Monday, May 22, 2017

The Party In Pictures

My going away party was lots of fun.  Here we have Kathy trying to open a bottle of wine with an unfamiliar cork screw.  She finally got it to work.  Perseverance is the key; and a need for a glass of wine!!

I forgot to take a picture of the punch bowl full (well, full at the start of the get together!) of Cosmos.


These are my brie puffs.

Asiago filled fingerling potatoes are so damn cute!


Shrimp crostini was the bomb.

Melon with a center of balsamic glaze was perfect for the picky stomach and the dieter.  Gotta think of those gals too!

Also the cucumber soup was very lo cal with no cream or any dairy, except plain greek yogurt and lots of veg.


Now then, the bacon bread is not for the lo cal diet!

Nor were Linda's desserts!  The top one was rum chata cheesecake, then the brownie truffles and the bottom was the strawberry shortcake cookies.

My itty bitty cheeseburgers are always the biggest hit!


This is the loaded potato dip with waffle fries to dip with.

This is the topping laden queso fundido that was served with tortilla chips.

I missed capturing a few app photos, either for my gabbing continuously or the speed at which they disappeared fro the plate.

It was a grand 'get out of dodge' sendoff.  Now it is time to pack up what I need to take north for the summer!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

All About Me!

My life is so full these days that I can't seem to fit in the blog. Because it is so hot here now in Florida, I take off every morning before I would ever get moving in the past. The morning is when I did the blog, mostly, and unfortunately, the day get's going and I get swallowed up in it. And, I am not the best photo taker any more. I forget to take pictures. I always think before a photo op that I wanna take a photo of something, but then forget. Old age? Maybe.

I have this crazy thing on my arm. It's the second time it occurred. I thought I had a bite of some kind and it did a spot blood and I was sewing so I put on a bandaid. When the bandaid came off the next

day, this is what it looked like. Then it went away, only to have another bite around the same area. It bled a bit and once again I put a bandaid on it. Now I was concerned as the circle showed up again. Finally I went to a doc in a box and of all things, the nurse said it was a bite under the skin that bled under the skin. I that sounded reasonable but some of my friends thought that was odd. It doesn't hurt and there is no line going to my heart, so I am gonna continue on today, preparing for a party!

The party is my annual, girls only, 'Going Away Party For Myself'. The preparations are well under way and just the last minute stuff is on board for today, as the party is tonight.

The menu is as follows:

Shrimp Crostini
Asiago Bites
Bacon Bread
Garlic Cheese Puffs
Brie Puffs
Cold Cucumber Soup
Melon and Balsamic
Blue Cheese Tarts
Crab Rangoons

Those are all minis. Then there are Onion Straws and a Queso Fundido Dip with Tortilla Chips. 

Desserts (made by my BFF Linda)

Mini RumChata Cupcakes
Strawberry Shortcake Cookies
Brownie Truffles

I know, you wanna come. It's just too far away to get here in time.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pretty In Pink

We had a bit of a scare yesterday. Bella went to the groomers to get her hair done and I got a call from Christina (the groomer) that she felt a growth on Bella's neck by her limp nodes that she had never felt before. Okay, now it's panic mode. I made a appointment for Bella for this morning at 8:45.

When I picked up Bella, Christina told me to take the collar off her and get a harness (which I like to call a sports bra), so the collar wouldn't irritate the mass. So, off we went to PetCo and got her sports bra. She really doesn't mind it at all.

Anyway, we went to the doctor and they aspirated the soft mass and in a week or so I will get the results. I feel pretty confident it's just one of those things that happen to mature dogs as they get older. But I always go for the proof positive that my girl is A okay.

I am off to the monthly Welcome Club meeting and luncheon and after that? a little Mahjong.  Life is good!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thermo Fax Screening

Yesterday I hosted a day of surface design in my garage.  It was close to 90ยบ but I had my dyson oscillating fan on and we managed to get lots of

silk screen fabric painted and hung to dry.  we had 16 feet of table and more paint than we could ever use in a life time.


Bella was not about to stay in the house by herself and just relaxed on a colorful quilt top.

Here is just some of the pieces of printed fabric we made.  I made the screen years ago when I got a thermo fax machine and thought I would share them with my friends and use up some of my fabric pant stash.  It is quite amazing how much use one screen can go through and still very usable!

Of course, the front and side yards looked a little like someone with out all their marbles lived here but we didn't mind.  We had a lunch of chicken caesar salad and gabbed the day away!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Hope that all you Mom's are having a wonderful day and you are getting spoiled rotten.

This gorgeous flower arrangement (with my very favorite  sterling roses in it) was delivered to me  by my offspring.  Even G, who is opening up walleye season in Minnesota with his brother and my three brothers, rang to wish me a wonderful day.  I always tell him that he needs to remember that I am not his mother.  Sometimes he forgets!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Clothing Construction

I just opened my computer and realized that I never finished the blog I started yesterday and so here it is!!

