Thursday, August 17, 2017

It Was A Celebration!!!!

Every year we have a Celebration, combining both the 9 and 18 hole golfers.  It is coming on the time that we will be losing some of our friends for various reasons, mostly kids going to school.  We have a breakfast, 9 holes of golf and a luncheon.  The skies threatened rain, and during breakfast we got some but for the most part, except for a little sprinkles, we had fine weather.

The luncheon tables were lovely, with Cowboy caviar on each table, along with a lovely jar of jam for each gal that attended.    The menu was heirloom tomato slices with ricotta, artichokes and mushrooms.  Then the grilled meat was perfect small sized chicken and shrimp, with a beautiful array of roasted vegetables.  Blueberry cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream rounded out a lovely event.

The centerpieces were the very best!!!  It is all real stuff, except for the green stalks that are supposed  to look like basil.  The wheat is real but is dried.


I ran over and complimented Mary who made them and she told me to take one home.  So I did and am gonna make dinner out of the contents of the basket.  Just kidding'.  I will have it adorn our table this weekend when the quilters will join me and my sis for a fun quilting weekend.

And it isn't a round of golf here in Indiana without some Bambi's showing up.  There were three triplets (all the exact same size) but one was much faster than it's siblings because I could never get all three in a frame.  They are always fun to see, especially the little ones, and these three were no more than 36'' tall.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Back At It

Our little Bella had dental surgery and lost three more teeth.  She just has horrible teeth.  She will be gumming her food before we know it.  She also had the warts that she is constantly licking removed so she has to wear a collar for a couple weeks.  It isn't the funnest thing to go through for both her and I.  I have to resort to sneaking up to her so I can put her collar on after she eats.

I have been back at making 12" quilts.  I am decorating the studio here at the lake, something that I have never done before because I have no wall space except for windows, doors and design walls.  These little quilts are up on the soffit.

This was made using a pattern I used a few years ago for an exchange.  I just made another one for myself.

The background of this was strip pieced a long time ago and just put away.  I added the round cornered squares and voila!

This was cut from an old quilt I did a long, long time ago.

I  made this from parts that I had sewn together and abandoned.  Now it's a quilt!

I painted this fabric years ago and finally decided to use it.

This was part of an old quilt I cut up.

This is the one I am working on now.  It's a little sputnik-ey looking.  This is fun to do.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Weekend

We had a grand time, my sil and sis and I.  We traveled to other towns, did a little eating and shopping

and managed to get a picture taken.  You can tell I am holding the camera because I keep looking at it.  We had very good luck.  We got two unbelievable  parking places in a very busy summer weekend.  I mean they were right up front of wherever we were going.  Besides that, we went into a bar to wait the half hour (at least) to get a table and there they were, three bar stools on a corner.  We cancelled our wait and sat down for a few hours, feeling very lucky.  In fact, we felt so lucky that we decided to buy lottery tickets and win the mega something or other.  It was the first lotto purchase for each of us.

Here we are at the gas station, where we got the tickets, on our way to dinner.

Dinner was lucky too.  We had so much left overs that we are still eating them since Saturday!!!  That should have been lucky enough but, alas, we didn't win; even after planning our new life, a family compound (kinda like the Kennedy's) but I am so glad we didn't name it.  That would have been the ultimate Debbie Downer.  We adjusted back to our normal life gradually.  I am currently doing a load of clothes instead of someone else doing it for me!!!!

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Start Of The Weekend

Mike and I are sitting around waiting for our SIL Claudia to show up.  We are having a day (actually two days) out. and taking the dogs to a new day care.

Funny story; Mike was sitting on her leather couch reading on her iPad and there was a fly buzzing around her.  She took her iPad and very lightly hit the arm of the chair and killed the fly, shattering the glass of the iPad to the point that glass was coming out.  She has had a crack for a couple years and she thinks just the littlest hit did it in.  Thankfully she lives close to Best Buy and now has a new one.

I was reading a monthly local magazine and  came upon this article.

It is flower picking like we have blueberry and apples.  We are gonna go and pick flowers on Sunday so my sis's can take them home.

