Friday, July 31, 2015

Giddy Up

I am pretty much giddy with my new source for 108" backing fabric that Mechelle hooked me up to via yesterdays blog. It is Marshall Dry Goods.  I am not kidding you, all you quilters that are as cheap as I am will feel the same way I do;   The 108" is $8.99.  Yes, $8.99!  I have taken a vow to not order any of it until my sis and fellow quilters come to the house this morning.  It was like an intervention to not order it on the spot when I opened the very slow website.  I am looking at my watch, waiting for their arrival to start the order.  This may call for a small addition to the house.  How do I broach this to G?
Any suggestions?  Maybe throw in something about more golf ball storage and then take it over?  I will put on my thinking cap.

I have one more game of 9 holes to gain a handicap.  It takes 10 games to acquire one.  I am still taking lessons and playing with my golf gals

Laurel and Regina,  and I am seeing baby steps but not so much in the score department.  I have to admit that my mindset is a little different now and I am just enjoying my friends, and being out for two hours in the morning in delectable weather.  Do I love golf?  Naw, but then again, baby steps.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why I Love Oversized Backing Fabric (It's Coming Out As A Novel)

The one thing I don't look forward to doing in the quilting world is dealing with the backing. Manipulating large yardage is cumbersome and exhausting.  But someone has to do it and I can't seem to interest
 any one to do it.

Here are three quilt tops before I put on borders yesterday.  They all are the same

measuring in at 89 x 97.  I try and match the borders with the backing.

Yesterday was not my favorite day of the week but all three quilt tops have borders and batting and are awaiting next week when I will quilt them.  The only thing I have yet to do is to get the batting ready, which is also a pain in the rear because I made the quilts bigger than the longest side of my batting which is 90 inches.  Therefore I will have to add more batting yardage on one side of the measurement to add up to at least 100 inches on one side.  Tomorrow, I will think about it tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bella, Always Bella

I decided to stop sewing for a few hours and devote my time to the kitchen, preparing some food in the refrigerator that won't last much longer.  That would be some meats and seafood.  I was just gifted 6 pounds from my next door neighbor that she can't use before she moves out of the house TOMORROW!!!  I'm not happy about the move at all.  I've done it enough to other people tho' so I pretty much try to not comment about it daily.

Here is our little girl with her bandaged paw.  She is still not herself, having been at the vets office from seven a.m. until 4 p.m..  She is refusing to move and


frankly, I think she is faking it.  She went in for her teeth cleaning (they get put under with doggie gas) and she had to have two more teeth extracted.  That's six in all.  Very poor oral hygiene.  The doc says she has all the teeth necessary to eat but her tiny little teeth don't have the stamina to survive.  He said their is nothing to be done to prevent this as it is clearly hereditary.

She has syringes for pain and pills for infection that will be added to peanut butter.  She takes the meds easily.  That was not always the case.  When she was little she could force the tiniest piece of a pill out of the peanut butter and spit it out.  I had to be real inventive in order for her to take her meds.

She is on the mend.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The blog is very odd today.  I took Bella into the vet's office for a dental appointment and a wart removal on her front paw that she constantly chewed on.  That was at seven a.m. and since then, for the next 2 and a half hours I tried to open the blog.  It would go to yesterdays post but it wouldn't let me in for a new one. that is, until now.  That's a problem because I have a golf lesson in 20 minutes.  That's all folks!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Rolling Along

I am still hammering away at my scrap quilts but they get very one note after a while so I have broken it up with a jelly roll quilt I need to make for another fund raiser. I chose a quilt top that my sister has already made and that I found the pattern in, of all places, my pattern drawer!!!!

This is the components of the jelly roll.  I thought it had a florida look to it.

I cut it out with the specifications noted on the pattern.  It is now lingering around ready for me to tackle it.  That will probably be later in the week.

