Wednesday, July 27, 2016


G came home, after galavanting all over Michigan with many many friends, hitting different golf courses for three days, and told me that I had a birthday gift in the front garden.  I looked out the window and there it was!!!  A beautifully wrapped gift.  Immediately after seeing the card I knew who it came from.  At a Sunday night party I sat next to a dear friend Linda and we gabbed and gabbed and she told me she had a gift for me, for no particular reason and had it for over a year!!  She said that it was probably long enough for her to give it to me ( a procrastinator!) and sure enough, two days later I was gifted

Palmer the Pig.  He is a little snooty and made out of volcanic stone and therefore quite light weight.

He looks as cute from the back as he does from the front.  He now sits regally on the dining room table, waiting for just the right spot to hang out.  He could become an outside pig, given his makeup but he may have to stay a little closer to the studio.  He's adorable and he has a name!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday Morning

Yes, I am at it again.


I am right back at the Daisy.  I fully intend to stay in my comfort level with this last one.  The deadline for having completed what ever we are doing with the Daisy is Halloween.  I have plenty of time to get this funky one done.


I opened the windows yesterday because it was a beautiful day in the mid 70º's.  A burst of wind must have came into the studio while I wasn't in it because low and behold, my four patch quilt top that was gifted to me by niece Lauren was lying on the floor.  I have had it for at least ten years and did nothing with it other than have it permanently on my design wall.  She left this world eight years ago and I smile every time I see her little quilt top.  It now holds lots of pins I have received for different venues and quilting things I have picked up in my quilting travels.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Pie Eyed

I spent the good part of a whole four and a half hour morning yesterday making these two pies.


 The problem started with filling two pie plates that were lined with pastry with the
pie ingredients.  That consisted of the regular suspects of an apple pie as well as a berry mix or raspberries blueberries and blackberries.


There was not enough mix.  The apples were way too small as they are not in season here.  So I took out the filling and put them each in a bowl and ran to the store for six more apples.  I got home to see that the crust was soggy.  So I quickly peeled the apples (one of the things my hands hate to do) and took out the pie crust and dumped it and ran to the store again for Pillsbury rolled pie crust (my go to now that I have realized that NO ONE can tell the difference from the pie crust I made for thirty to forty years).  It was like starting over with two runs to the store included.  It ended up that the half sheet pan that was prepped in the oven wasn't big enough for both pies so I turned on the lower oven and had to wait for the 425º warm up with another covered half sheet pain.

By two in the afternoon they were warm enough to take to Regina for a party she was hosting for our friend Ginny who retired from teaching school last month.  The party was great and Genie's food was fantastic.  I did not take my phone so I took pictures of the main food and will pass it along to you when she sends me the photos.  Yum.  I ate too much and was a little uncomfortable for the rest of the evening.  Shoveling food in the stomach and 66 year old bodies aren't very compatible.

I just heard from my daughter that she and her hubby returned home from Scotland and England, very happy and a wee bit tired after ten days.  I am anxious to see Maggie this weekend when Claudia, Bill and Mile will also be visiting.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Another Day

I received an order from (I think I showed you the box). Anyway, I get two pieces of fabric, one that was five yards of black solid (it's almost impossible to dye black evenly) and six yards of red backing. This is what it looked like in the box.


It was a mess; just stuffed inside a plastic bag.  I was pissed.  I would have to iron the whole thing before I divvied it up.  So I sent an email to Contact Us and told them I was disappointed with the condition of my order.  They responded immediately apologizing and gave me a ten dollar off coupon on my next order.  I wasn't expecting anything other than to tell them that is not how the normal person expects $70 worth of fabric to be sent out.  If it happens again, I will no longer shop there.


I went to the blueberry farm when they first opened yesterday.  They get so busy that I refuse to wait for an hour for fresh blueberries.  I had no wait yesterday and got myself six pounds!    They are in the freezer, awaiting some muffins or such.

After sending my Designer Diamond Husquvarna Viking mating off to be fixed (thanks to my sister), it seemed like brand new.  That was, for a week exactly.  Then it was back to it's bad ways, of running on and on and the only way to stop it's sewing was to pull the plug.  Then it started stopping sewing completely and having


this error message on it.  I could restart it but it gets ridiculous when I have to do it every five minutes!!!
The guy that fixed it, out of the Sewing Room in Lombard Illinois said it was due to a faulty foot petal. Well, a couple hundred bucks later and it is right back at it's bad ways.  It's always something.  And of course, I am right in the middle of sewing my Christmas pillows!

