Thursday, January 18, 2018

Up And At'mmm

I am leaving the house today for a luncheon that I really must attend.  I feel fine yet a little out of sorts from not doing a thing for days!  I don't have my strength back yet but that will just take time.

Tomorrow we (four other gals in my stitch and bitch group, otherwise known as The Quilt Cult) head for Orlando, which is two hours away, to attend the World Quilt Show.  Four of us have quilts in the show, and two of us have never entered a show other than the local quilt guild show.  I believe most of the submitted quilts, or at least five of them, are based on the flower we all worked on last year.  It should be tons of fun.  I'll take pictures.

Monday, January 15, 2018

It's Going Around

The flu symptoms are finally starting to leave my system.  It's been over ten days since it all started.  I can't remember the last time I had the flu.  Maybe in my thirties but not ever sure it was that recent.  Ha Ha.  I have accomplished nothing.  It took me three days to do a job I have taken over for the next year that last month it took me a few hours to do (and that was the first time I did it!) Even Bella has been lethargic.  She coughs, sneezes, and sleeps most of the day.  More later.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Just Hamin' It Up

I have a board meeting the end of this coming week and it will be followed by a brunch for 21 new members of the Welcome Club. Since signing up with what I was gonna bring, my plans the day before filled to the brim so I wouldn't have time to make what I had in mind the night before. I changed it to something you can make well in advance and heat up at the last minute It's a new recipe I found for brunches. I tried it out last night with G as the giney pig.


 When these two prototypes were ready for the oven, I realized that I didn't put in the mozzarella so

I put it on top. I won't do that again because they are way prettier with the cheese put in the ham cups second in line rather than last, covering up the egg, pesto and tomato.  Also, because I will be reheating them I will not completely cook them through so they will be perfect for the reheating.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Wormy Cactus

I was looking through my patterns I have drawn in the last twenty years or so and came across this one and decided to make it.  The little lines are registration marks to help me line up the various shapes.  I don't do that much any more but in the beginning of drawing patterns I felt like I needed them.  I have never made this one so I figured now is as good a time as any.

Just to mix it up, I used all commercial fabrics.  I am trying to lighten the load of on hand fabrics I seem to have accumulated.  These colors are grey, black and browns; not my normal color scheme but none the less, I found them delightful to work with.


Here it is, all done.  The name of it is Wormy Cactus and it measures 31 x 48 inches.

Each worm is quilted with white thread, some by the sewing machine and some by hand using double thread that is 12 wt.  And alternatively, all the background off white is quilted, both by machine and by hand with black thread.  It made a nice mix of tension.  I think I will do this quilt again because I enjoyed it a lot.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018


We had a couple of parties to go to for New's Years Eve so I decided to make some hard boiled eggs in the instant pot. With assistance from Linda, I hard boiled 24 eggs (all at one time!) for making deviled eggs to take for party food. I can't remember the last time I made deviled eggs. Not being a big fan of them, I rarely think of them. When we couldn't get to Christmas Eve festivities due to bad weather, the talk was of missing Aunt Mary's salad, and somebody's deviled eggs. The talk of those eggs went on and on. When I went to the grocery for basics after we got back south, I got milk and bread and eggs, then got home to another untouched dozen that I had forgotten I purchased before we headed north. No time like the present to use 'em up.

 I made a basic recipe and then made two variations of eggs out of them.


First I made BLT eggs, substituting basil for lettuce, and using small dice of roma tomatoes and bacon.

The other batch was blue cheese, chopped and toasted walnuts and small dice gala apples, sprinkled with Fruit Fresh to preserve the color.  They were both a hit!

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The Crazy Airline Rules

This is a funny story.  On Christmas day the adults open gifts before the grand daughters come to make it less complicated with so many gifts.  Last year Maggie gave me s & p pig shakers.  Peter and Maria gave me the exact same ones.  I didn't tell tell them I got the other pair and just took one to Florida and kept the other pair up north.  Well this year the very same thing happened only this time I called attention to it because I was trying to decide what house gets to house the glitter globe


of a pig looking at a little glitter globe.

Here it is after I shook it.  Anyway I decided to wrap the globe well in a little quilt I was working on and put it in the center of my computer tote, which is all I brought north from Florida.  Never dreaming that the liquid in it was more than the 3.something amount, I got called out on it and had

to check my bag.  What a pain in the butt that was!

Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy New Year!

Here's to you!!!!  Have the very best New Year you can have!!!