We played a little golf and had dinner with our next door neighbors, that we love, and who will be moving to Arizona before the week's end.  We will be sorry to see them go but will keep in touch and will be spying on the new neighbors for them.  We know nothing about them other than that they are an LLC and are probably Notre Dame fans.  There is a color scheme that goes with the LLC which I think is blue and gold.  Or something like that.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wedding Bliss

Well it was a memorable wedding, I must say. The guest list was very diverse and fun. There was more laughter and smiles, both in english and spanish, than I have ever seen at a wedding.


Here is Jackie walking down the 'aisle' with her shoes sinking into the grass.


The ceremony was in both english and spanish, which was very fun.  The newly weds spent half the time under the pergola laughing, which made everyone else laugh.

The matron of honor,and new mom, Jerrilynn, had her share of laughs too.  She is the sister of the bride.

Then there is the mother of the bride and fellow quilter and wonderful friend Anne, just recovering from surgery but not letting that stop her from twirling her grand daughter Zoey into a frenzy!!!!

My sis Mike was enamored with the butter flowers while my attention went to


the jars of jam at each table setting.  Wonder why?


The place cards suspiciously looked like something that could be found on Pinterest.  Wine corks are something that I can relate to.  They each has a stem and twist of wire stuck in them to hold the table numbers.  They were secured temporarily onto a framed mirror so as to not topple over.

It was a very fun night.  My congratulations to a wonderful couple who clearly will be together forever.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

More On Nuptials

My son in law's little sister, Lauren, married her handsome fiancé, Pedro, a few weeks ago. It was a small Brooklyn wedding and as cute as can be, as I could tell from the pictures. My daughter sent them one of the scrap quilts and in return I received this postcard from the Metropolitian Museum of New York


showing a quilt from 1915 that was created by a Sioux Indian, Rebecca Blackwater


Along with the postcard, in the box was this adorable burlap drawstring bag and inside in was this

precious little vase, made by the groom (an artist) for all the people that had something to do with the wedding.  I put the granny smith next to it so you could see how small it is.  It's the perfect size for a single bud but it can totally hold it's own as just ornamentation.  Click on the picture for a closer look.  It has their name's on the underside, along with the date of their wedding.  How cute is that?

Speaking of weddings, I have the JAM wedding to go to tonight.  Remember when I made all those jars of jam?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Wedding Fodder

This week has been dedicated to replenishing the supply of wedding quilts.
I am down to one and so far, have three weddings that need them this year.  I have cut all the scraps in the studio and started the process of sewing two

of the 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 together and then that goes on and on.  I spent the last few nights putting two cut rectangles together with right sides facing each other.  It's a good job to do while watching tv.

It is definitely a good time for a audiobook.  The sewing is loud tho' so I need a pair of earphones.
Slowly but surely the strips (24 for each quilt before borders) are starting to show up.  This will be going on for another week, at least.  I need a drink.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dog Days

A Bella update; She is pretty much a phony baloney. When G gets home from work she barks and runs with barely a limp. When the doorbell rings she runs to the front door but with me? I have her on a leach for a walk and she gets out of the front door and takes five steps, limping, of course and through body language, informs me that if I want her to go any further, I will need to put my coffee down and carry her. She is more theatrical than either of my actor children and the fact that she can't communicate with language is all for the better in her drama. I have no problem babying her; she is my baby!

The Humane Society quilt is off the long arm and bagged up to take to Florida with me in September.


It's one of the cutest quilts I have ever made.  I think I need to make another.  Paper pieced in three separate patterns, it takes a little thought to begin but once you get on a roll, the blocks are pretty doggone easy.

If you click on this picture you can see that the quilting stitches consist of dog bones.  Adorable.  It measures in at 63 x 76.

I am off to golf in the 9 hole league.  I am hoping to top last weeks score by shaving some digits off my final score.  Fingers crossed!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Picture This!

Quilting once again made it to the Wall Street Journal. This mornings paper had an article on the theft of quilting patterns as seen on social media. Is a quilt stitching fair game if it is put out there with no copyright? The name of the article is 'Crafting World Cry - This Is Theft'. It was a very odd article if I read it correctly. You read it and you tell me.

