Sunday, February 26, 2017

Quilt Con

I got home early evening yesterday from Savannah's QuiltCon for Modern Quilt Guilds that are all over the world.I was in time to greet my sister who will be visiting until next week.  The quilter friends of mine are flying in on Tuesday for eight days.  I got lots of stuff on my platter.

This is the best of show quilt.  It didn't look at all like a brilliant diamond which it was based on, when you look at it as you enter the main hall.  I didn't see the resemblance until I looked at the photo of it.  I can totally see where the quilter was going with it.  It is paper pieced.  There were a lot of quilts I liked better but then I wasn't the judge.

These next quilts were made a certain size and using Robert Kaufman's color of the year.





Click on them individually to see how stunning they are.

I have tons of quilts to show you.    I will leave you with these 61 for today.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

ZZ Plant

I am getting ready to head to Savannah Georgia tomorrow for the QuiltCon, the quilt show for modern quilters. I will only be there for three days, as I am not taking classes and you can only view the same quilts so long. It should be fun; there are lots of my fellow Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild attending too.

My favorite plant is the ZZ plant.  I went to get my herbs and noticed this lovely


plant calling my name.  I brought it home and replanted it to adorn the hot tub.

I particularly liked the new conical growth that was sprouting.

This a new more mature set of leaves that most likely was conical to begin with.

ZZ plants are amazing in that the best thing for you to do to them is leave them alone.  My kinda
house plant!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fill'er Up!

This is a yarn form of the center of my new daisy quilt which is featuring the bottom reflection of the flower.  It measures 41 wide and 44 high.

These are freezer paper circles that measure 2 1/4"  I will need 18 to make one row at the widest place.  I am still figuring out how to put this thing together.

I decided to try and do at least twenty circles each day for a month or so.  We shall see.

They take time to prep.


So far I got seven done.  I got a long way to go!!!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Words, Marvelous Words

I was reading a Lisa Scottoline book, 'Come Home' and the word padiddle came up.  Have you ever heard of it?

I am forever surprised that I can go through life at 67 (almost) and not know common words.


Padiddle, alternatively spelled pediddle, perdiddle and kadiddle, is a Canadian and American slang term for a vehicle with a burnt-out headlight or brake light. It is also the name of a nighttime travel game involving spotting such vehicles. Cars with only one illuminated tail light are called pidadle in some areas of the country.

This doesn't happen very often.  About 15 years ago I heard the term segue.  I had never heard the word that I was aware of.  I asked G if he knew what it was and he said yes.  I mentioned that he has never used the word and as he said, 'I don't need to use a word to know what it means'.  Touche!  By the way, I use it now matter of factly.

One other word, obsequious, I had never heard until the movie 'The Big Easy'.  Ellen Barkin used it in answering Dennis Quaid.

Where did all this come from?  I was gonna talk about the daisy quilts!  Tomorrow.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Need More Daisies!

I contacted International Quilt Festival about our daisy quilts. A really nice girl got back to me right away. In order to have a special exhibit we need to have 40 to 60 or more linear feet of quilts. I added up the with of my four quilts and it totals 15 feet, but that doesn't count any room between them for hanging. My quilts are the biggest so we are sorely behind in quantity for a special exhibit. We have 8 and a half quilts so far.

I contacted all the quilters and they have decided to get busy and make some more quilts!!! We have until early summer to get them done and all submitted for jurying. I was gonna take a pass on doing another, but I have decided to do just part of the flower picture.


 I am gonna try and do just the 'stuff' under the petals, and do it real big.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Modern Flair

My darling daughter is over the moon today. It is the 18th of February and it is 70ยบ in Chicago!!! And fancy that, we got rain today which at this time of year is pretty rare.

I got home from Modern Quilt Guild a while ago and was scouring my new studio for an acetate of the daisy I have been working on because my friend Linda needs it. I just found it and thought I would take a break and show you some show stoppers at show and tell at Modern.


This is an example of next months challenge, which is taking a part of a modern quilt and changing it up to make it your own.  This gal can't be at the meeting next month so she showed her quilt early.  It's quite lovely.

This was started in a class taught by one of our members.  It takes a partial part of a favorite

fabric and then extending out from the fabric to add to it to make a lovely quilt.  It was very successful.


The arrow is cute but I took the photo to show the amazing free motion quilting.  I believe you can click on the photo to make it bigger, or at least you used to be able to do that.

Nice work ladies!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Quilts Everywhere!

This was the first day of the quilt drop-off, as we get ready for our Quilt Show on March 3rd and 4th at the Robarts Arena in Sarasota.  I signed up to work today because I have Modern Quilt Guild tomorrow.

We take the quilts from the quilters and check the front and back for any problems that we can point out to the owner (lose seam, color bleeding, animal hair or smell).  The paper work is attached and the quilt gets a place to go to get a quilt number and a location throughout the house of the gal who donated her house for this.

