container.  This place has lots of cool stuff.


As you can see, these are all from the succulent section.  It appears that Bella is not pulling on her leash in this area, so I am taking advantage of the situation and taking some cool photos.


I would like to see if a bird can get into this house!!!!

This was the last one I saw before Miss B pulled me away and it is my favorite by far.  The stairway to the little gnome house is just too cute.  It would be at my house now if I had a place for it!!!!

Friday, June 16, 2017

A Little Brag

I have always proclaimed that I would never pursue another husband/mate/companion, if I found myself alone. I truly said this in all honesty, from what I perceived at the time. Now, after yet another update on my iPad, iPod, iPhone and MacPro, I am earnestly seeking out a middle aged to very old IT, M or F, who knows all Apple products and will keep up with all updates. In return, he/she will have room, board, a credit card, a car, their own key, oh, yeah, and their own cell block, added on to the house. Should I do Match, EHarmony, or Tender for such a person, just in case?

It was so delightful to get an email for a friend that I have had classes with, seen at quilt shows, and just plain liked a lot. Marcia sent me this picture of my quilt, Orbicular I, that is in a traveling show all around, that I have kinda lost track of. I actually just went to look at my catalog from the opening show at The Muskegon Museum of Art in Muskegon, Michigan, and must have given my volume away too, because it just isn't here. Oh well, I went to my website to get the exact name of the quilt, because I did two on them, both I and II.

I am over the moon that it received such a grand placement.  The show is at the Schweinfurth Gallery Museum, in Auburn, New York.  It is coming up to a year since the opening of the show.  Try and get to NY before i closes!!!!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

How To Put Together Six Identical Quilts

I just got back from leaving the house at ten to eight, dropping off Bella at the groomers, getting gas for the car, going to my skin doc, driving back to the next state, picking up a perscription already ready at my drugstore, and picking up Bella and driving home.  Six hours and eight minutes.  And we wonder where the time goes!

Now that I have all the blocks completed for my six lanai quilts ( 528 necessary and more than 70 over the amount needed), I have started to put them in some sort of order.

On this six foot table, that I use for my quilters and my granddaughters and it now stays in the studio, I have assembled a stack of six blocks measuring eight across and five down.

I finished up the other six rows and then started putting the rows in eleven rows, each row marked, for six quilts, making 11 marked rows containing 88 blocks.

So here are the stacks of rows, row one containing 8 blocks, row two 8 blocks, etc.


I gather all the 11 rows for the first quilt; starting at the eleventh row, I sew them together, then ironing the seams to one side then the next row 10 going the other way.  I only started at the end instead of the beginning because at four I found a block that wasn't going the right direction so made sure all the remaining rows, seven, were spot on.  I didn't bother with the first three because I was aware one of the blocks might have been turned and I decided to take care of that when I got to it, basically because I was running out of room in the studio!

These are the first four rows that I pieced together but the rows still aren't sewn together yet.  That will all be completed in the next couple weeks.  I am running to an appointment in an hour or so to decide what to have for the pre party and the breakfast and luncheon for !! FLOWER POWER!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Next Day

Peggy didn't let any dust settle when she got home from the weekend at my house.

Before I managed to vacuum up a few sewing threads from the eggplant carpeting she had already gotten home and finished up the baby quilt top, except for the border, which takes a minute.  That is, for her anyway!  Isn't it darling?

Monday, June 12, 2017

Random Weekend Photos

We went to local hot dog shack this weekend for an order of fries and a Chicago style Vienna beef hot dog.  That in itself was a bit underwhelming because the dog was cold and the fries needed a couple more minutes in the fryer.  Then, going out to the parking lot to go home, there was a very odd noise when I was pulling out.  After completing the removal of the car from the parking place, low and behold,  this 'thing', which was obviously part of my car, was laying on the car stopper thingy.  It is about fifty inches wide.  Mike hopped out of the car (that hopped word may have been a little over the top) and put it in the trunk.  It now takes up space in the garage.  What is it and why do I need it?  Time will tell.

This stunning quilt top was put together this weekend by JeanAnn.  Since I took the picture, she also added a border made up of two inch squares in two rows, out of the white on white left over fabrics.  She was stay stitching the border as everyone else was packing up to go home.  She got it done but there was no time for a photo shoot.

Here are three out of the five quilters, working diligently on their projects.  I suppose I could have given them another table 

to work on.  Their projects are growing in size and the studio size remains the same.  Mike and I were not in the photo because we were napping.

Peggy completed this much of a baby girl quilt while she was here, except for the last row completed that was just pinned on.  She even cut out all the parts while here.  Not only that, but she made two 

personalized pillow cases.  She's a bit of a show off .

Anne completed thirty blocks of a quilt three of us started last winter.  She is not only a full time working gal, but a hands on grandmother and they packed up their home of over twenty years to move into a new home in the last few months.  The fact that she got anything else finished is a miracle to me!!!!

Oh yeah, Peggy also made six (YES! six!) bags; three out of bra fabric and three out of briefs).  I told you she was a show off!

Friday, June 09, 2017

Kissing' Cousins

Here is little Bella, sitting out in the sun,


 and waiting for her cousin Chai to arrive for the weekend.  It should be a grand three days!

Thursday, June 08, 2017

What A Cut Up!