G just booked my flight to Houston for the International Quitl Festival in October. That can be crossed off one of my lists!

I have started to think about the last thing on my current list of to do and that is scrap quilts. As I have mentioned before, I give each couple getting married that I get invited to the wedding a scrap quilt. I am getting pretty low on inventory so I will need to rectify that as I have more weddings that I have finished quilts. Oh! I have a wedding this Saturday! It's taken care of but I can't let my stash dwindle down to nothing.

Here are some random pictures that you need to see.


This is the very first harvested (fell off the vine) tomato in our crop.  It is flawless and that's without any
help with chemicals and left completely to mother nature and a sprinkler system!

As of last Friday, all of the lights in my house have been changed from the one on the left, regular bulbs, to LED light bulbs, the white light on the right.  They last a very very long time and are clean white light and don't give off any heat.  I am so loving them.

This is a picture of the beach.  For some unknown reason, the birds stood at the shoreline and the line of birds spanning at least two blocks long.  Why?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quilting Weekend

We (meaning me and sis Mike) got lots of work done last weekend. No lollygagging allowed; all meals in house and no shopping at fabric stores. We have too much already. It is now our mantra; no fabric shopping if you can possibly use something that you already have. My kids don't want yardage when I croak!!! They want the money that I will have saved from retail!!!

Anyway, (phew, that was tiring) sis brought a quilt top that was ready for the long arm and I had the Humane Society quilt already on the machine with backing and batting and basted down, just waiting for the time to do it. I will photograph my quilt after the binding is done and that will probably be tonight.

Mike's quilt was smaller and with less interruptions, she got her binding done.
We were just so so about the quilt top itself, that is until we saw the blue thread sewing out cabbage roses on the taupe back, and then it was love.

The backing looks velvety and perfect.  This is for a charity fund raiser at Mike's work.

She also got all the binding sewn on her six placemats.  One got completed and five went home to
be worked on in the evening while watching tv.  I love the placemats.  Maybe Christmas for moi?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Bella's Down Time

Wow, we have had quite a 15 hour period. We went to a party last night and when we got home Bella did the ritual of being over excited and running around, that is, until she couldn't. There was not a step taken between now and then. She holds up her right front leg and doesn't move. We held her until bed time and I gave her half a children's benedryl and she was fine sleeping the night away.


We got up at six thirty and G carried her over to the neighbors lawn (old habits die hard! O and they have front grass; we don't) and set her down and she peed. I, in the meantime called the vet and explained the situation and got an appointment 45 minutes later. G drove separately so he could head to work without going home and the doc saw Bella and said that she was probably faking it. No, just kidding. But he said an X-ray was unnecessary because he said there was no fracture. We got pain meds for five days and were sent home.  Now what?  Carry her around with me?  Maybe she is faking it!!!  I always say that she is pretty damn smart.  Looking for a little down time with extra treats?  Don't know.  But I will baby her as long as it takes to get her up and running again.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Die Cutting

I couldn't access the blog yesterday all day and this morning I arose early and tried to access it with no luck until now. It really didn't matter to me because I have been talking with my sister for the last two hours sitting at my desk trying to open the blog. Finally it worked.

I have as yet taken pictures of all that we have accomplished this weekend but I did document one of the things on my list to do before returning to Florida.  The charity quilts that I do down south are for babies and they don't need to be as large as the fabric itself so I have some remnants that I bring back up north to cut on my die cutter to make the bindings for the quilts.
These are the finished strips to make the bindings.  It takes four sewn together to bind a baby quilt.  I like to change up the colors when combining them so it makes the quilts more fun.

Here the fabric is on the tray after it has gone through the die cutter.

These are the remnants lying on the die cutter tray.  They will be cut into 2 1/2 inch strips after they are cranked through the machine.

