Friday, August 29, 2014

An Early Start on The Long Weekend

The last couple times Violet was here she insisted on an office. The first spot she took over was my computer desk and that didn't turn out so good, according to my computer. So then we moved her to the dining room table, but with her love for sharpie markers and post its,  
I watched as she turned in her chair with an open marker, and pictured purchasing all new dining room chairs due to marker lines on the one chair's fabric.

I solved the problem by going to my friend Amazon Prime and getting her a desk of her own.  My brother Bill wasn't here ten minutes when he assembled it (it took all of five minutes).  The desk top is also a chalk board.  I can't wait until she notices it.
I finally got around to making my two picks from this months FN magazine.  The first one, which we devoured last night was the Tomato Corn Custard Tart.  This is a pick of the pie crust having it's first bake, lined with cooked garbanzo beans as pie weights.

I cut the tomatoes a couple hours early so they could really dry out and not make the tart soggy.

Here it is right out of the oven and
here it is after it rested for a few minutes and was half eaten.  It held together very nicely.  We had it with brats on the grill with grilled onion and toasted buns.  Yum.

Today or tomorrow I will be making my second pic from the magazine, Peach upside down cake.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Initial Prep

The company starts it's arrival tonight.  I am up in the air as to whether they are gonna be able to have dinner here or not.  I have tentative plans for something special if they are gonna be here.  The family I am referring to is Bill and Claudia from St. Louis.

Everyone will be here by tomorrow night.  I have whipped up a bunch of morning glory muffins (mini's) and for a change up made a favorite cookie of my kids

when they were young.  I haven't made these in 25 years.  They are called Oat Lacies.

After Bella and G got back from their beach walk last night I looked at the horizion and saw these spectacular colors.  Nature is pretty darn grand.

Our little local paper has the front page saying, 'Farwell Summer'.  I never liked that.  I think September is summer too.  I get it that kids are back in school but there are lots of us that no longer attend school and would like the nice weather to be extended and enjoyed.  I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Days

It's that time of year again.

Produce is almost free and I do indeed take advantage of that.  I will be at every farmers market until I hit the road for Florida after the first week in October.  We are going down a bit early because I didn't get much done after the move and I am anxious to put things in order.
Yeah, Bella likes her new chairs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


If I saw this view in a photo in National Geographic I would be in awe of the serenity of it.  I let my subscription to NG run out, so now I am at the mercy of my own back yard.  Yep, here it is.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Wedding (Part 2)

This is a photo of the tent taken with my iPhone earlier in the day of the wedding of Sean and Brittany. It looks like the airport in Denver!!

The flowers were spectacular.

There were several different arrangements.
This was my favorite.

Not only was there a floor in the tent but there was a massive dance floor too.  The band was fantastic and there had to be ten musicians.
The head table was not occupied as yet when I took this picture.

The first dance was adorable.  I love the bare feet!

The cake was made up of cake pops.

Here is a gathering of the Mother of the Groom and  her pals.

Me kissing G.
More Mother of the Groom and her girlfriends and a guy (our dentist!)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Wedding

Ahhhh, the wedding.  It was overcast all day and at 4 p;m. the rain and thunder started.  The wedding start time was 4:30.  Not good.  We drive down to the beach, set up for a wedding fit for royalty.  The tent must have been a block long.  Anyway, half a block from parking the car we were notified that the wedding was postponed for an hour.  We went to the grocery to get a lighter (one of those long barbeque ones) because one of our hot water tanks was sans a pilot light.  In a suit, G tried his best to get it to reignite but nope, it didn't happen until this morning after watching how to do it on UTube.

Amazingly enough the sky parted and the storm and rain were over.  The seats were wet tho'.  It's not so bad when everyone has a damp tush.

Up first was the groom, Sean, and his mom Micky.  There were a few other in the bridal party but I used my prerogative to screen photos, seeing as I have over a hundred.

This is Braedan, Sean's younger brother.

This is Jordan, Seans older brother.  Both boys were Best Men.
Here is the bride, Brittany and her mother.

I didn't get any good shots of the ceremony because I would have had to get up in the way of others so I stuck with what I had.

No shoes for this bridal party!

