Thursday, September 21, 2017

What A Cluck!

I have had a rude awakening and it has to do with money. I am surprised I even have any to spend. I went to the store yesterday to get some groceries. I went to Publix like I always do. I took a cooler in the car because it is 90+º and I had to pick up Bella from doggie day care. I finish my shopping and put the chicken breasts in the cooler. I am making lunch with it for my stitch and bitch group on Friday.

Guess what?  I got all the groceries out of the car but forgot the chicken

and it spent all night in the cooler.  Drat!  I decide to put it in the refrigerator until garbage day on Friday and just happened to see the price.  There are actually two packages, one on top of another (which has nothing to do with anything!)

I had to go to Walmart anyway so I thought I would get some new chicken.  Because I had just seen the price on the Publix packaging, when I saw the chicken at Walmart I thought it must be a typo.


It said $9.37 for one package that contained the same amount that Publix's two packages.  I asked an attendant at the meat counter if this was old or a misprint.  Nope, that is what fresh chicken cost there.

That is $1.99 at Wally's and $4.89 a pound at Publix.  That's a major amount of difference.  That's like paying $10 one place and $25 for the same thing somewhere else.  I need to start to pay attention to prices.  My sister will be proud.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dirty Nails

I gotta tell you, I was so young when I got married to G 45 years ago (22) that what I know now would be something that I would like to pass along to everyone.  The problem is that the kids today are getting married older and older and that means that they can't have all the years spent with their father in law like I did to now see the son is a mimic of his father.  Totally.  Not in opinions and things like that but more facial stuff and how they walk and talk as a senior citizen.  In that regard I have married a clone.  This is said with not an iota of malice.  It is merely an observation.  I am pretty sure the same could be said of me.  Nah!!!

I just noticed that I no longer have to download my pictures on my iPhone like I used to. They are just there in my photo section with the date, the time and the location!!! I don't know how long it has been doing this. Wow. Who knew?


Bella went to day care today (to get her used to a once a week visit before we leave her for seven days at Christmas) so I went to the nursery to get something to replace the dead stag horn fern I had in my sleeping pig for several years.

When I took out the fern I saw this, what I thought was a petrified frog, plastered in the interior of the planter, only to come back ten minutes later to see that he had gone.

I decided to go with two Pereromia plants because I love the way the shoots come off them.

I also got my new favorite annual, the beautiful and strong Mexican Heather to plant in my new

matching pots on either side of my front door.  The center pot is going to house the smaller of

these two new Z Z plants, and it will set on the side table
in my lounge area of the master bedroom.  I have to pick
a pot for the bigger Z Z because nothing jumped out at me
today at the nursery.

This dragon structure, covered with moss and vines is over 8 feet tall and a beautiful sight.  I wonder where I could put that?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Screen Saver

Can you see in this picture the hanging screen on the lanai frame?  I already have a
guy gonna replace the whole frame.  He said once you have such a large amount of screen gone, it compromises the rest of the protection.  He said he could do it within a week.  I am having the denser screen put in that stops noseeums and is better sun protection, which I didn't even know existed.  I will bet we had that in our other house because the noseeums were terrible outside the lanai but not at all inside the lanai or house.


I snapped a picture of this because I thought the feather was just gorgeous.  It is made out of three different commercial fabrics and I love the background fabric too.  These are the start of some gals at guild that are doing round robins.  The feather is the owners starting block and the green fabric with the appliquéd curves is the second gals addition.  I am signed up to do a round robin totaling four quilters that are all at the same skill level, which helps a lot.

I am taking Bella to doggie daycare and going off to get my teeth cleaned.

Monday, September 18, 2017


I just realized that in two months we will have moved into this house a year ago. Wow, it is so comfortable that it seems as tho' we were here for several years. I decided to walk around the house and see how all the yard held up to Irma. This house has easy access to the side yards, whereas our last house barely had any side land and to get from front to back yards was a bit of an obstacle course. I have four magnolia trees on this property and the other Florida hoes we have had didn't have any. They are in bloom now, which I must not have been here in time to see it last year.