Another thing can be crossed out on my list.  Yeah!

Friday, July 17, 2015


The theme (there is always one) for the nine hole guest day was Running With The Bulls. Because I just played with fellow members of the club (being lazy and only wanting a handicap) I chose not to dress up. Almost every foursome but ours dressed up quite adorably.

 Genie and Sheila and Lori and Violete

 were no exception.  I love the mustaches!  Our club pro has on a bulls outfit and horns.  He even has superman chest padding and a tail, which I was unable to capture.  It was pretty hectic at photo time and all I wanted to do was to down the breakfast bloody mary!!!  Just kid din' (or not).

I had a great time and golfed better than I have in the past so I guess you would call that baby steps and like Regina said.  We can only improve because we can't get any worse!!!!

I have weekly flower delivery for four vases.  I put them outside in a basket and sometime on the specific day they are picked and brought back on another specific day, usually Thursday or Friday.  Sometimes they are just so so and not very appealing to me.  Other times like this week
I love them and keep going back to look at them.

This one I took the pic from the top so you could see all the components, including the white roses.

There's nothing like a flower to make you smile.

It makes for a happy me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I was down to my last antibiotic and had a look at my leg damage and realized that it was still red, although not as screaming red as before. I called the doc and had to go in for her to have a look see. Yeah, it was still infected so she said she wanted to take off the scab and pulled out a disposable scalpel. Yikes! I, of course couldn't look but it was over in two seconds because it didn't even have to be cut off; it almost fell off. The crevice underneath was a little deep and creepy so she covered it up and gave me another script for a round of antibiotics.


I just love this little kitchen table arrangement! There is something about it that is very appealing. Unfortunately the queen anne's lace is starting to shed and that's probably not the best for a house of allergies. Maybe I should start eating the apples too.

I have a fun day planned. We are heading to the Hard Rock in the local casino for libation and gambling. Then it's off to the club for the pre guest day party . Guest day for nine holes is tomorrow. I got plans screwed up and ended up going with my regular partner Laurel. I think we are playing with Regina and Sheila. Let the good times roll!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Loving The Process

I usually spend a couple days with thumb and index finger on the brown side and having a definite basil odor when processing


the basil plants.  What I do is fill up a laundry basket with the hacked off basil stems, one at a time, and bring in it and two big bowls and plunk myself down in front of the Food Network and separate leaf from stem.  When I have one bowl (Mix and Fix Tuperware bowl that holds 26 cups) filled I go to the kitchen and get out my eight cup measuring cup and fill it with basil leaves and wash each one and then put it on a towel to dry.  Every now and then I go by and fluff it to get all the leave sides dry.  I measure it dry because after it is wet it shrinks up and then the basil is too strong because it takes a lot more leaves to make one bowl in the food processor.

This very adorable contraption was gifted to me by my dear friend Regina.

Here is the link.  It works way better than sticking the baggie in a glass.  The arms are strong and
adjustable to hold all sizes of bags and the best thing of all is that the arms fold down to store it in a drawer.  I have the very best friends.

I have 36 baggies in the freezer just waiting for some pesto to be eaten.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Harvest Time

It's time for the first crop of the summer to be harvested. Yeah, I'm talking basil.

 When the leaves start to shrivel a bit that is my indication that they will start shrinking and the crop will be much smaller if I let them go.  It is always a bit daunting to do the basil.  There are lots of leaves that need to be hand  picked and washed and then there's the trip to the big box store for ample supplies, olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese and either walnuts or pine nuts, depending on the availability.

So out to the deck I go with Bella (she's at the top of the picture, on a chair) and my trusty clippers and
mow down the basil and put the blooms in a laundry basket of two.  Then I wait for G to come home
from golf to take out all the roots and make the soil pliable to add more new basil plants into them.

He does that and goes to the big box store (Lowes) and gets a new crop of basil starters

and plants them, in a drizzle which I point out and he is as happy as a clam to plant in the mist in order
to avoid watering the old fashioned way.