Take the leap!!!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas Dinner

Every year we try to change it up and have a themed Christmas day meal.  It always starts with breakfast after church made up of pan fried honey baked ham (from our insurance guy for at least 35 years), eggs, fried rice, hash browns and three kinds of toast.  Oh, and mimosas.  The breakfast never changes.

This year's theme for dinner was chosen by Maggie and she picked Italian.

We started out with an americanized version of an antipasto tray.  The tray was a piece of laminated wood, spanking new and clean that measured about 26 by 40.  I sent my sil out to the garage to find something suitable for a tray that was bigger than my largest cutting board and sure enough, he came back with a winner.  It was pretty yum.

Next up was a tortellini brood soup I made with a very rich broth and spinach and cheese tortellini.  I had eight parmesan rinds in the broth that just made the soup that much better.

Not pictured is the salad.  Forgot.

This was Maggie and Evan's three meat bolognese lasagna.  The best ever!

Mike made wonderful garlic bread, a hit with the grand daughters!

Dessert was a italian  chocolate pudding that was similar to molten chocolate cakes.  Add whipping cream and the dinner ended divinely !!!!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Bella's Holiday

Bella did not come with us for the holiday, so we boarded her at her doggie daycare for seven days. My friend Linda went to get her the first couple days for her to get used to it but still seeing someone she knew well. After the first two days dogs were not allowed to come and go due to smaller staff due to the holidays. They have cameras in the inside facility, the outside 'Lambeau Field' and 'Miller Park' so we could watch the dogs and their interaction from the time they got out of there 'staterooms' in the morning


until they went back to their own joints for the evening.  That is Bella to the right, almost out of view, watching the activities.


Here she is in the middle or the play area.  There were always people within the areas where any dogs were.

This is where she and her cousin Chai bark at passersby on the beach.  There was none of that going on so Bella was much better off in sunny Florida.

This is the front garden up north where when the snow gets deep, G has to shovel a 'play' area for Bella to do her business.  There was lots more snow before the day ended.  I am glad to be back and Bella was happy to have us back.  She was only nuts for the car ride home, which was probably 4 miles at the most.  Then it was like I never left her!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas and It's Initial Preparation

We are back in Florida and none too soon. It turned very cold halfway through our week up north. We had a very nice Christmas day. Christmas eve started with lots of cooking and baking. Then there was getting dolled up and filling the car with presents and food and me, G and my sister Mike. We spend every Christmas eve at G's oldest sister in her surburban home about 50 miles away. It had started to snow in the middle of the night before and never stopped. We headed out and soon it was very obviously treacherous driving conditions. We probably went for 20 minutes and got, maybe two miles and before turning around and heading back. No streets were plowed, even the interstate. We had to cancel our traditional family get together and it was quite a bummer, for us and for the other family members that live away from the lake effect in Illinois.

When G and I decided to fly up for the holiday for a short visit, I decided to make some changes in how I did things. First, I went through all the hundreds of ornaments and kept the meaningful ones, not the Hallmark stuff on top of a package sometime in the past from persons unknown. I took all the hooks off the remaining ornaments and either glued ribbon or tied ribbon on them.


We got a new fake tree, pre lit, and in September, when our visitors were gone for the summer, I started to trim the tree.


Each ornament was tied on with a bow and knotted.

Those ornaments were not going anywhere.

There wasn't one ornament under the tree that fell off.  When the last of our family left, G took out the tree into a pre chosen spot in a storage room off the garage and placed the tree there, covered and just waiting for next year.

All my Christmas presents, for the most part, were purchased, or made and wrapped before I headed south in September.  There was a few things that my sister Mike took back with her in November but for the most part, the season was taken care of.  It left me time for meals and fun.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Waiting For Christmas

I don't know what in the world I have done but I can't open up my photos or sync the computer to my phone to get photos.  I have been monitoring Bella on a granny cam they have at the place she is boarding and she is pretty funny.  She is a non joiner.  Period.  She continually watches all the other dogs that are outside but never goes up to another dog or if one comes by her to sniff, she walks away.  My friend Linda went yesterday to pick her up for a spell so she didn't panic being away from us.  I have taken stills from the live feed at the joint but they will not open.

I am back at the lake until next Wednesday.  The tree is up and the gifts are under it (a long story that definitely needs pictures) and the grocery list is made and my intention was to be at the store right now but I forgot that we only have one car here and even though it is snowless and in the thirties, the mile or more walking isn't in the cards.  I do have the golf cart but of course the batteries are out of it.  G is at work and so I am gonna wait for my sis Mike to arrive for the Christmas duration and she can take me to the store.