At my quilt cult get together today I took some stuff I have been working on. First up was this dress, which pattern I got at the Savannah QuiltCon Show.


I think it's a great dress for everyday wear, especially with nice and large pockets built in.  I needed to ask advice on how to take in the top of the dress because it was way too baggy.  The bottom skirt area doesn't matter that it's full.  I got great information and now know what to do to it.

I am also working on this neck to waist sweater.  It's an interesting way to make it.  Three of the seven cult members are knitters so we like to share ideas and solve problems for each other.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A New Game In Town

I have been playing Mahjong for three years now. I only play in Florida because I don't know of anyone that plays up north by me. I decided it was time to get my own game set and so, on my birthday I checked out what was available. I could limit the kind of case/bag I wanted because I have seen girls struggle with the heavy wooden and metal cases and the awkward bags. I decided that the best bet for me (to eliminate even more bruises on me!) was to get a wheeled case.


 It came yesterday and was at my front door when I arrived home from an afternoon of playing Mahjong!!! A couple hours too late to try it out.


This is what it looked like when I opened it up.  I am not unpacking it until my other present to myself gets delivered, hopefully today.  I decided after I ordered this, that I needed more personality to my tiles.  There is lots of bling out there but I am not a bling kinda gal.  So after much deliberation, I chose red and white gingham tiles.  That is more like me.  I can't wait to play with it!!!!

Sunday, May 07, 2017

9 Hole Guest Day

I, once again, am the chair for the 9 hole guest day that takes place in July so I thought I would at least pick a theme. I was first gonna use the 50 Shades of Green but was notified that 18 hole used that theme in the past. My choices were narrowed down to my friend Nancy from sunny California's suggestions.

They were: Las Vegas, Mardi Gras, Hawaiian, Diamonds and Denim and so from that list came 'Rhinestone Cowgirl'.

When I head north in a couple weeks I will need to get crackin' on the preliminary invites etc. My sister Mike is gonna help me. Oh, and I got these out of my closet so that I wouldn't forget to pack them up to possibly use on my feet or as a prop of some type.


I love my red boots!

Friday, May 05, 2017

My Kids

I am heading out to the weekly get together of the Quilt Cult in a couple minutes but wanted to share with you this unbelievably adorable pin I got from my daughter and son in law.


They said that every time they go to the Museum of Modern Art and see work by this artist, they think of me so I was gifted this Memphis Lanza pin.  Is it not the coolest?  I think I need to wear it all day today.  There are advantages to growing older after all!

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Ah, To Be 67!

These are my BFF Robbie's bichons, Gigi and Kalee, wishing me a happy birthday. How cute are they?  I had better go and get my hat on!

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

A Backup

Just got back from Mahjong. We got kicked out of the restaurant a little early today because they need the space. It's free(except for the food) so we couldn't put up a really big stink. It just makes our afternoon a little longer!

I spent the last couple days with my web master to download a couple years of work I have done since the last time I did it. It's all a bit daunting to me but that's probably why I don't do it by myself. Check it out at

Today is my grand gal Charlotte's 4th birthday.  She just told us that the hat and the Barbie is so far her favorite.  Of course, we overnighted her gifts on Thursday and they have not as yet arrived.   I love the post office.

I finally caved and ordered this back contraption that comes with a two pound weight to help with back fatigue and posture.  You are supposed to start doing only a couple hours a day to get used to it.  After awhile you can add another pound weight (came with it) that velcro's on.  I am taking it slow and easy.  It is surprising that such a small amount of weight can make that much difference!

Monday, May 01, 2017

La List

I have exactly three weeks left in Florida until I head north for the summer. I have a lot on my calendar, socially, and things to do that may be a bit of drudgery but I have to do it none the less. The list of to do's is written and I love to cross things off the list.

At Friday's happy hour we went to a mediterranean restaurant and Patti had this amazing tomato garlic shrimp with crostini.  I decided to try and make it on my own and came up with a good imposter.


I got lots of minced garlic in hot olive oil with the shrimp and a splash of white wine. Shrimp came out after a couple minutes and I threw in a couple diced tomatoes, a splash more of oil and added oregano (dry) and basil (fresh).  This melted down for about 10 minutes and then I threw in the shrimp (cut up) and 6 oz. of feta. S & P to taste. That all melded together to get this photo of the concoction.  It tasted, if not identical,  then just as good.  It also made a very nice dinner.  I added  rice and frozen corn and Gordon had a delightful meal.  I chose to eat it with out the rice.

Also on my list are things that need to be finished up.  I started with this baby sweater


and finally added the ribbon closures.  One down, twenty two to go.