The process goes on and on.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Grand Surprise

The conversation at dinner the other night was a lot about our neighbors moving to their winter home in Arizona permanently in August and trying to find homes for lots of stuff they can't manage to take with them. The problem is they have a complete home there already and there is only so much STUFF they can use there.

I mentioned, as a joke, that G coveted their American holiday beach chairs and when I went out yesterday for the first time to walk the dog,


 there they were!!! Nine of them!!!!  Do I have enough time to make subtle comments on things
that I want?  I only have a couple weeks left and stuff is going fast.

Should I have mentioned that I coveted the Waterford?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Feeding The Masses

I did some cooking yesterday and some baking
because I had some friends over for dinner.  We had a low country boil
I call frogmore stew because that was what it was called
in the Southern Living Cookbook I got it from some 30 years
ago.  I is always a favorite.  It is on Tommy Cooks and consists
of only shrimp, kielbasa, corn and new potatoes with
Old Bay Seasoning.  That and some cut up pretzel rolls and
you have a feast!

For dessert I made individual pineapple upside down cakes that I rewarmed under the broiler and topped with soft and fluffy whipping cream.  It was a definite hit, except for Sue, who isn't a fan of
pineapple so she got ice cream with hot fudge sauce and the whipped cream.  Everyone was happy.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Lots Of Rectangles

If you can remember back at the February 5th blog, (I can't so I had to look it up)

 Anne, Linda and I made the same quilt with our color variations. Finally, last night, during 'Beat Bobby Flay' I finished the binding

It took me two weeks because I had so much more hand stuff to do and when it's hot, having a complete quilt on you makes the difference between hot flashes and just hot.  The weather was cooperative sos I finally got it done.  It took longer to get it on the design wall than it did to bind it!!!

I used a contemporary boxy quilt design and I am real happy with it. It is 80 x 91 and I have not named it because it was a pattern out of the Modern Quilt Magazine and it was already named but I forgot what it was.  The pattern is in Florida.  Oh well.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Tail's A Waggin'

I have finished piecing the dog quilt top and piecing the backing too.

It is made up of 20 dog blocks but because it is already on the long arm awaiting my sister's visit next week, you can only see the top two rows.  There are three more hiding.  I need my sis here because together we make a much better longarmer than either of us alone, but I must say that she is better with the brain power than I am.

I have also started the compilation of the parts to the Christmas pillows.  They always start out daunting due to the amount made, but soon into the project it levels out and I sit back and enjoy the process.  They should be done to the point of getting the pillow insert into them but I won't do that until November.  Having them completed and boxed this early makes them not look fresh after being in a box so long.

There's an article that was in the paper a couple days ago about unplugging treadmills and having them work by the power off the person, much like spinning bikes, that have power for the screen but the bike riding itself is completely manual.  I think it's a great idea.

I have nine hole golf this morning and it's not one of those sunshiny mornings.  It is wet and windy and grey.  It may or may not improve before the nine holes are completed.  It may just pour down rain and that would force me back home.  I am trying to build a handicap so I should be weather positive.  I need ten games to acquire a handicap. I think today will be my fifth or  sixth.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

What A Day!

We had the fraternity brothers and college roommates of G's here for a golf outing and a sleep over.

It was the perfect time for me to make tons of fattening dishes and I did just that.  
Midway through the morning chatting and I felt heat on my leg. I looked at it and sure enough, the tear I got from by crappy footboard of our new master bed was infected. It had been over a week since it happened and why would it wait that long to get infected? I didn't know where to go, a doc in a box or my own doctor?

I opted for my own doctor after calling the office and getting so many prompts that I figured I would just show up as it was time saving considering I couldn't get through on the phone.  I went there and after two hours had a script for antibiotics.  I have to watch infection with this damn fake hip.  An hour after that and I was home bound with my first pill in my body.

Dinner was great.  The weather was wild and the

sunset was perfection.