Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday Musings

I have been keeping myself busy for a week or so with stuff that I don't have to think a lot
about what I am doing.  I have cut out tons of components for the DFG's kits.  I just now
happen to be doing the side pockets for the shields.  This photo is how they ended up circling

after the first hundred made a scattering.  It started to make itself into a circle or sorts and this pile,
which was only halfway through the mass I was doing, is 13 inches high.  I hated to mess it up but
these pockets needed to be cut apart (they were strip sewn) and they need to be grouped into two's for easy grabbing for construction.  My sister will be here tomorrow and I want lots of stuff out of the way for whatever she wants to work on.  I am planning on trying to master my new Bernina in the next month too.  Lots on my plate.

Speaking of my sister Mike, I was out of the prescription treats that I have been giving Bella since she lost two more teeth a couple years ago, and Mike was my provider for them.  She sent me more, via a

website called  Now that I know this, I can get them myself.  You do need a prescription from your veterinarian

but that can't be hard to do.  Like Mother like daughter, we are both plagued with rotten teeth.  Too bad someone wasn't looking out for me like I am for Bella.  I hope my old dentist reads my blog.  Do ya think?  Naw.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Post Production

I had GERD for about a month starting around the holidays. It's acid reflux and some of my brothers have been cursed with it for a very long time. I started on Zantac and it helped for awhile but you could only take it once a day and it barely helped for a fourth of that time. Then I tried Pepcid. I wasn't getting any relief and so went on line and realized that the active ingredient in these OTC medications were all different. I most common to me was Prilosec, but based on the redneck commercials on tv, I gave it a pass. After reading I thought I would give it a try. You take it for 14 days in a row. Immediately after the first day and a half, I knew I hit pay dirt. I just took my thirteenth pill and thank myself for doing the research, way faster than getting into a gastro doc. I just wish they would change the commercials!! It literally changed the quality of my life!

The making of one appetizer to freeze has gone eerily on schedule. Done so far are
1. Lasagna cupcakes
2. Garlic cheese puffs
3. Egg rolls
4. Rueben balls
5. Mexican meatballs


The meatballs are called albondigas.  They are beef and pork and have a kick.  After they are finished in the oven (which at this point I froze) you place them on a nacho chip and sprinkle with mexican blend cheese and stick in the oven for a couple minutes to heat and melt the cheese.

The meatball stays stuck on the chip.  I think tho' when I serve them that I am gonna put them in a Scoops chip.

6.  Shrimp pancakes

I only made these once before, and in fact it was for my darling daughter's engagement party.  They are yum and I have to remember to make them again. It's like a light pancake batter with tons of shrimp and scallions.

7.  Cubano tater lollipops


These consist of a center tater tot surrounded with ham spread with yellow mustard and finely chopped dill pickles and topped with swiss cheese and broiled (or in my case frozen after a tiny broil to keep them held together).

8.  Crabbies

Can't find the picture of this and am too lazy to go downstairs and get it out of the freezer.

I did do something that I should have thought about a long time ago.  When something calls for chipolte peppers in adobo sauce, the can goes to waste because I don't use it enough to keep around in the refrigerator until it goes bad.  This time I did what I do with tomato paste leftovers.  I froze it in dollar store ice cube trays (sprayed with cooking spray) and froze, then wrapped individually in waxed paper like a piece of taffy and bagged for the freezer.  I originally got the idea from my friend, the quilting slut.  Thanks Peggy!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Back In The Day

Our friend, Spikemuffin,  was cleaning out his master bedroom closet, in order to clear the way for new carpeting and came upon lots and lots of photos. He sent me this one to me of G and me.


I shot him off another email asking him if he knew where this was taken and what year but I never got a response so I am going to guess that it was at the Dole (as in pineapple) Plantation in Hawaii and it probably was in the early 80's.

I am a natural red head, as is my daughter, and here is clear evidence of that.  I have lighter hair now because I didn't want to grow old looking like I wanted to be Lucille Ball in my senior years.

Who knew that my young husband (at the time we were probably married 14 or so years) was a dead ringer for Ray Romano or some mafia hit man.  Aging is a good and bad thing.

Monday, February 08, 2016


I thought I would share some of the stuff that I bought at the boutique on Saturday.

These first two things were made by Lynn Purple, a dear friend of ours. She was very busy making things and then came down with a cold and couldn't make it to the quilt show at all.

I don't quite know what this shape is supposed to be, along with the tabs that recently became popular on all things baby.

 But the actual purpose for it is


to hold an iPad, iPod or a smart phone and it is also a pin cushion.

This next thing I purchased was a one of a kind orange, and I think it is also a pin cushion


 and just a damn cute accessory for anyone's studio.


 She only made one and by all the detail she put on it, I can't imagine making too many more than one.
It helps to have all the boutique items at your disposal!.


There were lots and lots of these rope made bowls and I got this one for my guest room; a good place
to drop your keys or whatever.  My sis is coming this week and I had her in mind when I made the purchase.  See, always thinking of every one else, without a thought for myself.  What a gal.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Airing

Okay, finally there are pictures up from the 'Airing Of The Quilts'.  It was a cool but lovely day until the last hour of the show when we had to take down the quilts due to drizzle.  The show was very well attended and we were all thrilled.  

These were some of the crayon color challenge that we did and will also be in a show next weekend that I plan on attending.  The fourth from the left is my contribution.

There are random photos of hanging quilts.  I worked so much in the boutique that I really didn't have time to acknowledge all the artists this time.  Forgive me.