Friday, April 28, 2017

I Am Officially A Rapper

Here you have the answer to the question you have been wondering; what is Tommy up to?  Here is some of the continuous bias I have been making and then wrapping them on cards.  I cut some at Quilt Cult this morning and after Happy Hour at five I will come home and sit on my butt and wrap six more cards.  Linda will then show me what do do with it all.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


A mere day later that the floating chairs arrived at our front door and several trips to the big box store for attachments for the air compressor and a little blood letting and voila!  And each has two cup holders?  Life is good.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Continuous Bias Tape

Due to a bout of vertigo I didn't attend my class last week with Sherri Lynn Wood on using bias binding.

I wanted to attend the class for technique rather than being a fan of Sherri's quilts.  So because my BFF Linda went to the class without me, she came over this morning and showed me how to make


continuous bias fabric.  She walked me through the process of taking a perfect square of fabric.  I made my square 31".  When the loop was made I cut about 8 3/4 yards at 2 3/4" wide.  Linda gave me homework of making different colors and widths of bias.  Then she's gonna show me what else I was to have done if I went to the class.  Making bias is my afternoon chore.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I have about twenty, twenty-five orchids hanging under my magnolias in the semi sun.

They make the trees look like they are having fun under the tree.

I occasionally mist the orchids (usually if I am waiting for a ride and am outside early!) but
basically I don't do squat.

Yet look at the blooms I have.

This photo should have been taken yesterday or the day before, as it is on it's last legs.

I can't believe how hearty these precious subtle flowers are

Most of the other orchids are starting to form buds but I will probably not be here when they bloom.  I will have other blooms at the lake that I will need to take care of!!!!

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Lost Weekend

My cable box in the studio went out a week ago. They literally changed it out the next day but I didn't realize that all my taped stuff would be lost to me forever. I was a little upset because I had Victoria's first season on it and because I was taking some down time (pretty much not doing anything but tv and knitting) I was in need of a Vicky and Al fix. I scoured the internet for it and finally found that I can join local PBS for a one time cost of $60 and watch them to my hearts content, in anticipation of the next season which I believe starts in August.

I also watched a PBS special about the Bronte sisters and their brother. It was very good and well worth the watch.

We had the  modern meeting on Saturday and it was a good group of gals and also lots of great show and tell. I have offered to show the technique of using gel glue as resist. It will be, with the speaking help of my friend Lynn, scheduled before one of the next years meetings.

Things were starting to stockpile so I decided to hang a few things.  Because I was too late to enter Houston this year I decided to hang the last daisy in the master for awhile.

The pods got put off for a while, not feeling like strattling the counter top to measure so that the pods

were the same width apart and they were level.  I just decided to get it done.  They look adorable.  My friend Linda is going to make the pattern bigger and if so I will use her pattern to make a couple for the laundry room up north for those random one sock situation.

There is one more thing I have to do before I go back north for the summer and I'll let you know if I manage to get it started today.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Got The Blues

I just returned home from The Quilt Cult and got to share lots of quilt talk with my fellow quilters.  I also got the opportunity to photograph the last daisy quilt done by Linda

It is called 'This Daisy Has Got The Blues'.  It measures 48 x 56 inches.  Each petal is piped around it's perimeter.

Make sure you double click the quilt photo to see all the detail.  It's pretty delightful!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sam's Daisy

It all started with this photo by our friend Sam.

and then we had 'Sam's Daisy; All Buttoned Up', done by his wife Kathy.

I did 'The Great Imposter' first.

Karen came up with a great take on hexagons called 'Sam's Flower In Hexavision'.

'Mellow Yellow' followed sometime later by me.

Linda's 'Sam's Broken Bloom' was artfully and  gracefully done.

I couldn't resist doing 'Get In Line' but before that I did

'Andy-Fied' in honor of Andy Warhol.

And just because I can I did this last one that I named 'In Black And White'.

Lynn did this back side of what she thought the daisy would look like on a
beautiful ombre that she named 'The Other Side Of Life'.

Janie, our rookie quilter, did something she was comfortable with and that was
log cabin that she named 'Red Hot Log'.

Then comes Joyce, who is a newbie to quilting too.  She did this buttonhole stitched beauty called 'Daisy Dot'.

Karen went way out of her comfort zone to make this striking piece that she named
'A Daisy Can Dream'.

Lynn's second quilt was called 'Pale Sister' and is trapunto-ed fleece if you can believe that

Lynn's first daisy was called 'Negative Space'.

I showed you all these because last night we got rejected for a 'Special Exhibit'  in IQF but you can see the gals did a grand job trying, wouldn't you say?

I am late and have to dress to get picked up for a luncheon and fashion show.  I am gonna try and not buy too much stuff.  We shall see!!!!