Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We Had Some Fun With Pot

We had a fun project in mind to do this past weekend and even tho' we had our hands full with lots of fun stuff to do, we managed to get to the store and get some clay pots and accomplish some wonderful stuff!


Mike got five pots and trays and was just going to paint them to put in her kitchen garden window when little Violet asked her was was the name of the plants she purchased.  We looked on the label and they all just said succulents, so I started to name them randomly names like Mary, Susan, Kathy, Linda and Diane.  That gave my sister Mike an idea.  She thought of her sisters and decided to name them Pat, Mike, Tommy, Molly, and Sara.  We cut out the letters in vinyl with my trusty old Cricut machine (given to me by none other than Mike!)  She placed them on the pots, here are three of them, and then painted the pots and the next day we took off the vinyl

this is what they ended up looking like.  Mike decided to transport them back to Illinois with out potting them to cut down on possible mess.  They turned out very cute didn't they?

I did something similar, only I had three sizes of pots, the largest being the largest I could find.  I painted the area where I wanted the herb names so instead of the terra cotta color showing through, I would have another color.  When this is put together, which will be done at my daughter's house in Chicago, the largest pot will have an upside down bucket in the center so that the next largest pot can set on top of it.  The remainder of the pot will have potting soil and, guess what?  Basil!  With the parsley pot in the center surrounded with basil.  Same goes with the next two pots.  It's a fun deck DYI that is cute and useful when you need a handful of herbs!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Classic

When I received this picture of Violet with her button necklace and her various hair adornments

I immediately thought of the 'Girl With The Pearl Earring'.

Only thing is, Violet is much cuter!!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Beach

It's weird here at Lake Michigan. We don't have our lovely beach right now.

The lake is so high that the water is up to the sea wall.  My little grand girls don't quite
understand the lack of sand for their sand pails.

There are big rocks at the sea wall that we never knew existed.

The kids are down at the public beach which is considerably larger than ours was.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Beautiful Planter

I started to plant the succulents that I brought from Florida into my new planter.
I realized that the bottom stainless steel planter was 24" tall and that would take a massive amount of potting soil, not to mention the weight of all that soil on my deck.  Between G and me we settled on 50 noodles

from the dollar store and topped them off with bubble wrap.  So, bottom line is the bottom 19" of the planter is filled with man made stuff.  We used 140 lbs of soil to fill the remainder.  Can you imagine the weight if we used all soil?

Pretty clever, wouldn't you say?

We got caught in a massive rain storm while inside a big box store last evening.  My poor Bella was in the car, with lightening and thunder and all by herself.  G braved the elements to bring the car up to the lumber entrance that had a roof.  By the time we packed the car, the rain drizzled away.  Just bad timing.

Now I am going to tackle the front garden pots before today's rain starts up.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Spring Cleanup

We had the landscapers do their spring cleanup yesterday.  They did a beautiful job on

Now it will be time for flowers, and plants and herbs

to be planted.  We are heading off to the nursery this evening.


I would like everything finished before my weekend company comes.

My brother and his wife come tomorrow evening and everyone else will show up at various

times on Friday.  It is supposed to be unseasonably warm for the Memorial weekend.  That doesn't make Lake Michigan any warmer tho'.  You need wet suits to get in the water!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I Got Shagged!

I am so mad at myself!   I forgot to bring the rug I finally finished!

Way back when I blogged about getting this pattern and a bunch of us girls
got together to make shaggy pillows.  I wanted to try the rug.  Well, there's a big
difference between doing a 12" square pillow top and a 24" x 36" rug.  About five hours
more!  I started it and then put it on the back burner until I was ready to go home and
the rug was for my daughter's bathroom up north.


So I spent the good part of a day sewing down the strips, 1/2" apart.  Finally I was done
and put it in the washer and dryer to become 'Shaggy'.

Here it is after the first was and dry.  I have no idea why it seemed to change colors
in the photo because it was the same olivey color and not this teal color.

