Thursday, October 19, 2017

Things Are Growing!

We had a very nice luncheon today for our monthly get togethers for Welcome Club. The speaker was great and it was good to see lots of friends that I haven't seen yet since I have been back.


I decided that I no longer liked the terra cotta color of this multi pot herb garden.  It seemed to look to Arizona for my more contemporary taste so I got the paint for ceramic containers and gave the privilege of painting it to G.  It was very accommodating and he got the job done quickly.  I wonder what he wants me to do?

I thought I would share this beautifully orchid that bloomed almost before my eyes.  It was a case of no flower a couple days before, to a masterpiece of beauty.  My friend Linda noticed it through her car window when she came to pick me up a few days ago.  Good eye.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Great Outdoors!

I probably have a hundred plus pictures from the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and wanted to take more but my battery died. It is a fabulous place and if you are within two hundred miles of Sarasota, come and see it. It will blow your mind. I can't tell you how many times I scheduled to go and something made it impossible until Monday. I didn't even notice the heat. Our volunteer docent was unbelievably knowledgeable and I learned so very much (sadly I won't retain it!!!)


I am just gonna show you a few of the unique stuff I had the pleasure of seeing.  I don't know names of whatever they are but it is enjoyable anyway.  These pods open up to these delightful flowers.


Never heard of these, they are ground orchids.  I need to get me some!!!  I just got a text from my BFF Linda and she told me (way more knowledgable than moi!) that they are Spathoglottis.  Say that three times fast!  And anyway, who knows that?  And she is my friend?


I want this in my hair.



This is where the vanilla bean comes from (the long stringy thing).


This is a fig palm and it looks like something out of Star Wars or my next quilt; I just can't decide.


I think these are called wax beans but not the kind we get in the Del Monte can.  They are a good eight inches long.

All the stuff is amazing and I am going back real soon.  Maybe we could meet up there?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Marie Selby Botanical Garden

I am a half hour away from leaving to see the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota. We had to get up early to walk so Bella would be exhausted so we would be guaranteed that she would be okay alone while I left for several hours and G went golfing. She is still wearing the inner tube around her neck and can't be trusted to go with out it or without our watching her. Kids, they take a lot of thought!!!


I went to the Marie Selby website to check it out and I stole some photos but these are all unclear


Hopefully my photos will be more pristine.


I see the waterfall but what is this thing in the front right?  I'll check it out when I get there!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

I'm Up For The Challenge!

This fabric is from the collection of Carrie Bloomston for Windham Fabrics.  It is from the Dreamer collection and is painted leaves in teal (pattern no 42567).  It is the fabric we were to incorporate into an art quilt for the Modern Quilt Guild, due next Saturday, at our October meeting.


I finished up this quilt yesterday.  The challenge fabric is in the five bobbers on the right side.It measures 22" x 18", as it needs to be less than 24" x 24".

This is another one I made this past summer to add to my 12" collection.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cocktails On The Beach

I hosted the second year event this week called 'Cocktails On The Beach', and after making 96 Nathan's hot dogs and wrapping them up in foil and storing them in a cooler, I headed to Lido Beach.

I brought the condiments, plates, napkins, forks, tables, tablecloths, cups, and water and pop and ice.  Everyone else brought a dish and their own booze and chairs.

We had a perfectly wonderful evening.  The hot dogs stayed unbelievably warm in the cooler all evening.

Diana brought a darling sand castle cake that everyone gobbled up.

I met some new friends and schmoozed with some old friends.

The sunset was the prettiest part of the day and the event was a success!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Our Little Bundle Of Joy

We have had a long day with our dear Bella.  She hasn't been herself lately and yesterday decided not to eat.  She did her exercise yesterday and today but not with so much euphoria.  She had been chewing on her thigh and she woke up with it bloody.  I made an appointment at the vet and after seeing the doctor, $277 worth and three prescriptions later, she told me that Bella had a hot spot and it can come out of nowhere.


They shaved that area and explained the meds and put on the hated Elizabethan collar.  The movement of a normal dog stopped immediately.  First off, the collar was way to big for her.

