Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Think I Need One Of These

This was  a wall feature outside either a store or a restaurant in Walnut Creek. California, and I fell in love with it.  Seeing how our business is steel, I thought that this was fitting.

I have been looking for a privacy feature for my deck up north that can withstand the wind and originally thought of louvers but this could do the trick too.

I even like the idea of the succulents planted in it.  I would need more openings in the metal structure but it would divide the front and back of the house from being right on top of the neighbors.  As much as we all like each other tremendously,  your space is your space.  Right?

As I type, the windows and doors are starting to be replaced in our home in Indiana.  I am so glad I am not there!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Up And At 'Em

We got up this morning and decided to walk right away instead of our habit of doing it right before dinner. We also got the weight training out of the way too. We no longer have our own workout room so we have to actually
get dressed in case someone else is at the workout place.  I even have to buy more workout clothes as I can't just keep on the dress I had on when I did it at home.

I had my phone with me yesterday, while there as I was waiting for the carpet guy to call so I took a couple pictures of the facility inside and the view

from the windows looking out to a couple different

pools.  This is as close to having my own pool as I want.  It's a beautiful facility and this all comes with the membership to three golf courses.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


After six months or hemming and hawing  I have finally done my part and my website, tommysquilts.com is up and complete.  It has been a bit of a nightmare, finding out that some russian organization stole my domain just because my webmaster was ill and didn't renew my domain.  The only thing that I didn't update is my studio and that's because I haven't gotten around to cleaning it enough to photograph it.  I'm bad.

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Chairs

I was perusing Pier 1 last week and fell in love with these chairs.
So much so that I purchased 6.  They were delivered yesterday afternoon.  This picture makes it look that one chair is much taller than the other.  Not so but I wanted you to see the red plaid backs.

These are so not like anything I currently have, preferring more contemporary than this french bungalow style.  But I just think they are adorable for my kitchen table.

The only thing that could make them better would be if they were upholstered with pigs.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Kinda Town

Let's talk Chicago politics.  They made over 340 million dollars in fines, forfeitures and penalties.  Sales tax came in around 610 million.  The city's share of income tax came in at close to 300 million dollars.  Utility and cable tax came out to being around $475 mil.  Real estate and transfer fees came pretty close to $300 million.

The normal time that the yellow light is on (a traffic light) between red and green is 3 seconds.   At one intersection they changed the time to 2.9 seconds for a undisclosed period of time.  The increase of revenue for that particular stop light was 7.7 million dollars.  They discontinued the decrease in yellow light but as yet haven't decided as to refunding the money (I guess it was kinda illegal) to those people that got caught in the trap.  The fact that they can even have the option of deciding is unbelievable.

No wonder the flowers on Michigan Avenue look well tended.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Circling Around The House

I have never been in a Kirkland store. I have seen them for years but never thought that it was my style. I was in a shopping establishment waiting for a store to open when I happened to go past Kirkland and thought that I could kill a few minutes. As I thought, most of the stuff in the shop was nothing would be interested in. That is, until I stumbled upon this.
It was the exact thing I needed for the alcove in the dining room.  It was my colors (as much as that matters!)  It's quite large, probable at least 40" wide and very heavy.  I had a little difficulty hanging it by myself but somehow managed.

Speaking of being alone, G flies in today.  Bella will be over the moon.

And I have purchased a couple new area rugs that should be delivered in the next week or so.  I neglected to take a picture of them.  They are both the same; one for the dining room and one for the living room (both are in the same room).  G's man cave still has a little of me in it because this rug is what adorns his two manly recliners (sans catheters; I put my foot down on that).

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Too Bad For The Bag Lady

Let's go back to Berkley today.

This dog, big as he is, was stretched out in front of a store waiting for his master to come out.  He is carrying a backpack and leisurely takes up half the sidewalk.

We went to a Safeway store to get something to eat and drink (diet pepsi and donuts) and noticed that there

was a sign informing anyone who reads it (there were lots of these signs) that the carts lock if taken beyond the yellow lines.  We decided it was due to the abundant amount of homeless people around, begging.

Here is Rich pointing to the wheel.  

These yellow lines are at all areas where you could get a cart out.  We even tried it and sure enough, it worked.  We admitted that we had tried it and an employee told us that people do it all the time and you need some sore of digital key to unlock the wheels.  We felt silly but somewhat accomplished.  Ha  ha  ha.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pig Out In Berkley

Exciting day so far. New guts for master bath toilet and a new garbage disposal. Things are looking up! I wanna take you on the Gourmet Ghetto tour that G and I took with our friends in Berkley, California. It was a great day. We had a guide and started the tour

at a cheese and pizza communal shop.
We had two different cheese spreads, one with cheddar and a kick and one that was similar to bourisin and sour dough bread and a multi topping bread.  We then headed over

 Saul's deli where we first had a
celery fiz (not so good as you can imagine) and a great array of different pickles (no picture) and a

fantastic corned beef sandwich.  The bread came from the Acme Bread
We next visited the very first Peets Coffee location.
We tried various coffees and got the skinny on the Peets franchise.

This was our tour guide.  She was very interesting.
Click on this picture to see the prices back in the day.
Here we have a pretty typical Berkley resident.
Soop was up next..

All they sell is soup.
We had some sort of gourd thai soup that was really good.

We went to a chocolatier and got the scoop on what makes good chocolate.

It was pretty to look at but lost to me because I don't like dark chocolate.

The chocolate come only from one island off of Africa.

We found out the difference between gelato, ice cream, granita and all other things cold.

We could have a taste of any we wanted and then got

good sized scoop.
We checked out the menu at Chez Panisse, the Alice Waters restaurant where lots of famous chefs started out.  I had lunch there a few years ago.

We stopped off at Gregorie and had these potato

cheese balls.  We were starting to get a little full as you can imagine.
The butcher shop was next to last.  The sandwich

was wonderful but I don't think anyone but G finished it.

I had to have a picture of this.
They have a back window into the cooler.

They deal with the whole animal.  They are full of offal.
Last was a wine shop.  We sampled a old grape zinfindel which I didn't care for at all.

I liked the pig on this bottle and the twist cap.

I took this picture because the lid is like an old soda bottle.
This is what the outside of the wine store looks like.  Ya coulda fooled me.

End of tour.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Caffeine Buzz

Well. yesterdays gathering on Club Day of all sorts of groups, like the Angler's Club, Empty Nesters, Republicans, Democrats, The Italian Club, The Garden Club, the Women's Club and the Creative Arts Club was a big success. I went as soon as it opened so I could get a parking place and within a half hour joined the Women's Club and The Creative Arts Club. That makes three things I have joined since my move in the spring. I feel like a grownup! While in California I discovered a new coffee pod that I love. It's called Good Morning from Boyds.  I think I like it as much or more than my standard Dunkin Donuts coffee.  The only thing is, first thing in the morning I am not crazy about cutting open the pouch it comes in.  I am sure there is a good reason to
preserve it in this manner but trying to get coffee while Bella is pacing at the front door to go for her first walk,  I have chosen to go with the Dunkin first thing, and then

use the Boyds for the next cup which is made much more leisurely.  As you can see from the pods, the Boyds is just a gauzy container for the grounds where as most pods, like Dunkin get a poke in plastic to get to the grounds.  I'll bet it matters when the pods aren't real fresh.  Anyway, check out Boyds.  You'll be happy you did.