That, or I was preoccupied. Anyway, they grow these


pineapple shaped buds ( they are about four inches in length)

that then start to shoot out kind of pomegranate shaped and colored seeds.  I will like to see when they all sprout and fill up the center growth.

I have put off the putting away of all the stuff I carted down here from the north.  It is time to make a dent in it.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Sunshine State

We arrived safe and sound in lovely Florida without much difficulty.  What I noticed in the trip, looking for influences of Irma, was that there were very few.  Only one small five block area south of Gainesville on Interstate 75 had all the vinyl billboards were ripped up.  They must have had punched out air holes in them because all the billboards had half moon's cut into them.  There were lots and lots of military convoys traveling north.  I am talking easily 100 convoy trucks holding at least 20 camo clothed military.  There were also lots of cars going south with gas cans strapped on the back of the cars and on the roof .  I only encountered one gas station,  BP, with no gas, but then my car is so big that I only have to fill up the tank, less than two full tanks the whole trip, that is, leaving my driveway with a full tank.  There were lots of disaster trucks, landscaping trucks and home improvement vehicles than I ever saw before on my journey.

At a rare visit to McDonalds, for a mini big mac, there was a sign covering the whole menu board, going through the drive up, that was covered with a sign saying because of the hurricane, the menu was limited to quarter pounders, nuggets, fries, and beverages in a can or in a bottle, as in water and sweet tea.  No baby mac for me so I went for a small fry and called it a day.  I pulled over and got out one bottle, out of two dozen in my trunk, of Stewarts Orange Cream Soda.  I was okay but I still have the mac on my mind.  It's difficult to be me.

I am happy to be here but there was a little bump in the 'welcome home'.  I went to put my frozen peaches, pesto and a few other things, in the garage freezer and realized very quickly that it had no power and everything in the freezer was disgusting.   After 12 hours in the car, I wasn't a happy camper.  Plus the golf cart was parked directly in front of the freezer door and it too did not have power.  G said that it's easy to push without power but I tried and tried and that thing would not move.  I cleaned out what I could and called it a day.  I didn't even attempt to unload the car.  I put up my feet, along with Bella, and called it a day.

It took me a trip to the store for milk for coffee and three more hours to unload the car.  I travel pretty heavy.  Oh well, it's done!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

On The Road Again.

The car is packed to go to Florida but I have completely stressed myself out, thinking of getting into bumper to bumper traffic and worrying about getting gas in my tank. My plan is to leave tomorrow and get there on Saturday, eliminating Atlanta workday traffic. G has his IT looking into traffic patterns (I don't know how to do it and G is fishing in Wisconsin) and so we decided to wait until noon and make the decision to leave this weekend or next weekend. I have nothing I have to do except show up for an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on the 25th, having already canceled an appointment because of the hurricane. Settle down Tommy.


 Besides finishing up the facings for the last eight 12" quilts, I put together these blocks I made in August when all my quilting buddies got together.  I still have borders to attach before it is ready to quilt.  I think I will do that today.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Right Back At It

I am once again at it.  Stop me if you can; good luck with that!


There were four of these 12 inchers but one is already packed to go to Florida.

I was doodling while watching tv with my sis and kept looking at this crazy design, loving it, so much so that I not only made this one but


am making three more.  I think this will be the end of this obsession due to the fact that I will be heading south, hopefully, this weekend.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Heads Up

This is just a heads up on my Florida home.  We had minimal damage, just three sections of the lanai screen were disconnected.  Two are hanging and one is in the bottom of the pool.  Otherwise, we escaped the wrecking ball.  Phew.  I hope everyone was passed by just like we were.

I don't know when I will go down there yet.  I don't want to be involved with the great return of all the evacuated people and they haven't removed the evacuation restrictions yet, due to damage and power loss.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Wow, that Irma is really something. Our Florida house is officially within the path (so far) of the hurricane. I am very happy to not be down there right now, dealing with all that is going on. I have changed my departure to next weekend, not wanting to get in all that returning traffic.