We are leaving now.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hanging Around

After waiting 10 days for a two day Amazon Prime purchase of 100 sewing machine needles, I went to Orders in my account and for some reason my credit card didn't go through, even tho' it's the one on file that I always use and the limit is way more than I could purchase in a year.  So I submitted it again and it went through.  I have had a ladder in the middle of the studio since the day the needles were supposed to come.  Finally I can hang some of the 12 inch quilts.  Oh, I use four needles on each quilt so 100 doesn't go very far.  I probably will need to buy another 100 of them, the way I am going!!!

But first, the ladder was killing my thin skinned shins when I leaned on the ladder and a rung cut into my legs.  I first put on a pair of sweats and put multiple towels on the rungs but it still was awkward and I was hot in the sweat pants.  I then decided to wrap the tender part of the leg with towels and tape them on.  It worked like a charm.  Not horribly flattering tho'.

This is the first 14 up on the soffit.  I am still going strong to finish the next 14 to put on the other side of the soffit.  My sister and sister in law and brother are coming tomorrow so I will have to slow down the manufacturing for a few days.  And that's a good thing.  I get a little carried away but then you already know that!


Tuesday, August 08, 2017

12 inches

I have been having way too much fun with these 12 inch quilts.


The goal was to do two a day so that I had all that hand work left to do while watching tv at night.  This red one was a copy of a quilt I did for Modern, due in October.  The rules for that challenge is using a specific fabric and no side bigger than 24".  I decided to make it a size that I would like.  I am tired of having tons of quilts that are unusable.

This is made from scraps from a quilt I made last year with some added color, both is bias and thread.

I love flying geese and did a fun riff on them using colors of thread to match the goose!

I spent a good hour looking for the directions for skinny lines that I brought from Florida and after I found the directions I realized I didn't need to be reminded of how to do them.  Who knew?  It's fun to make yourself do something daily for a while; it will probably get old soon so I probably should enjoy the process!!!!!

Monday, August 07, 2017

Our Spot On The Planet

We have had some very sketchy weather lately. It's been very windy and cool for the season and as I have said, the lake was crazy. It should be close to 90º and for the next week or so, if the 10 day forecast is correct, is not even hitting 80º.

We woke up this morning with glass for water in the lake.

It looks and sounds surreal, especially because there is no sound whatsoever.  It is heavenly.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Farmer G

Okay, first off, I got this line in an email this morning, apparently about a future visit to my house.  And I am not saying who it is; privacy issues.

  P.S. I’m not eating or drinking anymore….my body has shifted and it ain’t pretty. Ha.

We already have tomato issues from G's farm.  The vines are producing more than I can handle at one time.  Because of that, I have decided to make some tomato soup today.  I will let you know how it turns out.

I always feel bad when the weather is bad in the best weekends of the summer, when the lake is like bathwater but you need to wear sweats to go near it.  I know that people plan their vacations a lot before school restarts and this is prime time to have the best of weather, that just isn't happening.  Maybe I will deliver hot dogs on the beach next weekend to random people.  That should help;

Thursday, August 03, 2017

This and That

I already have my sunscreen on and have to kill five minutes before I go to the club to play 9 holes of golf so I am trying to have a four day streak of blogging under my belt.

The lake is so loud that it is a wonder that we could sleep through it. I am talking LOUD. If I knew how to do sounds on this blog I would play it for you. It is almost like you can't hear yourself think.

I am still making 12' blocks out of my very dated and not very good quilts.


I, with the help of my sister, have decided to put some of them in the studio here. I was mainly doing it for the studio in Florida but why not share the color to both places?