I am keeping busy, waiting for family!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Boarding Bella

We are boarding Bella for the second time in her life for Christmas.  The first time was when she was less than a year and she came home from being boarded and was filled with fleas!  And it was at the vets!!!!  Well we are trying again, this time at her beloved daycare.  They are open 24/7 and 365 days.  
They have cameras so you can watch the dogs inside and out.  The following is what we got from daycare as to what to pack for Bella.  I like the part about the bedding in particular.  It sounds better than the Ritz!!!

Woofdorf Astoria at LWR Boarding Reminder

We are looking forward to seeing Bella at Woofdorf Astoria at LWR on 12/20/2017 and departing on 12/27/2017.
We kindly request that you please follow the instructions below.
VACCINATION UPDATES * All pets must be up to date on required vaccinations for the duration of the boarding.  It is your responsibility to provide us with written documentation of recently updated vaccinations.  We, unfortunately, are not able to provide boarding for veterinarian vaccination exempt pets. 
MEDICINE * If possible, please provide any required medication only for the amount needed for the duration of the boarding and do not include any medication, vitamins or supplements in pre-packaged meals. 
FOOD * Storage is limited at times so provide only the amount of dry and/or wet food your pet would normally eat during the duration of the boarding.  It is preferred that dry food is brought in an appropriately sized plastic container or Ziploc bag.  Treats are welcome but please no rawhide bones or chews.
BEDDING * We provide fresh laundered bedding and blankets every night as well as clean and sanitize each kennel on a daily basis.  It is not necessary for you to provide your own.  
Thank you and see you soon!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Happily Ever After

Happy Anniversary to us!!!!


Forty five years of being married and To Each Other!!!!

I am slammed for time. I have nothing prepared to work on for a days quilting/sewing with my modern guild. I was supposed to prepare yesterday but what with Stitch and Bitch, grocery shopping, happy hour and mahjong, oh and a nap, I never got around to any preparation. I will take a little bit of everything and hope that is enough.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Just Peachy

I had all these beautiful peaches from Michigan that I lovingly peeled and sliced and froze and brought them to Florida with me. I was asked to bring something to a brunch last week and I thought this would be a good time to showcase my gorgeous peaches and originally I thought of a peach bread pudding but then I thought, why not make everyone their very own peach galette. And that is exactly what I did.


There seems to be one gone, as there are 12 girls in this group and that was exactly how many 3.5" Lodge individual cast iron skillets.  Oh yeah, I let G be the tester to see if my regular galette recipe cooks the same temp and time as the wee ones.  Plus one of our gals is in Australia.  He sacrificed and with a dollop of whipping cream, he gave them a thumbs up.  You know how I love a mini!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

This Years Pillow

This is the finished and delivered pillow of 2017.  I made them and wrapped and labeled them in the summer.  G took them to work ready for UPS and my son mailed them out last week.  I couldn't blog it until my friends from California got theirs.  Once I just guessed that everyone got theirs and blogged and I was reprimanded for it.

Here is half of them in production, no bells yet and I can't remember but they probably need me to slip stitch the opening that the pillow went in.  There is a difference in these pillows and those in the past.  For sure the size has changed; this one was 8" square instead of the normal 14" square.  They were mailed in the same size box I have been using for almost thirty years, so that was a little deceiving.

I also try to make the card to have something to do with what the pillow is like.  My sister in law


Claudia, helped me with the 'jingle'.  Are you seeing something going on?


The cards are done and

so are the annual Christmas pillows.   Oh yeah, I didn't show you the back of the pillow yet, did I!


Here is the last one arriving in sunny Danville, California.  Now I have to think of how I am going to spend that free time I will have each year.  Napping?  Maybe.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Another View

My friend Linda was always commenting on the colors of this quilt called 'Skyview'.  I said go into my fabric room and get yourself some hand dyed fabric and make yourself a quilt of your own using colors close to the original.  So she did.

This is what she finished up with.  It's another bias strip petals.  It is sewn on various kinds of linen for the background.  I think it turned out grand!

Here is a closeup of her quilting.  It's quite big, around 60" square.  Delightful.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Farm to Table

Just got back from a start up farmers market that is to get bigger each week. The time of day is odd tho; 3 to 7, which means half the time, at least this time of year, will be in darkness. I bought an empanada to sample (spicier than I like) and fresh tomato garlic linguini.

 Each week they have boxes of fresh vegetables from a CSA which is Community Supported Agriculture.