I have just returned from my internist and had blood work etc done because I no longer want my yearly checkup, with all the tests involved, in December so I have changed it to June. Way better weather and more time to not be rushed.

 I am getting back to using my new cartridge for my circuit machine


called Groovy Times.  It has made me master the various layers that need to be done to have

a perfect replica.

This was my first finished groovy.  I need about 80 of them

so I did a lot of cutting but haven't put them together yet.

I have also cut out a bunch of peace signs

and yin and yang signs.  Maybe I am over doing it.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Building Blocks

I decided to take a flower power break and start in on sewing the blocks I cut last month in Florida. They are for lanai quilts and there are gonna be six when complete.


I figured I would need something simple to work on this coming weekend when the quilters are coming.  There is lots of laughing and gabbing and it's not conducive to real thoughtful work.  So far these are what I have completed;  12 piles containing 20 blocks - 240 completed blocks.

I still have lots to do as you can see from the remainder of the cut out stuff.  The pattern calls for 80  of these blocks but the pattern also has a border and I don't think I want one so I am gonna make them a little bit bigger so they can cover a body when the wind picks up on the lanai.  The pattern is called Beach Cottage.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Does Everyone Need a Goodie Bag Label?

My last project completed was to print labels and Cricut flowers and punch circles to have the kit I needed to make the goodie bag labels.

Here is the kit, although it was way under in amounts and I had to midway through assembly,
cricut and punch out more circles.  Worse than that I ran out of 1/8" glue dots so I had to cut 1/2" dots into 1/8" dots and it wasn't fun to do at all.  You probably have no idea what I am talking about.
Let's just leave it at that.

I got all 94 (yes, it was a random amount because until they sign up I have no way to know who is coming, therefore I have no count, but go by years past) completed and stashed away to fill closer to the event.

This is a total posed empty goodie bag purchased at the Dollar Tree, 10 for a buck.  My job is dwindling down, day by day!!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Purchasing Power

As is per usual, we did some online ordering last weekend. It seems to be a habit we have acquired when we all get together.


This was the second pair of shoes I have had delivered since Monday. The first pair, Stan Smith Adidas, were too big so they are waiting for a couple weeks to see if they happen to fit my daughter before I return them.  I already have a pair of these in a different color way.  They are Merrell's and are fantastic shoes in great colors.  And...........

they send you candy in the shoebox!  You gotta love a company like that!

We also ordered lots of tissue paper.  Now that I have gotten a start on the making of the flowers, I may have ordered too much.  I ordered five packages

but this is the result of only three fourths of one pack and these flowers are ten inches wide except for the little red one.  I definitely know what I will be doing at tv time for awhile!!!

The carpets are being cleaned today.  I will be hiding in the studio!

Friday, June 02, 2017

Flower Power Starts

I think I already said that I signed up to head another year of 9 hole guest day. I went through several themes, only to be reminded that the themes were already used, in some variation, in the last ten years. Considering the fact that I can't remember what I did yesterday, it stands to reason that I wouldn't remember a theme from nine years ago. Anyway, the name of this year's guest day is 'Flower Power', partly because it's the 50th anniversary of the peace, love and rock and roll era, and partly because you can do a lot with some tissue paper and your skill making tissue flowers for all sorts of decor.


Here are the invites that the members of the club send to whomever they wish to be their guest.  You can barely tell but the white paper, on top of the the dyed paper, is embossed with flowers.

My sister Mike helped me to make 55 of these invites and she also helped with decorating the basket with which the cards will go


for pick up in the ladies locker room.  Thank the world for glue guns!

We also did the sign up sheet to hang on the bulletin board just above the basket.  I love the peace sign and it also has some 3D flowers on it that are hard to make out in this photo. Job one and two are done for this event.  Now all I have to do is finish the other thirty things!  It's my own fault!!!!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Oh, Where Is My Package?

The way of the world is pretty scary. I was on the phone at six p.m. last night ordering my twice a year injection. The place I get it is Walmart Specialty Pharmacy in Orlando Florida. I am on central time and Florida is on eastern time. I answered the door at 9:37 a.m. to greet a FedEx guy delivering my meds. How does that even happen that fast? You got me.

 Oh, yeah, and then there's the packaging.  I know from experience what the product looks like.  I added my pig kitchen timer to show size difference.


I opened the box and low and behold, this is what I finally came up with


Now you can see why the pig timer came in handy.  This is also the twice a year Prolia injection that by shopping around I saved myself $16,000 a year by getting it myself rather than going to the local
hospital.    It's just a sub q injection that a two year old can do.  I therefore qualify.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Post Memorial Weekend

The holiday weekend just flew by.  I can't even believe how fast four days can come and go!  The weather was not exactly beach weather but the  grand girls would not take no for an answer.

It was way too cold (not even seventy) for the old folks but the young people didn't seem to matter.  There were lots of bodies buried in the course of the weekend.  I don't quite understand the premise of being completely covered in sand (oh, except the head of course.)

Our back yard sand was indeed well used!

And of course, the girls did some sewing, one pretend and one real.


Six year old Violet made this entire bag except for cutting it out and ironing and adding the 'V'.   She even zig zagged the 'V' on herself.  Every stitch that was sewn was done by her.  She still prefers to do decorative stitches, but she was happy to have something accomplished.  My sis Mike made a identical one for Charlotte, and she had a 'C' on hers.