This is the opportunity quilt from, I believe, the Manatee quilt guild, and next week they are probably gonna raffle it off.  It was at our Modern meeting last month and I got a good look at it.


This is a quilt top and not quilted or lined yet.  I love how the light enters from the back and brightens it up .


Here are some more modern quilts.


I have to go start dinner so this will be sans most narrative.  Suffice it to say there are brilliant quilters


and as many lovely quilt followers.


You could view them from afar.


Christine's quilt was on the current cover of Modern Patchwork Magazine.  


This is also Christine's.


This was my boutique domain.  Linda and I  had lots of wonderful helpers.


The stuff went like hotcakes!  I love a quilter with a few bucks in her wallet!


The scrap swimming pool was a major success.  The shoppers could take a quart zip lock and fill it to brimming with our scraps and take it home for a dollar!  They truly loved it.

This is Donna's beautiful quilt.  It is as amazing afar as it was up close.

It was definitely a great mix of commercial fabrics!

I gotta wrap this up.  Great quilts.

Followed by more great quilts!

And the cow quilt was my personal favorite.  It was a whole cloth quilt.  And I guess I was busy; I didn't even take pictures of my seven hanging quilts!!!! I guess it's not all about me after all.  So sad…..

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Airing Of The Quilts

I will be picked up at 8 a.m. for the 'Airing Of The Quilts'. The garage is filled with the boutique stuff that Linda and I will set up when we get to Maxine Barritt Park at Venice Beach. The weather will be cool but no rain until later in the day. Yeah!

I received my first exchange 12" quilt from my friend Gayle. Isn't it great?


I love the colors and the hand embroidery treatment in the strips of charcoal fabric.  Another wonderful quiltlet from Gayle!

Friday, February 05, 2016


I have had nothing but trouble with blogger. I have been in front of the computer since 8 and haven't been able to download any pictures even with rebooting twice. I am making an executive decision that from now on, if it takes more than ten minutes to boot up blogger, I am not gonna bother. I have wasted so much time just waiting. For today, my time is more than up.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Stocking Up

This is the holding room for all the stuff we have made or supplied for the boutique that will be available at the 'Airing Of The Quilts' this Saturday at Venice beach next to Sharkeys.  It says there may be rain and that would be a crime but I will, as always, think positive thoughts.  It can't hurt.

Because I am going to be heaped with visitors soon I decided to spend seven days making an appetizer a day to freeze.

Monday it was Garlic Cheese Puffs (my daughters favorite and she will be visiting).  It is a combo of soft butter, old english cheese spread and garlic powder that is beaten for a good ten minutes.  Three pieces of sandwich bread (the cheap square stuff) have the crusts cut off and they are stacked, with the spread in between the layers.  They are then cut into nines and frosted, leaving one side unfrosted (bottom) and frozen

on a tray until solid and then bagged.  Yesterday it was


lasagna cupcakes.  They are frozen and bagged already.  I have a group golf lesson today and then I will come home and make egg rolls.  It's a good way to fill up the freezer and not spend a whole day on

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Out Of Doors

Lookie lookie!


The patio furniture is starting to look pretty good.  We have since this arrived, ordered another
end table, a center coffee table and a heating element that can go on top of the coffee table in case
of a chill in the air.

The man cave lanai has a new look too.  We got an extension table with eight collapsible chairs
that can be stowed in very little space.  Bella seems to have been side tracked with a worm.  It doesn't take much!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Tuning In

Last week I sent off the 12 inch block exchange that we decided to do last August with my online quilting buddies as we spent a delightful weekend together.  The deadline was to be February 14th but I will be in the throes of company and a Valentines Day party and so wanted to get them off my mind so I did them a couple weeks early.

A couple of the gals didn't realize that we had picked a due date and so they are given a reprieve to get theirs finished.  They were probably still sleeping when we named the due date.  Ha!  Just kidding.  I blame all such oversights on the fact that they are old.  Ha!


Here is the whole group of them.  One is for me and one is for the yearly 12" auction that SAQA has online for a fund raiser.  That is what gave me the idea for these exchanges in the first place.

I have named this little quilt 'Tuning Fork'.  There is a little piece of hand stamped fabric that one of the gal's in the exchange gave me while visiting at my house last summer.  Thanks Gayle!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Out On The Town

One of the girls sent out a bunch of pictures of our encounter with the line dance and sitting in a bar with wine.


We have the wine thing down pat.  So that leaves the line dancing.

I believe my smirk is saying, 'are you kidding me?  You think I can get
15 four part routines down in a matter of minutes?'  This reminds me of
step aerobics, which I failed miserably at, even to the point of falling on my
face, and I was in my thirties.


Here we are in action.  I look very skeptical but it appears as tho' that cowboy
thing of having your thumbs in your pockets was easy for me to master.  I was
the first one to cave on the floor and whine about lack of wine.  I would easily
try again, just for the fun of it but my brain doesn't work well at memorizing order.
I still have trouble with the multiplication tables!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Traveling Hat

I have a little ditty in my mind about the traveling cowboy hat that is to the tune of the opening of the Brady Bunch.  A bunch of us when to a place called the White Buffalo Saloon for line dancing.  I dressed in my brand new plaid shirt I picked up at Walmart earlier in the day, my old jeans and my cowboy hat.

I decided it wasn't fair for just me to have one so I shared.  Everyone at our table got to wear

it for about 15 seconds.  Here they are:  Linda, oh yeah and I was first.

Linda's hubby Jerry

Oh my man I love him so G






and holding up the rear is Mary Alice, who REALLY wants to be a professional line dancer.  Is there such a thing?