They started in the living room, and then the dining room table and floor, and then to bedrooms.  We received over a hundred quilts today.

I came home to cutting out strips for six lap quilts that will be for the lanai to cosy up to when there is a chill in the air.  I will also work on this tomorrow between the small program Modern is having in the morning with time to kill before the 2 p.m. meeting.  It's definitely a quilting weekend.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Building Of A Quilt

This is how I chose the fabric bases for my  new 4 part quilt.

Once I have chosen the layout, I sew the actual pieces together.


I made up a bunch of different circle sizes and made them two tone, not transparencies.  That would have taken up too much time!!!!

This is auditioning the colors placement.


Here is the finished pieces placed where they were made for.  It was fun quilting them but not so fun stretching them.

I placed them on the wall over the new full sized mattress hide a bed.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

For A Good Cause!

I was just downloading the last quilt I did into photos and realized that I forgot to blog today and show you how very clever my grocery store is.

Clearly they have a sense of humor.


Nothing like a heart shaped pair of steaks.   It kinda reminds me of one of those shrink tests that they show you the different shapes on a card?  I think it's called Rorshank or something.

This looks good enough to eat, even tho' I don't do raw.  It's very colorful.

This strawberry cake was blushing!


Unfortunately these strawberries aren't as red as I would have liked.  There were lost more clever packaging but I was holding up the valentine purchasing so I took off before the mob came after

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you are all enjoying yet another Hallmark holiday. I got up late today, real late, due to not feeling good. I stayed in bed until 11:15 and felt good enough to go out for a walk with my two sweeties.


I saw this on a table as you leave the liquor store and Kathy and I decided it was just a nice gift to give our hubbies today. It was pretty cheap too! We are going to a Valentines Party tonight. The invite was a poem. Very clever. We are actually exchanging gifts with each other. There's supposed to be 40 or so for dinner. Fun.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Post Party

We had a good time sampling the cosmos.  Here is Joanne playing a mixologist.  The recipe we used is 1 1/2 ounce Nue Peach Vodka (or Absolute), 2 ounce orange juice,  and 1 oz pomegranate.

The other part of the bar was doing very nicely.

Food was abundant as well as many many desserts.

We had a nice group of welcoming friends.


Lots of gabbing going on..

It was a grand time.

Even the cranes enjoyed their Valentine ties and the company.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

It's Party Time!

I finally got all the 12 inch quilts I possess hung in the new studio.  They do not photograph well at all.  Only half of them are even recognizable in the photo due to the other three windows being on the east side of the house and it is morning on the east side of the house.  The sun wins in Florida.

I can tell you that going up and down the ladder to accommodate 10 foot ceilings and checking for spacing did nothing to my posterior region of the leg until about 20 hours later.  Wow, I guess I don't use those muscles much.  They are screaming at me!

I am spending most of today getting ready for 70 or so people coming to the house this evening for a Valentines cocktail party.  I don't have to do anything but supply ice, pop and water and paper products but of course, for Valentines we must have cosmos.  They will be in a punch bowl with peach flavored vodka, trop 50 orange juice and pomegranate mixer.  I am gonna refrigerate the bottles so they are nice and cold when it is all put together!  Everybody brings their own beverage and a hearty app to share.  There's always more than enough food, that's for sure.  Yeah!

Friday, February 10, 2017

My Little Bundles Of Joy

I have been spending the last week making a few 12 inch quilts to add some pieces so that I can put up the remaining 12" blocks I already have. The walls (what little there is; I am speaking of the space over the six windows) need to be brightened up and they need to give me inspiration. I used parts of other quilts left over, parts of things I started and scrapped and just new stuff I put together, using stuff floating around in my brain.

This was made with the scraps I was using for a dog bed for Bella that I put on the back burner to make these eight little quilts.


This little number was made by adding on to the leftover part of a color challenge we did for
the modern guild.

These little ladders have been hanging around for ten years or so and I have had a love hate
relationship with them.  They were quite easy to finish!


This was a hawaiian block my mom gave me twenty years ago that I was supposed to use to make something else but never did.  I know that you hate that I cut it down to fit my criteria but it was that or shove it back in a box like it was before I made it into this little quilt.

I still had a group of fabrics to do an improv quilt in a retreat last year bundled together.  I did make the quilt last year and made this little brother this week.

My photograph people have been very near and dear to my heart so I made some  itty bitty ones to make up this 12" block.

This quilt was copied from a quilt I have over a bed up north at the lake.  I made the original at least twenty years ago and always liked it.  Now I can like it here!

My 'shovel' series was a favorite of mine and I always wanted to get back to doing more.  This little one will help me get inspired to do some more.

They will all be put up in the studio, either today or tomorrow.  I no longer will get up on a ladder without someone with me so that will have to fit into G's golf schedule and he golfs for the next four days so later on in the afternoon will have to do.