Gotta go, I just looked at the clock and will need to go in two minutes or I will be late!!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Just Another Day

We had a big day yesterday with 'repair men'. First up was the beach garage door. It is our workout room that used to be first, a dye studio before I realized that I can't use salt due to being on septic. Then it was storage but used little because we had another storage room made under our three seasons porch. About five years ago, or maybe a little longer we had a rubber floor put in, mirrors, and free weights and machines and a treadmill put in. Working out is all well and good until you can no longer open or close the door. The door guy put in new ball bearings and other stuff and now it works like a charm. Next guy to come was the tree man. We have had a major change in our landscape this year and the last thing (I think!) is the beach tree, which looks like a honey locust and is so massive it hangs over our house and the neighbors. It needs to be trimmed. Lastly, Comcast came again because my fast forward, rewind and pause on my tv didn't work; it was just put in last Thursday and it took this long to get someone to come out and change the equipment out.  I was giddily clicking away last night.


And because I no longer like to be alone with repair men that I don't know, G came home early to protect me (ha ha ha).  He had time on his side and so cleaned up the beach that was very very messy from so many large waves bringing all sorts of junk from the lake bottom.  He rakes it together, digs a hole and burns the crap and then covers up the hole.  It's rather boy scout-ish, isn't it?

Our first ripe tomato from our tomato garden made it's way into our dinner or turkey burgers and barbecued potato chips.  Yum.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017


I got an email from a cyber friend and asked me if my cleaning gal was still employed by me. I had a discussion with my sister this past weekend when she asked me if I canned her. No, absolutely not. The young gal who cleans for me has no tact but she has a hell of a lot more energy than I have and further more, I could see a bit of me in her, just without such a big mouth. She will be here with her teammate tomorrow and by evening the kitchen will be sparkling!

I continued to put facings

on the cut up quilts and got another six finished.  I am going to take part of them (16) to Florida to even out the ones I have in my studio there and I will hang the remaining amount (count is yet to be determined) in the studio here in Indiana.  They light up the space and show me how I evolved.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Over The Weekend

My sis, Mike, tries to come every other weekend in the summer when each of our schedules work out to do so. This past weekend was no exception. We got tons done, including marathon watching HGTV and the Food Network.

Because I live in Indiana, fireworks are legally set off for several weeks surrounding the 4th of July.  Chi is not a fan of that.  We have drugged her and she acts like a knucklehead and turns into a scary dog, looks wise.  I managed to capture that on Saturday night.


Mike was binding a quilt but Chai was not letting her do it.

I decided to go through some of my old quilts (20 plus years old) and either give them away (sans the labels) or make 12 inch quilts out of them.

Here are some of the cut up quilts that I managed to face over the weekend.  There are others in various stages of completion which I hope to finish in the next couple weeks.  I like my old work cut up and in a useable form.  It's a good thing.

Friday, July 28, 2017


The bottom line is I am insane. I start to make a couple casseroles to have some food on hand for the kids if they need to take some home. Six days later I have a very large upright freezer filled with more that one hundred casseroles.


 I can't even describe how hideous my stove top was but I planned it for the cleaning crew to clean it up. I sprayed it with a cleaning product that was made just for breaking through the cooked on spilt food and making it easier for someone (other than me) to clean it. When the girls came I explained that I had to run a couple errands and that I would be gone for a while. Twenty minutes later I hear a gal in the kitchen bitching at the mess on the stove top and swearing and complaining that it was all over her shirt and she can't go to another job looking like shit and going on and on. I removed my derrière from the computer chair and went to her and said, "You do realize that I am still here and haven't left yet?" She was mortified as she should have been. It wasn't like it wasn't apparent that there was stuff on the burners or that I tricked her or something. So, I go out for awhile and come back to Bella waiting by the garage door for me to give her a treat. I go to the pantry and get her treat and throw it into the dining room like I always do, and I hear this swearing and bitching from the very same girl, about how she had just vacuumed there. I said, 'Excuse me? THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!!' I told her I do the same thing every day and will continue to do so, whether she is still employed by me or not. Long story short, she had a bad day.


We have had tons of landscaping done this summer.  Yesterday a twenty five foot tree came.