Here's a closeup of the shag starting.  I washed it and dried it again but this time
I forgot it in the dryer.  That's where it will be until my return.  Oh well!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Painting On Floors!

One thing I left for the last minute in Florida was mark the floor in the future studio for the new floor outlets that need to be cut through the concrete under the carpet. I originally marked them with masking tape but the next time I went over, the tape was no longer sticking on the berber carpet. The contractor said to paint on the floor so that is just what I did.


 There is something very weird about painting with a spray can on almost new carpeting. The carpeting is not staying


Three are three floor outlets.  When I was getting back in the car to go to Modern I noticed new blooms on the magnolia tree.

I took one with me to the guild.  I don't like magnolias much.  They aren't the prettiest tree and the blossoms only last a day or so.  But I gotta say, this is major good looking!

Sunday, May 22, 2016


My Modern Quilt Guild had a meeting on Saturday (yesterday) and I thought I would share some of the show and tell.


This one and the next one were done with a charm pack.


Sorry for the placement of these quilts.  They mostly put them on the floor but then don't and just hold them up.

Notice the birdie on this one and the birdie


on this quilt that has it's body made of selvages!!!!!

This is very cool.

The same artist, Pat,  made this one that she saw on Pinterest.

There's that bird again; this time on a baby quilt for Aspen Ruth that was born last week!

Jane made this for her 40 year old step son.  It is very masculine.


Jann made this back of a quilt for

this front.  It is for a baby that I think is in high school now.

Love the cool colors.

This has a lot of hand perle cotton work on it.

Karla worked on this at one of the retreats I went to.

Linda made her own fabric.  Great colors!

I am half way home in a hotel with Bella.  I  dined on the Taco Bell next door.  Yum….. Not.  They no longer put tomatoes of sour cream on tacos.  That's a crime.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Front Door Flora

All of these photos of flora are within feet of my front door.


I have no idea what this stuff is but it almost appeared overnight.  I guess it's their flower and maybe I leave earlier than it comes into 'bloom'.

I am constantly looking at these little palm trees because they house all my 'babies'.

like this,

and this,

and this,

and this (with a bit of my arm too!)

These three will probably make their appearance when I am far far away.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

What's Going On

This is pretty funny and/or odd. It's par for the course for me tho'. I check messages on the land line every now and then and just did it yet again. It said 'No New Messages' and has said that for a good month so just for the hell of it I punched in my code number and proceeded to listen to 23 messages, half that wished me a happy birthday on May 3rd!!!!! There is something about me and anything that is powered in any way. I am a jinx. Anyway, I now forgive you sister Mike for not acknowledging my 66th birthday.


I did get a little razzing about having G in Minnesota order my sub from Publix.  But he thought
nothing of it and within minutes of the text asking him for the 'usual' I got this back from him.  Hey,
ya gotta be proud of him!

Here is my Bella, out at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  She is definitely a chick magnet.  Everyone
always wants to touch her!!!


We did dinner and mahjong yesterday in honor of my BFF Linda, who today turns 65 and has her medicare card in hand.  Happy Birthday sweetie!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Daisy

I finally decided to tackle the thread work I need to do on the daisy before I head home.  My friend Lynn told me to use a pretty rigid interfacing, either iron on or not.  I chose Decor Bond and ironed it on, which was no small feat.  I was shocked to turn it to the right side, only to see the daisy riddled with wrinkles!!!  It was no good.


I started to gingerly take off the interfacing, inch by inch.

It eventually came off.  I had a whole bolt of the interfacing so I cut a piece to fit the appliqu├ęd portion of the quilt top.

I pinned it on the long arm as if it were a backing fabric.

It seems to work.  I have done a little of the thread work each day.  I have no comfort level doing it but it totally needs it to be done so I just bit the bullet and jumped in.  I am about a fifth done.  I have got to buckle down and do it.