It took her and I a good half hour to get out of the vet clinic because she was bumping into everything, walls, floors, legs and when she bumped, she stopped walking and just stared.  I took her home and sent G to Petsmart to get provisions.

He's got lots of things and we settled on a blow up collar that suspiciously reminded us of what G does in his recliner each night with his traveling pillow collar on.  She changed into a new less traumatized dog.  Her meds require food before taking twice a day.  She is a dog that has no regular food eating time; we just leave her food for her to decide when she wants it.  So, G got Caesar wet food and Bella is a very happy for a down in the dumps dog!!

Monday, October 09, 2017


Having the need to stop the 12 inch quilt production, I decided to try my hand at the long arm machine after a very long time away from any that wasn't pre programmed via the computer. I have my friend Linda, mastering the long arm, and I now have to ask her for help!


This fabric came of the front of the curtains that covered my fabric, both commercial and hand dyed, so that the sun would not be able to do so much damage. That was in the old house and here in the new house I had a room built off the studio filled with shelves with no windows and with the lights off when not in use.


I have never done this quilting style before.  It is called clam shell but I think it looks more like petals.  A few times I got trapped and had to restart in another place to continue.  I am gonna do it until I master it.   I am using variegated thread and it works well with all the various block colors.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Time Goes Fast

wow!  I had no idea that I effected  peoples lives.  The emails I have gotten it the last four months (that's a guess} from many many people, because I don't blog is mind boggling.  I do it when it is handy or I think about it.  Coming back to Florida is changing to too much activity and that's a good thing.  Bare with me or is it bear?  Don't know, I was an art major.

Sunday, October 01, 2017


Screen guys are really in demand since Irma hit.  I literally had one in my pocket while still up north because my friend Linda told me of the damage and so I got right on it.  Two other friends, and they live next door to each other, are the 150ith on their screen guys list of clients.

As it was, we were a week late fixing the lanai screens.  It was an all day affair, taking 9 hours to complete.


Now, except for a much needed power wash and exterior window cleaning, all seems to be almost back to normal.  If it stopped being over 90º we could even consider sitting outside for a spell.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Baby And A Blister

We got to have a new puppy at our house. Kenzie is a eight week old Havanese that belongs to my friend Karen.


She is positively adorable. She is very quick and likes to hop. I took this picture of her in my studio sitting area with Janie's sandal in the photo so you can see how small she is. She weighs 2 pounds. Bella went ballistic over the moon for the puppy. It was precious and also a pain in the neck. It was like she was chemically enhanced!!!!

I have been dealing with a burn for a week now.  I didn't have a chile relleno on my pinchers firmly enough and the poblano dropped into the oil prematurely and a gigantic amount of very hot oil landed on my right thumb.  This was after most of the blister naturally popped.


You don't realize how often you wash your hands or otherwise get them wet until you have to change dressings 20 times a day!!!  After our walk this morning and before taking Bella to the groomer, I decided (with the help of another physician, Dr. G) to let the thing air out.  I have bumped into it several times with a bellow but now am trying not to use the thumb at all.  It's always something!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Container Store Bliss

Last spring I purchased a lingerie chest to use as a jewelry box just like I have at the lake. I didn't have much here as far as jewelry is concerned so I packed up lots of my stuff from up north and brought it down here.


I started out with bracelets but then realized that there were legs for the chest in the bottom drawer and so took out all the stuff I had put in so that G could put on the legs on.


Then I organized some necklaces to be inserted into the chest at a later date.


I will put all the components together today after lunch and Mahjong.  There are only five drawers and I could use seven or eight, but with less depth.  I love being organized.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Cleveland Kitchen

After Modern Quilt Guild yesterday, Linda and I picked up Kathy to take her to lunch for her birthday. We went to a new restaurant that opened up this summer. The name is The Cleveland Kitchen and it is based on the specialty foods that come out of Cleveland.

Right when you walk in you see this electric stove/oven combo from the fifties.  The owner said that he and his wife took more than ten hours to clean it!!!


Look at how cute the back wall of the bar was decorated.  It consists of a wooden open frame with a light fixture placed in each opening.  They said they saw it on line and had to do it.