It was no easy feat.  The utilities had to be marked and a six foot by six foot hole had to be dug and six guys on hand to do that and other plantings.  We had a massive tree that was old and becoming dangerous to our property and that of the neighbors, so it was taken out in the spring and it looked so bare that we had to plant tons of other stuff to take the place of that tree and many others that had lasted as long as their life expectancy would allow.   It's always something!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Souppy Stuff

I have been keeping very busy.  The main event for a week was making soup and freezing it.  First up is egg drop soup.  It tastes amazing.  My sis and I had it for lunch one day this past week.  You can freeze the broth

and thaw and heat whenever and add an egg, that has been whisked with a fork and then drizzled into the warm soup.  Can't beat it!


Next up is Res Drummond's Bean with Bacon.  I took this picture of the ingredients in the soup so that you can see it.  It is a stand out soup and can also be frozen until needed.  Nothing needs to be added to it.

The last 'soup' which is more like a stew is Copycat's version of the Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli.  It too is damn tasty.  After thawing and heating you just need to add freshly shaved parmesan.  Triple yum.

These three soups were made in very big batches and I always spend half the prep time hunting for the bay leaves before batching up and freezing.  It is a daunting task, especially if the recipe has lots of parts.  So,  I decided to put the ten bay leaves in two cheesecloth pouches,


eliminating the search for the bay leaf.


Can I patent this?

I am starting the yearly cooking to fill up the freezer.  I was just gonna save an entire week to do it but then I thought of all the cleanup I would personally have to do, so now I am going to finish up any cooking in the following weeks on Tuesday, just in time for the cleaning gals to come and do their thing.

Today is pasta cooking so I don't have to clean and put away the pasta pots, only to get them out  for the orzo, lasagna, penne, angel hair, etc.  All will be cooked al dente today and bagged and refrigerated until needed.  It's a good day to do it because it is in the 70º's and all the windows are open.  I had better get cracking'.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Little Mishap

While quilting this quilt of my sister Mike's on the long arm in the classy curls pattern, we had a bit of a mishap.  The needle broke and I was far away from the quilt (big no no) and therefore it did some damage.


The machine went on, broken needle and all.  And really tore up the top of the quilt as well

as the back of the quilt.  This happened not once, not twice, but three times on the quilt.  We decided it was because the quilt had many seams and the curl pattern sews the curl and then goes backwards on the curl, making two rows of stitches rather than the common one row.

We decided that covering the problem areas with a circle would  serve as a SAVE both on the front and the back.  We got the circles (freezer paper/spray starch method) made and Mike took them home to hand appliqué while watching tv.

Mike also had these blocks made and she decided to border the blocks to make it less busy.  She got all that done in just a couple days.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Big Shindig

The guy that lives across the street from us had a birthday party this past weekend.  This is Leonardo DiCaprio when he was young and hot with his first girlfriend, a swan.  This was the birthday card on a present my daughter had ready to give to the birthday boy.

Here is the path to the beach that is right next door to me.  There are tiki lights (the pole looking things) and these white balls that are actually led battery operated light globes.  They needed this because the party was at night.

Here is the bar as viewed from my deck.

Here is the dining area all set up (again from my deck)


And here is our gift for supplying a little electricity and space.  These beauties are over 4 feet tall.


They are mostly made up of orchids.  Wow.  They're something alright!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Some Smashing Outfits

The last of my company just left and I thought I would blog, only to open up my download area and realized that I never posted the Saturday blog. So, I shall now show you the comedic couple of Flower Power golfers.


This is at the pre party where Laurel has a 60's style dress on and yes, pleather go go boots.  They were dangerous tho' because she got them caught  coming back into the club and hurt herself a bit.  She's okay.  I nursed her back to health, thanks to a little Tito's.  My dress actually has a peace sign on the front but I didn't turn correctly for you to see it.  That is supposed to be a peace sign I am doing with my less than straight fingers, in case you were wondering.

We decided to go matchy matchy to the actual golfing event.  The head gear came from the dollar store, as did lots of other participants.  I recognized lots of things on ladies outfits that were partially as a result of going to the dollar store.

These two gals, with long flowing red locks and John Lennon glasses are Sue and Regina.  They were the other two of our foursome.   If we could have been in the running of first, second or third place winners we would have been 2nd, we were told by the pro.  As it was, we were not able to win because three out of the four were club members and on guest day, that doesn't count.  Oh well.

We were silly.