I have had just enough time to make ramshackle my studio which was pristine and clean, waiting for my December return. I am embarrassed to say that I continue to make 12 inch quilts. When is enough enough? You tell me


I looked out at the lake yesterday and saw this odd grouping of 'stuff' right in my back yard water. Between G and I we decided is some kind of construction barge, pushed by a tug boat, with a crane and excavator and a speed boat, which G thinks is how the worker guys get to and from the barge. Very weird looking contraption.

Back to the Weather Channel!

Friday, September 08, 2017

Travel Plans Suspended

I was supposed to be on my way to Florida right now; unfortunately Irma has changed many a plan. I have had my doctor and dentist appointments changed because it appears that every office is closing down for the hurricane and/or it's effects. I have done all I can to prepare for leaving but now I have given next Friday as my leaving date. Hopefully, by then the rain will have stopped and cleanup begun. I still have my fingers crossed that nothing will effect my neighborhood. We have already had the effects of Charlie and Thelma on homes we have lived in in Florida. I was hoping to never gaze on the blue tarps on homes as I pass by.

I am changing from Enbrel to Humira. It entails more blood work and tb tests and other stuff. I have so much blood drawn that I may suggest a port in the future to make it easier on me.

Now, I will have to change my whole mindset to stay for another week. That means food stuffs in the refrigerator, a project or two, and unpacking some stuff. I think I want to go back to bed!!!!


These seven 12 inchers are the center of the last soffit unadorned in the studio.  I need to complete seven more to be FINISHED.  Here are a couple

closeups of two of these mini quilts.

The inspiration for this one was a tea towel in the HGTV magazine my sis in law had here last weekend.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Off To The Doc

The company is all gone and it is time for laundry. I have a doctors appointment today that will take most of the day to get there and back. I am still making 12"quilts for myself, my daughter and my sister. It seems to be never ending.  I have created a monster.


I even used small scraps from a cut up quilt and dressed the short wall between my design walls and the ceiling.


Here is the birthday boy with the grand gals.


Violet made grandpa a 'sleeve' for his birthday.  Pretty clever.

She also made her first quilt.  I wanted to use it as a 12 incher but she wanted to take it home.  She started first grade today and gets to go to school with a cast because she broke her arm.  Good timing.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Yeah, I'd Love To Make You A T-Shirt Quilt

Today was the last day of golf for the season. This evening there is a Ladies of the Lake a couple houses away from our house so everyone wants to park their car/cart in my driveway and we can all walk down together.

The end of the summer season is fast approaching.

And, I think this is worth writing it on your forehead in permanent marker so next time I see you I will expect it to be there!!!


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

And Yeah, I Have Windows Too

I have actually had to change up my to do mindset because on Sunday my DD decided that she would like lots and lots of 12 inchers and I only have until Monday to get her a nice start to her collection. My main sewing machine is going for service via my sister Mike on Tuesday so I want to have all my current obligations completed by then. I will not be getting my machine back until the Christmas holiday. (Don't worry, I have a couple more!) I thought I would show you my completed quilts hanging up in the studio. There are 47 in total and only one is not mine. Can you guess which one it is?




Monday, August 28, 2017

Still At It

I just finished making two doctor appointments for me and in a little bit I take Bella to her doctor to get her stitches and staples removed. I got an emergency appointment next week to see my enbrel doctor. It is no longer working and I read up on it online and I am not the only one, by far, that can see all my symptoms returning. Hopefully he can have me try another biologic before I head to Florida. I also want to have my knees checked in Florida because with all the stairs here, I am having some issues with them. It sucks getting old!

On a lighter note, the 12 inchers are coming along nicely. I have at least 14 for here and 14 for Florida and I still have time to do more before I head south the end of next week.

These two blue quilts were done for a challenge my old guild did.  It was our 25th anniversary so the challenge was to do a blue quilt with 25 of something on them.  This one had 25 stripes on the shoe laces.  It's been a long time since I stippled!

The school of over due Tommy, has always been so.  The second challenge quilt had 25 drips and 25 drops on it.

I did this when I was learning how to do curves.  I love that I am repurposing these never looked at quilts for a happy, if smaller, life!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Summer? Really?