For $35 each you can get a box filled with that day fresh from local farms. I think it is a great idea and it can make you got a little outside your comfort level as far as ingredients are concerned.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

To Pick An Author

These are two books made up of short stories by my favorite authors and their series characters.


 So far, these thriller writers have had several compilations since their becoming a group called
Thrillfest. It's a great way to


try out an author without investing your time in a full sized story that you may or may not like.  It also gave me some new authors to peruse.  Try it; you'll like it!!!!

Monday, December 04, 2017

Old Dog, New Tricks

I decided to try to spray my quilt sandwich together.  Unless it is a small quilt sandwich (as with the 12 inchers), which I don't secure at all, I use the bent pins.  After having taken a couple classes where both instructors use spray adhesive I decided to give it a shot.

The brand I used is not necessarily for fabric alone but for all sorts of stuff.  It worked very well.  I put a plastic tablecloth on the driveway pavers and sprayed the backing, folded it onto itself and carried it into the house and pinned it on the design wall.  Then from the center I placed the batting and spread out to the sides and top and bottom for a smooth fit.  Then I took the top fabric outside and did the same, spraying the wrong side of the fabric, folding it onto itself and taking into the studio where, from the center once again, made it smooth on the batting.  I then ironed it from the center out on both top and bottom of the sandwich.  It stayed together perfectly.

Believe it or not this photo is of the finished quilting (curved lines done with a walking foot) and is solid BLACK fabric.  Not light black but pure black.  Why it turned out grey in the photo is not something I can answer.  I am now taking the quilted black square (about 44 inches square) and doing the sashiko flower on it to hang in my master bath.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

15 Seconds of Fame!

I just went on line to find out where the traveling show, Circular Abstractions, was and low and behold they have three quilts on the Kalamazoo Michigan Institute of Arts, to announce the art exhibit that runs from Sept 23rd to Jan 21st. My quilt, Orbicular I, is the third in the line of three. I am pretty proud.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Pizza Possibilities

We had another pizza night for dinner.  G has been playing around with dough but we can never get it thin enough so I prefer to use these six incher ultra thin pre cooked pizza dough.  If I make the thicker dough I just eat the toppings off of it, so what's the purpose?

We found the crusts on line and ordered a case of them to share.  They also have 12' crusts.

They come five to a package for little ones and I think 2 or 3 for the larger size.

I made a brie, pear and pine nut pesto pizza and a regular one of sauce, italian sausage, mushrooms and mozzarella .

They are ready to come out of the pizza oven after about a minute.  Yum!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Japanese Sashiko

I decided to get the Sashiko machine off the floor and onto a work table.  I need to master this.  I reread the material that came with the machine.  I then sandwiched fabric and batting and did some

preliminary stitching, deciding that I like a longer stitch as apposed to a shorter one.

It is gonna take some work but I am feeling that this too can be mastered.  Now, back to the machine.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

CatchUp Time!!!!

I am very remiss in doing the blog.  I realized that I committed to doing a Michael Miller challenge with five fat eighths fabrics from the line, Our Yard, and all of a sudden I got the email that it was due in two weeks and I had not even given it an iota of thought, plus, all the fabric has to be Michael Miller fabric (which I love) and I hadn't done squat about that.  Oh, dear.   My head went swimming; I had a full plate of other obligations, least of all, a commitment of being on the board of the Welcome Club for a year, and learning to do a spread sheet as part of the job.  There was no comfort level there whatsoever.

I have succeeded in partially learning my job for the club, ordered additional fabric for the quilt, due on Wednesday (phew!) and done the quilt top.

This is done with the same bias petals I have been doing for a couple weeks.  It measures about 60+ inches across and 30+ inches tall.  I need to finish it up, facing and all, but I am very pleased with the look of it.

As for Thanksgiving, I hosted a small group of six, including me for a very traditional feast.


I did a three day brine on a turkey packed with herbs (Anne Burrell's recipe).


I made a springform pan of andouille sausage and cornbread on the bottom and mac and cheese on the top (Eddie Jackson's recipe).

Nummy Carrots was a favorite of our family growing up so I just had to make it.


Ree Drummond's green bean casserole hit the spot (no canned soup here!!!!)

Oyster and bacon stuffing, courtesy of Food Network Magazine,  was expensive and not my favorite so that recipe went in the trash.


But Food Network Magazine's mashed potatoes with sage was the bomb!!!!

Friends brought wonderful rolls (made from scratch) and a pecan pie and a chocolate cheesecake for dessert.  We were stuffed!!!!