Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Season Ending

My morning yesterday started very early in the hopes that I could harvest my last crop of basil before a lunch date with all my gal pals. That consisted of cutting off all the stems and plopping them in a basket. Then I sit down with my two biggest bowls, and a big garbage can and proceed to remove all the leaves. For this batch that ended up being 64 cups.


 I try to fill up both bowls and then take to the kitchen and with an eight cup measuring cup, add the basil leaves to the top. Then they go into room temp water to get cleaned. Then they are drained and dried on towels, with a little assistance from me when I go by and ruffle them to get the air on all sides of the leaves to dry faster. It's not accurate to measure the basil leaves after they are washed because they shrink up and the measure is not accurate. The pesto is made and in the freezer. That's it until next year!!!!


The newest way that I have been attaching facings to my quilts has completely left the brain.  I tried for several hours last night to get it right but I just drew a blank.  I looked on the blog for it but my key words didn't get it to come up.  Does anyone out there have the directions?

This is what it looks like finished and I did this in April.  The brain is a terrible thing to lose.

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Sweetest Sister In Law In The Whole Wide World!

My sister was at my house when we got a bone in turkey breast with Lipton Soup Mix and water for a most exquisite turkey and gravy dinner in the crock pot. I used foil because until the turkey breast cooked down, the lid would not fit. I guess my sis told my sil and within a couple days I was gifted


this new, extra big crock pot, with a lid that can be locked to travel with!!! That Claudia is really


I immediately put the gift to use by crocking four pork tenderloins to make pulled pork. We have had it several times in the last couple weeks. Maybe I can eke out one more pork sandwich for Claudia when she comes on Thursday. I'll work on that!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Productive Weekend

I have a baby shower the is taking place two weeks after I have landed in Florida so I decided


to make a gift and box it up and give it to the new mothers mother to take to the shower.  Being ever so popular, I decided on barnyard animals because there is no hint of the sex of the baby so generic is the way to go.


It went with out a hitch.  It is completely done, binding and all.

The center of attention is the pig in the middle.  Molly and I have a thing for pigs!!!


My sister Mike started piecing this last weekend when she spent a day with my internet quilting friends.
She not only finished the piecing this weekend but also quilted it.  All that is left of the work is the binding!  Job well done!

 And last but not least, the first clean plate meal I have made in my life. I always

 cook too much food but last night the stars were lined up to make roasted fingerlings with horseradish dressing, roasted asparagus and marinated flank steak the perfect dinner. Dinner for seven worked out perfectly!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Food Glorious Food

We had lots of fun eating last night. It started with a new menu item, langistino nachos.

The cream sauce, consisting of cheddar, jack and cream cheese was beyond delicious. The tortilla chips were dusted with sauce first, then red onion, diced very small, banana peppers, langistino's, and small diced tomatoes. On top of that came another layer of the cheese sauce.  JalapeƱo slices, without seeds or ribs, was sprinkled on the entire mound after it spent a few minutes in a hot oven.  I was in the throws of adding the pepper slices when the picture was taken.

G chose american fries for the starch for dinner but I sliced the potatoes a little to thin and they resembled potato chips.  There was a hearty gravy that came out of the

liquids after the marsala stuffed chicken was taken out of the dutch oven, and that worked just fine on top of the potato crisps.

The meal also had a veg, green beans with shallots and pistachios (no photo) and peach crumble and ice cream.  We went to bed stuffed.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Another Fun Weekend

Where did the morning go? I started to do some food prep, waiting for our bedroom to warm up so my shower would not be taken surrounded by cold air (we keep our door open to the outside at night) and all of a sudden it's 10 a.m.!!!

We have arborists in our yard, trying to improve the very overgrown front garden and it makes Bella nuts.  I have her at the front gate waiting, about 10 minutes too early, for Chai to come.  It's a bit like having a babysitter.

My current quilt top is finished.


The blue area around the outside will not be part of the quilt.  It's excess fabric, just in case.

And it is already pinned and waiting for quilting.  That will be done in time.  I have company coming!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

On The Road To Africa

I went to JoAnn's yesterday to take advantage of the great coupons that were on the verge of expiring. Plus, the septic tank was being cleaned out and I just don't like to be around for that. It's around where you leave the front door and the guy makes such a mess and there is always mud around.

Anyway, I wanted to make sure that my Modern Guild was still doing the bags for Days For Girls because the back seat was crammed with flannel and POI that I could return if needed. I was informed that we were indeed affiliated with the charity and then I was sent these photos (and more) of the


loading of the 40 foot truck with our DFG's bags.  Imagine putting that much stuff in a truck that large
to go on a freighter to Africa.

There were other things going besides the DFG's supplies but it's pretty cool that they took all these pictures to see where our work was going.  It looks like a pretty tight fit.  No room for a stowaway like me.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Something New

I have had this


 pattern on my window for a couple days before I had the weekend company.


 I even had all the pattern pieces cut out (mirror image) and labeled.

On Monday I chose the basic


color way and then

yesterday, I started filling in on the pattern and grabbing other fabrics to audition into the
quilt.  My hope is to finish up the applipiecing before the weekend because that will be all
the thinking I need to do that I can't have others around while I do it.  My sister Mike will be here
and my daughter and her hubby with another  couple but they don't come for me, they want
the lake, so I will definitely have time to start on the quilting.  I have some goals in my head
to be done before I go south and so far, I am on point with that.  One more art quilt left after this, and my list will be complete!!!!   Yeah!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Accomplishments

This is the unveiling of the work done in my studio this past weekend.


Irene continued to make blocks for this quilted that she had started before.

Irene also made a bunch of paper pieced blocks to add to the two blocks she did before she came.