The restaurant was much larger than what the outside portrays.  The entrance has a wall so that you have to come in the restaurant to see what's going on.  The back of that wall reads "Best location in the nation"   Cute.

Food was great; pirogies, great burgers, and unique Cleveland fare.  Nice addition to the neighborhood.

Chile Rellenos

Because my new love is authentic mexican cuisine, I decided to have the Stitch and Bitch over yesterday and then serve them chicken chilaquiles, and chile rellenos, one thing that I have never made before.  Here's a little bit about how they are made.

I purchased nine large poblano peppers and slit one side and removed the stem, which holds most of the seeds. They were then put on a foil lined half sheet pan and broiled for about 15 minutes until blackened all around.  Then I put them in a ziplock for 15 minutes.  I removed the skin and put canola oil in a skillet and put medium heat on.

I cut the white mexican melting cheese into sticks to stuff in the peppers.

I took three eggs and separated yolk from whites.  The whites were beat to stiff peaks and the yolks were whisked with a little salt and baking powder in it.

The stiff peaked whites were then folded into the yolk mixture.  The stuffed peppers were rolled closed and rolled in flour, shaking off excess and then battered with the egg mix.


They were quickly fried and turned out a little unattractive but were a big hit, tasting wonderful.  One of my S&B friends is gluten intolerant so I rolled her pepper in a light dusting of corn starch.  It worked out perfectly.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

What A Cluck!

I have had a rude awakening and it has to do with money. I am surprised I even have any to spend. I went to the store yesterday to get some groceries. I went to Publix like I always do. I took a cooler in the car because it is 90+º and I had to pick up Bella from doggie day care. I finish my shopping and put the chicken breasts in the cooler. I am making lunch with it for my stitch and bitch group on Friday.

Guess what?  I got all the groceries out of the car but forgot the chicken

and it spent all night in the cooler.  Drat!  I decide to put it in the refrigerator until garbage day on Friday and just happened to see the price.  There are actually two packages, one on top of another (which has nothing to do with anything!)

I had to go to Walmart anyway so I thought I would get some new chicken.  Because I had just seen the price on the Publix packaging, when I saw the chicken at Walmart I thought it must be a typo.


It said $9.37 for one package that contained the same amount that Publix's two packages.  I asked an attendant at the meat counter if this was old or a misprint.  Nope, that is what fresh chicken cost there.

That is $1.99 at Wally's and $4.89 a pound at Publix.  That's a major amount of difference.  That's like paying $10 one place and $25 for the same thing somewhere else.  I need to start to pay attention to prices.  My sister will be proud.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dirty Nails

I gotta tell you, I was so young when I got married to G 45 years ago (22) that what I know now would be something that I would like to pass along to everyone.  The problem is that the kids today are getting married older and older and that means that they can't have all the years spent with their father in law like I did to now see the son is a mimic of his father.  Totally.  Not in opinions and things like that but more facial stuff and how they walk and talk as a senior citizen.  In that regard I have married a clone.  This is said with not an iota of malice.  It is merely an observation.  I am pretty sure the same could be said of me.  Nah!!!

I just noticed that I no longer have to download my pictures on my iPhone like I used to. They are just there in my photo section with the date, the time and the location!!! I don't know how long it has been doing this. Wow. Who knew?


Bella went to day care today (to get her used to a once a week visit before we leave her for seven days at Christmas) so I went to the nursery to get something to replace the dead stag horn fern I had in my sleeping pig for several years.

When I took out the fern I saw this, what I thought was a petrified frog, plastered in the interior of the planter, only to come back ten minutes later to see that he had gone.

I decided to go with two Pereromia plants because I love the way the shoots come off them.

I also got my new favorite annual, the beautiful and strong Mexican Heather to plant in my new

matching pots on either side of my front door.  The center pot is going to house the smaller of

these two new Z Z plants, and it will set on the side table
in my lounge area of the master bedroom.  I have to pick
a pot for the bigger Z Z because nothing jumped out at me
today at the nursery.

This dragon structure, covered with moss and vines is over 8 feet tall and a beautiful sight.  I wonder where I could put that?