Mr. and Mrs. Gallas.  Yeah.  More tomorrow.  This cropping and going through over a hundred pictures is daunting!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014


All the talk for sometime here has been the weather. Mainly because Micky's middle son Sean is getting married on the beach today. They had a lovely rehearsal dinner last night in the open air decorated with sand and flip flops. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. I won't forget it today! There is 40% chance of rain (not so perfect) and a temp of 82ยบ which is perfect. It'll be great anyway!

I finally finished this quilt top consisting of 1760 alternating squares.  It's quite lovely.  It is all pressed and stay stitched so it's just a matter of quilting it.  It is too big to put up on the design wall.

When I found out that we were to go to Philadelphia, I decided to put some wonder under on some fabric and trace the letters (mirror image) on the back with wonder under paper taken off.  I actually did three sets of the same letters.  It's what I do, the school of over due.  I just find it is as easy to do more at one time than do the same thing in six months and have to do all the prep again.  I ironed on the letters and while on the trip I stitched the letters down.  That's where it is right now.  They panels are not sewn together yet.  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Picture Perfect

Okay, just looking at these two photos I have devised a plan as to 'how to take a picture and look slim' These two chairs were delivered yesterday
and were placed in two different areas of the very same room.  Does it not strike you that
the second photo (with the lake in the window behind it) looks, shall we say, LARGER?

That means, don't ever have your picture taken in front of a lake; or rather, don't be anywhere near water, including bathtubs.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Purchasing Power

I took Bella to get her hair done, went to the store and just now unpacked some stuff. I hit a kitchen store in Philly named Kitchen Kapers. My daughter will cringe when she sees the spelling of Capers. She HATES the use of the wrong spelling of words. I am just the messenger! Anyway, along with some other stuff that I can't show I managed to pick myself up a couple of things.
I am a total sucker for cards and cocktaio napkins.  You will need to click on the white napkins to read it.  The lettering is very small.  The raspberry napkins are easy enough to read.  They make for more enjoyable drinking.
I read in the Food Network Magazine that Padma Lakshmi loves this pizza cutter.  Now that I have found those wonderful ultra thin pizza crusts, I make them all the time and this will be handier than my sewing scissors.

The recipe for the Caramelized Onion and Cauliflower Tart that I recently posted on Tommy Cooks actually called for a removable bottom pie tin.  I have small ones and spring form ones and a short tart pan but not a high sided one.  Now I have one.  I made it before in a ceramic pie plate and it worked perfectly fine; I just served it from the pan rather than removing the whole thing.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia

We had a quick trip to Philly for a memorial service and stayed in a wonderful neighborhood, Chestnut Hill.  The hotel we stayed at was on the main drag and it's name is appropriately, Chestnut Hill Hotel.  Brilliant, right?  The front of it was amazing but I neglected to take a picture of it.  This is the back of the hotel.  It was spectacular.  Double click on this picture

to see just how lovely these are.  And the fragrance?   Over the top!  There was a rear garden with all sorts of novelties in it.

This bear was just sitting in a flower bed.

This is the first ATM I have seen that is housed in an old fashioned looking phone booth.
These clownish and remarkably comfortable chairs surrounded a fire pit on two sides.

A couple of dogs graced a corner.
The morning breakfast service (typical of most places you stay at these days) was amped up a bit with old china cups and plates that were all mismatched.   Very clever; it made it more homey.

The garbage can in the breakfast room mixed the old with the new.  You just wave your hand over the top.  Another first for me.

While walking to the memorial we saw the largest pine tree in a side yard.  The house next to it is three stories high.  I am sure there are larger ones and I am sure we have seen larger ones
but it was surprising anyway.

Monday, August 18, 2014


A friend of G died so we are heading out to Philly for a memorial for three days.  It may be quiet on this front; I just don't know.  I have never been to Pennsylvania.  You have to be tired of me anyway!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


 This is a group shot of the birthday party we threw for Sue.  She has on the blue top.  We are in Regina's back yard, which just so happens to be a country club.
Just to have a little fun, this is the birthday girl Sue, donning a mask that Regina just happened to have.

Here is Regina.

Here is me.

Here is Laurel.

Here is Barb Mac.

This is June.

Here is Barb Dee.

Here is Kathy.

Here is Micky.

Here is Kimberly, Sue's daughter.

Here is Ryan, Regina's oldest.

No, I take that back, this is Reginas oldest, her husband Bruce.

For some reason, everyone likes quite similar.