Up next is Gayle.

She put together this block made up with a five inch center and surrounded with smaller rectangles.  I would make a great block for a signature quilt, wouldn't it?  She also made a bunch of half square triangles for an exchange.  Last but not least for Gayle is this


nine patch.  The blocks aren't sewn together yet but she constructed all the blocks while being here.

This was just a vision in Robbie's mind when she arrived at my house.  She made all of these hand sewn paper backed ONE INCH hexagons while she was here.  The one in white (the paper backing) is just to show you what the thing looks like before sewing.

Mike cut this whole quilt top and sewed lots of blocks together and will continue to work on it this weekend.

Mary Ann did some hand stab quilting but she couldn't stay long so I neglected to get a picture.

I, well, I gabbed a lot.  I cut out and sewed together one of two dresses but couldn't finish because I needed zippers.  I put binding on 11 baby quilts and finished binding a queen sized wedding quilt.  I have lots of ideas of things to check out and try and got to know my internet gals all the better.

It  was a grand get together.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Show And Tell

The girls were encouraged to bring some show and tell. I did some showing but it was mostly secret stuff so I can't share at this time. Irene brought partial quilts that she worked on blocks before and you will see those tomorrow with the show of the things the gals did while visiting. Mary Ann brought a book of work. Gayle and Robbie actually followed directions. Here goes.

Gayle is modeling a window pane type of quilt construction.  Love the colors.


This quilt of her's shows lots of techniques such as adding curved skinny lines.  She was kind enough to show us the way to do it.

She's been messing with all sorts of staining, stamping, blocking and making her own fabric with paints and dyes.

She brought many many designs she has created and told us how she achieved them.

This is a work in progress.

Robbie brought in all sorts of stuff.  This one

is based on some Dr. Suess character but I forget the name.

Here's a close up of the green beaded character.

The beautiful stained glass bird was started two years ago when we got together in October of 2013.  It's all finished except for about a half inch of quilting that was overlooked in the bottom right feather.

These are her newest works.  The top blue horse is being made the exact opposite as the one
underneath.  The shape of the horse was taken out of the gold horse quilt and so as to not waste the
work, Robbie decided to make two

quilts.  The bottom one is compete, with lots of graphic hand work.  The top horse quilt is in the middle stages, with decisions as of how to quilt it discussed throughout the weekend.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Another Sweat Shop Weekend

Here are my internet quilting friends along with myself and my sis Mike. This was yesterday when we went out and had a lovely lunch and when we got home it was back to sewing. That continued this morning until it was noon and all equipment was packed up and after a lunch of BLT's and broccoli salad, I said goodbye to my gals. I have lots to show you of what they have been working on at home and what they did while visiting my house. I will show you that tomorrow and the next day. There was no kayaking done at all.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Old Man

Check this out; this is the refrigerator of Robbie who is spending the weekend. She leaves each and every meal


or her husband and her two bichons. I really didn't know that people


 did this sort of thing. Click on the photos and your can read all the directions and explanation on each container.

We are having a grand time here. There are now six of us. More later.

Friday, August 21, 2015

My Kind Of Town

I forgot to show you some of the sights that Jayne and I checked out on our recent get together in Chicago.

First up was a scenic ride around the lakefront on segways.  It took a bit to learn the ways of riding them but then it was very fun.  I was very cautious, not wanting to fall off.  It was lots of fun and we saw lots of great Chicago attractions.  Of course, I had seen it all before but on a segway, it was a different way of looking at them.  Here we are in front of Buckingham Fountain on the lake front.

We met up with the birthday party of the St. Lauderdale group on top of the Wit Hotel.

This is the lobby of the Chicago Athletic Association.  It has been totally redone and is amazing.  The objects floating on the ceiling are orbs of copper.  Word has it that they are very heavy.

The bar in the CAA is very funny.  It faces a round parking structure and makes for good 'car watching' rather than the normal people watching.


I just love this metal sculpture of commuters in the rain.  I would be the one without the umbrella!

My internet friends, Gayle, Robbie, Irene and Mary Ann are coming for the weekend today.  I had better get crackin' !

Thursday, August 20, 2015


I was out of the house before 7:30 today to start the day with breakfast at the club before golfing. Today was a combo 9 hole and 18 hole event with the theme of the Stanley Cup Champions.

Thankfully the theme was something that we have lots of.

The tables were set darling. I am all about color. Breakfast was served and awards were given out. I didn't get any. They were for best scores and things like that and the prizes were money to be spent in,
you guessed it, the pro shop. 
There were breakfast goody bags and the little sticker was to go on our cheeks. I had no problem going along with the crowd.  I supplied Regina's hat and lanyard, as well as June's lanyard and my own jersey and lanyard. Golf was great fun. The regular red starting places were moved forward and sometimes backward. There were also closest to the tee, etc. Lunch was wonderful and again winners were given gifts, and again I didn't get any. We all got a key loop at our place at lunch that was Vera Bradley.   


Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I know that the background (wall color) look different in these two pictures but they are indeed in the same room. One (the second pic) just happens to be closer to the window. This is the new art form that I put over the room on the lower level that has two twin beds that we call the hotel room but mostly it is my daughter and her husbands room with connecting bath.

I saw these 'hangers' at Ikea when I got my closet stuff in Florida and I thought they would
make a cool way to show photos without all the frames and nails.  They can be changed out

whenever the need to stand unevenly on a bed to place them takes over the fact that
I am an old, unstable woman and therefore these photos will stay until I am probably
dead and buried (or cremated; better yet).  Anyway, the pictures are laminated by an amazing
machine made by Fellowes which just happens to be where my sister works.  Fancy that.