Friday, July 22, 2016

New Found Wealth

I get a call from G at work when I got home from golf. It was simply stating that I spent $9629.80 at the hospital in May. Is that correct, he asked? Well, I went to my calendar and the only thing I had done in May here at home was my Prolia shot, that I get twice a year for osteoporosis. We found out, after extensive research that it was indeed the Prolia shot. It's a shot in the arm and I am there, in the infusion center of the hospital for maybe ten minutes tops. Long story short, after contacting my physician who prescribed the drug and Blue cross, and our insurance guy, that the shot itself is only $9100. The nurse dispensing it in my arm charges (the hospital, not her) $500 to do the job. The problem is that I weekly inject myself with Enbrel and know how to do it. That's something I could do for, lets say, FREE. So I spent the rest of the day checking out possibilities of getting the script filled and doing it myself. This was confirmed by my physician's assistant. After several hours I found out that there is a Walmart specialty pharmacy that can get me the Prolia for $1,130.80 an injection. Gee, that's $8,700 less, twice a year. Wow. I have been getting this since I turned 60, 6 years. I can't even do the math. It is mind boggling what I have paid out, FOR NOTHING! I'm going shopping.

Just as I was thinking about what I need while shopping with my new found dough I heard G come in the house from the garage bearing gifts.


I can't even remember what I ordered but I put on my dancing shoes and did a little two step
around the studio.  Jealous?  I'm thinking you are.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Let's Call It A Day

I have golf this morning and I think someone said it was gonna be around 100º either today or tomorrow. I will be a shrinking violet in that kind of weather!!! Maybe it will improve my game!!


The daisy is done.  I am over the moon because  of it.  I decided not to do the small yellow border on it because it was not in the original photo but added with photo shop.  I had it in before I had to change out the black and then couldn't figure how to quilt it without having black thread coming in and out of the yellow.

Here is the original photo.  It was a labor of love.

I do love the depth the petals got when I resewed them onto the new background.

The bottom of the quilt was painted on but I managed to sew around each and every shape to make
it feel like it was part of the quilt.  Now that it is done, I love the @#$%^DAISY!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I don't know what's going on but there are spiders everywhere. We went down to our workout room to find a new spider web on the equipment that wasn't there yesterday!!! We need to broom the walls to be able to walk around.

When I harvested the basil for the year's first crop,


I had to kill tons of baby spiders while I was preparing the leaves for washing.  I got bit twice too, even being careful not to.


This first crop didn't measure up with the past.  Normally the plants are much bigger but we did move them to the back yard rather than the deck and it may have been effected by the closer proximity to the lake.  We will try again with a new batch this weekend.

Our poor gal Bella went to the vet for a  dental exam, where they put her under and this time she lost three teeth.  She has never had good teeth no matter what I do.  As it is, I have taken all treats away except for ones that are good for her teeth.  She will be gumming her food by the time she is 15.  She has lost seven teeth in as many years.  It doesn't seem to affect her at all.  She still eats with abandon!

I have just finished putting my 12" exchange blocks in their

envelopes, addressed them and got them all taped up so G can take them to work to mail.  They will travel to Michigan, Indiana, California, Wyoming and Australia.  I should be receiving mine within the next six weeks.  I know for a fact that Robbie has completed hers.  I'll do the reveal in a week or so.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The End Of The Celebration

I have so many photos of 'Here Comes The Bride" that I don't know how to separate them.  So I am going to make it very simple.  The dessert for the wedding reception was mini cupcakes, including key lime and strawberry flavors.

The crowd went wild for them.  Then came the winners of events.  I had no difficulty choosing gifts for the winners.

From Chelsea and Charles I chose a Bride To Be counter bracelet

 This sterling silver bracelet can be used for counting anything; miles walked, glasses of water drank,
and of course


strokes taken on each hole golfed ( I just had to yell to G to ask what a swing was called. Pathetic!)  The little beads slide, stiff to begin with but then they move easily.  You can't count more than 10 stokes so this bracelet was perfect for a Golf Goddess.

Monday, July 18, 2016



 Here comes the Bride was very special.  Everyone had a wonderful time

Some people really got into it.  There was a lot of white


and some people needed help with their veils.  I was good at veils.

Genie and Ellie came as wedding planners.  Very clever and original.

Here is my foursome.  Very virginal.


Laurel and Regina helped with registration.

The club pro and assistant pro got into the theme of things.

While they were announcing the play for the day, there was wedding music playing
in the background.

This is Catherine from my foursome, teeing off.  She looks like she
rolled out of the 1800's.

After play was, of course, a champagne toast for all the brides.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Kinda Town

I still have lots to show you from guest day but I have company and don't want to take the time to check out all the photos until tomorrow. I also just realized that Friday's blog was never posted. I did it but neglected to press the button publish.


 I thought you would like to see and would be very jealous to see my current crop of italian parsley.  It is bountiful, to say the least.  It started out as five tiny little plants from Lowes and look what came from that!

