Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Jacquie Gering

I spent so much time cropping and downloading these quilts by Jacquie Gering that I have run out of time for today.  More tomorrow.  There is one photo that has Jacquie in it.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ringing With The Kids

We went to the Ringling Museum and before we even entered it, we happened to notice this sign.


My brilliant daughter picked up on it immediately.  Like she said, 'Who decides that the fine is to be $112.50?'  We asked and literally, it was like we were asking if it is normal for humans to have two feet.  The reply was, ' we don't decide those things'.  Whatever.  I would like to think that someone somewhere had a fantastic sense of humor and subtly showed it off.  I wanna be their friend.

I loved the circus wagons.  I literally thought that the museum would be pretty much all things circus.


These delightful relics where what I loved.  Wanna be shot out of a cannon?

I could see a lion or tiger in this one.

It is sad to think of the Ringling name to fade into the sunset as it closes it's circus festivities this year after 146 years.

There were two hours more of the museum but it was literally an art institute.  The art collection of the Ringling was phenomenal.  I was super surprised of the volume of unbelievable art they acquired in their lifetime.  But, I guess I was looking for more circus stuff.  We all were.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Going Green

Happy St. Patricks Day! Maggie and Evan are here (and we are waiting for them to wake up!) and we are going to the Ringling Museum. It should prove to be an amazing day. Then we are off to Beach Bistro on the Gulf of Mexico. Nothing better.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Some More Beauties

We just got home from our walk and the temp is up to 51º.  It was in the forties when we started out.  My daughter and her husband are on a plane on their way here and it's gonna be cold the whole time they are here.  Oh well, it's better that the weather in Chicago (I hope!)

Believe it or not, I still have more quilts to show you from Quiltcon.  Here goes:

'Trestle Nestle' was done by Marla Varner.  It was made with free form cutting techniques and the negative spaces are made with white linen.  It is hand quilted.


This quilt was inspired by Autumn Kent's version of this poem.  It is called 'Autumn is Wistful' and was done by Channe Kimber.  It was both

hand appliquéd and hand quilted..

"Pinball' was done with Michael Miller challenge fabric.  It uses some of the fabric from his Luxe line.  Betsy Vinegard was the artist.

Here is a close up of the beautiful quilting.

This quilt called 'Diamond Deluxe' was done by Tiffany Baxter for the Michael Miller Challenge.

She got her inspiration from the diamonds in the fabric.


Wendy Richards did this adorable quilt called 'Birds On A Wire' also for the MM fabric challenge.  It was both machine pieced and quilted.

This is one of my favorites, called 'Warp and Weft' and it was in the nine patch challenge.  Cheryl Brickey  made it using woven strips of fabric.  It was machine quilted.


Here is a cool closeup of it.  Love love.

The last one for today is done by Lindsey Neill and it is based on a drunkard's path and bias tape appliqué.  The name of it is 'Die Beem (Trees)'.

It was machine pieced and machine quilted.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Newest Work

I have finished the circles on my latest quilt.  It measures about 4 foot long.  The circles


are 2 1/4" and there are over a hundred circles.

I auditioned several background colors and decided on using four different colors


for it.  It is now getting prepared for quilting before I hand appliqué  the whole gold piece on the back.

Monday, March 13, 2017

I Will Call It Kitchen Sink Pot

I was watching a little Food Network yesterday and came across Nancy Fuller and she was cooking with leftovers. She told a story about her aunt that was a physician and had her office in her house. She was a very busy mom and wife so on Fridays she would make soup for dinner with whatever she had left over in the refrigerator from the week before. I thought it was a fab idea right that minute and so went into the kitchen and got out lots of stuff that needed to be used or tossed.

Those things included the following:

Pulled Pork
Uncooked broccoli
Uncooked carrots
Potato salad
Butter cheese mix
Leftover chicken marsala
Branzino with two shrimp and veg
Bag mixed greens with eight grape tomatoes
Mushrooms already sautéed
Onion uncooked

I started with chicken stock and wine and cut up all that needed cutting before I got out my instant pot and added all the stuff.  I set the pot for soup and went off to sew.


It was a magnificent meal 30 minutes later.  The broth was so good I wanted to drink it; or maybe that was because it had wine in it!

I tried it as a lark because the alternative was to toss the stuff in time for garbage pickup tomorrow but it really was spectacular.  Try it!  You'll like it.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


I was very excited when I was looking out into the yard and there were several Ibis milling around and all of a sudden, a stream of urine came streaming out of one of them.  It is the first time in my memory (which stinks) that I saw a bird pee.

Also, I just recently saw on tv that on a farm with lots of animals to feed, they use a truck that is just for that purpose.  Who knew?

Back to the show:

This is called 'Sculpture and was done by Anya Byam.


It certainly meets the somewhat odd definition of modern by having so much negative space.  It was based on a  drunkards path block as a base but then stretched.  It was machine pieced and machine quilted.


The name of this quilt is very appropriate.  It is called Number 2 - Cinnamon and from afar it looks like cinnamon toast crunch.


Here's a detail as to how it was done.  The quilter is Nancy Goldman.

A variation of a log cabin block was used by Maria Varner to make this quilt, 'Jubilant'.  It was all done on a machine.


'Frozen Pond' was done by Jean Larson and it was made by connecting irregular pinwheels.  It was inspired by a Jacquie Gering class.  I have a couple classes of hers in a couple weeks.

'Bloberella' was done by improv piecing and needle turned appliqué. It was hand appliquéd and machine pieced and quilted by Hillary Goodwin.

One of my very favorites was this one called 'Inside Out' and it was done by Susan Bleiweiss.  It is fused raw edge appliqué and machine appliquéd and quilted.


Susan McKinney did this small piece called 'Dark Geometry'.  It was all done by machine.

This was completed as a design activity for a Jacquie Gering challenge.  It is called 'White Pointer' and was done by Wendy Nuff.

'Flame', was done by Patty Simmons and it was appliquéd  with bias tape and was ghost quilted.

Cassandra Beaver created this ball of fun called 'I Spy'.

It was hand appliquéd and machine quilted.