We have had very un-August weather. It didn't even get in the 70's yesterday and today appears to be no better. Maggie and Evan are here and decided that the beach was not gonna happen so they went antique shopping. I was invited but I reminded them that the oldest thing I have is G; I like new. I got out of going.

Oh, by the way, I got the title of Rising Star for the golf season and it came with a gift certificate to the pro shop. I saw no improvement except this past Thursday I did get a par (not a common occurrence) and I sunk an approach shot. I am almost ready to go pro, or not. I am still doing the little quilts.

This one was one of two I got out of one third of a triptych that I never really liked how it fit together.  Now it will be a two part quilt and be grand after I tweek it.  I will never miss the third quilt.


The next two quilts came from a challenge that called for a noticeable amount to the multicolored fabric.

I actually got three mini quilts out of it.


The challenge also had to have Illinois features including a cardinal, violets and a log cabin block, which I made into a little quilt hanging from a branch in the cardinals claws.

Violet has started collecting beach glass, indian beads and unique stones.  We decided that she needs her own vase to stash her finds in.  I got a pen that after cooking in an oven will make writing on glass or ceramic  permanent.  If you can see it, Violet printed her name at the bottom part of the vase. Charlotte was jealous but I reminded her that she doesn't know how to write her name yet and promised that as soon as she can write her name, she too will get her own vase.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back On Track

My Bella is finally back to her own self; apart from the shaved sections of her body. She has her mojo back. That makes me very happy.

 I think this 12 inch thing I am into is gonna last until I go to Florida, which is in a couple weeks. I can't seem to stop myself. I am keeping the promise to myself that I clean out a closet, or something in the house that has stuff that I haven't used in many a year. I have too much stuff. The problem is that the Goodwill box (for lack of a better description) is ALWAYS full. We used to have a local Salvation Army box too but that isn't here any longer.

For some eye candy I will share that last two 12 inchers I have made.


If this keeps up, I will need to add an addition to the house in order to show all this mini work.

This is from a quilt that is (or rather was) more than 20 years old.  I was just a baby when I made it!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

They Look Like Old Televisions


This little black and white drawing was on my design wall, occasionally calling me to look at it so I could figure out how to construct it for a 12" exchange I lined up on this blog.  I never like to fuse so that wasn't an option.  Anyway, the drawing was there and Violet was drawing pictures so I asked her if she would like to draw my little drawing.  The post it was what she came up with.  I think she did a brilliant job of it, don't you think so too?

I ended up constructing it like I do everything else, using freezer paper and a mirror image.  It worked just fine.

I decided to make another for my current obsession of decorating the studio here with 12 inchers.  To eliminate boredom, I changed up some of the colors.  It was fun.  The exchange quilts went in the mail about ten days ago so I feel pretty confident that everyone has received theirs.  Don't want to ruin the surprise!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Productive Weekend

We, my sister and my gals the quilters, had a very busy and fast moving weekend.  We had a ball comparing our lives, some of which were bordering on soap opera themes, and got a lot of sewing done.

This santa coat was made for a 2 year old grand child that LOVES Santa!  He spends a good portion of his summer in his winter coat, feeling closer to Santa by doing so.  His grandy Anne, thought a lighter weight 'coat' would serve him better.  How cute is that?

Mike finished up this quilt top and I started one, using the same pattern buy not very far into it yet.


JeanAnn cut out 2 1/2" squares for a good day and after putting one block together and reading the pattern that said to iron all seams open, she stopped work on that block, contemplating what to do so as to not have to iron the seams open.  There are thirty six squares in this 12 inch block.  Yikes!

Talk about manual labor - these blocks are made of both white and off white and a stripe that is completely made out of selvages!!!!

Here is a close up of all that work Peggy has done and she still has lots more of the blocks!!!

Peggy also made a tooth fairy pillow for her grandson Kieran.  The tooth part (where she removed a tooth - clever) is the pillow pocket.  It hangs on the door knob.

I made two of these butterfly 12"'ers.  They were fun to make.  Now I have to think up some more!!!