This was the cover picture on the Wall Street Journel's' Off Duty (D) section.  It is promoting Lake Michigan for a vaca.  But what is so funny is the captions over the gal and guy at the end of a pier.  She says 'Ever seen anything more beautiful?'  and he says, 'It'd be better with a beer'.  That says it all.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Orbicular I

I have to leave the house tomorrow morning before 7:30 so I decided to post this now because I had asked for a jpg poster rather than pdf file.

This is the poster announcing the first of many venues for Circular Abstractions. It is a traveling show put together from artists all over that were asked by Nancy Crow to do one or two quilts with dimensions of between 75 and 84 inches on each side and a theme of an interpretation of a bulls eye but kinda out side of the box. 41 artists out of, well I am guessing but I'd guess lots and lots. I was lucky enough to get juried into the show. I am very proud of that. I will be there for the opening in Muskegon Michigan, along with my hubby, sister and kids.


My quilt is called, with the help of a thesaurus, Orbicular I.


This is Orbicular II, that didn't make the cut.
It's 82" x 78".  I can't show Orbicular I until after the opening.

A Bicycle Built For Two

This is a horrible picture but I am in heaven this summer due to the return of the ground squirrels/chipmunks.  We have had foxes prowling the neighborhoods for a few years and because I have not seen or heard of fox sightings, I am assuming the population of the little critters

has returned because the fox population is no longer with us.  I know that ground squirrels are very similar to chipmunks but the chipmunks have stripes from head to rear end and the ground squirrels don't have stripes on their head.  Unfortunately this adorable little thing, on my studio patio, is so skittish that I can't get close enough to any of them to take a picture or even check out the stripes personally.  I love to see the little critters.  It makes me smile.

Speaking of smiling, I am on the cusp of finishing the DAISY.

This is the quilting of the black background I did before remounting the DAISY.  I find it delightful and it couldn't have happened without my Statler Stitcher on my long arm.

This part has been re painted and as of yesterday at 7:30 p.m. it has been completely

sewn around each dot and line.  I gotta tell you, some of these dots are less than a 1/4 inch!!

Oh, and by the way, the quilt has officially been named 'The @#*&^$# DAISY'.  I felt
it needed a hefty name.

I am going to face it tomorrow and will do the hand sewing the next couple nights while entertaining Laurel, my wonderful ex neighbor who will be there this afternoon.  Yeah!  Here comes the brides!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wrapping It Up

I am wrapping up all my chores for the guest day for 9 hole that I am chairing.

As soon as the club office opens I will drop off the remaining stuff and finish a bit of prep and then I will be free and easy and will be waiting for my dear friend Laurel to land in Chicago from Arizona and accompany me as my guest tomorrow eve at the rehearsal dinner celebration.  Let the games begin!

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  It is a notice that Bella is due for her dental checkup.
They have her name and a picture of a bichon on the post card.  I had to take an extra look to make sure it wasn't her in the picture but then, she has never had the perfect show haircut.  It's too hot and too much to take care of for a no frills gal like me.  I must cut this short and call the vet!

Monday, July 11, 2016

I Heart You

I spent the last day and a half trashing my kitchen with the hopes of finding a frosting for soft sugar cookies that would dry so that I could pack them, one on top

I ended up using three different recipes.  I had them sit out all night and then


packed them all away.  I hope they will survive until Wednesday when they will be the sweet tooth for the Rehearsal Dinner Pre Party for 9 Hole Guest Day, "Here Comes The Bride".  There's around 120 cookies.  Too bad I don't have a sweet tooth!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Just Another Day

I got the artists ink for my DAISY and it was a little darker than the original but


I figure I can go over it several times and so I have nothing but time. The biggest dread of the whole process was cutting the stencil. My hand didn't wanna work for awhile after I was done.


This project will probably be out on the table for a week or so.


I just walked into the studio and saw this whitish stuff on the quilt. I realized that while baking yesterday, I had flour on my apron and when taking time off baking to work on the quilt, clearly some of my residual flour rubbed off on the quilt. If Chai was here it would have already been licked off!!

Saturday, July 09, 2016

The Finish Line

Finally I finished quilting the last of the three baby quilts. I have even put the binding on it.

 I will do the hand work of the binding tonight. I ran to Hobby Lobby this morning to get ink to use for the part of the DAISY that I could not transplant.

I tried but I just couldn't do it so I am gonna cut another stencil and paint it on the quilt and then sew around the paint.  It should be the last thing to do on the DAISY before facing it.  I will have a party when it is finished!  Wanna come?

Friday, July 08, 2016

I See The Light

I was watching tv and knitting last night and for no reason in particular, I looked up and realized it was dark outside. It seemed to come


out of nowhere. I do another row of knitting and look the other way in the same room in less than a
minute to see outside directly across from the other window.


It wasn't dark. How does that work? When I think about it I realize that the sun sets on this side so that must be why but doesn't the front of the house have the same sunset?  As is plainly clear, i am not a rocket scientist.