Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good Reads

Good Reads
Auhl, Jean--- The Clan of the Cave Bear (series)
Berg, Elizabeth ---All Are Welcome Here
Bourdain, Anthony ---The Nasty Bits and Kitchen Confidential
Brashares,Ann ---Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Bronte, Charlotte ---Jane Eyre
Buford, Bill--- Heat
Burroughs, Augusten--- Possible Side Effects
Burroughs, Augusten--- Running With Scissors
Caldwell, Bo ---Distant Land of my Father
Caldwell, Laura ---The Rome Affair
Carter, Erica ---Personal Imagery In Art Quilts
Cohan, Tony ---On Mexican Time
Conlon, Gerry ---Name of the Father
Connelly, Michael ---Hieronymus Bosch Novels
Cotterill, Colin--- The Coroner's Lunch
Deaver, Jeffrey--- The Cold Moon
Dickens, Charles--- Tale of Two Cities
Drinkwater, Carol ---Olive Season
Dumas, Alexander--- Count of Monte Cristo
Edwards, Kim--- Memory Keepers Daughter
Ellerbee, Linda--- Take Big Bites
Ephron, Nora--- I Hate my Neck
Fitch, Janet--- White Oleander
Gabaldon, Diana--- The Outlander (series)
Gelman, Rita Golden--- Tales of a Female Nomad
Gibbons, Kaye--- Ellen Foster
Grogan, John--- Marley and Me
Hamill, Peter--- Snow in August
Hamill, Peter--- A Drinking Life
Hamilton, Jane--- Map of the World
Hoffman, Alice--- Blue Diary
Kidd, Sue--- The Secret Life of Bees
Kingsolver, Barbara---Poisonwood Bible
Kingsolver, Barbara ---Prodigal Summer
Koontz, Dean ---The Husband
Larson, Erik--- The Devil in the White City
Lippman, Laura ---To the Power of Three
Martel, Ann ---The Life of Pu
Masumoto, David--- Epitaph for a Peach
Masumoto, David--- Harvest Son
Mitchell, Margaret--- Gone With the Wind
Morris, Mary--- Lost Mother
Mulder, Karen--- Japanland
Packer, Ann--- The Dive From Clausen's Pier
Patterson, James / Charles Roughan--- Honeymoon
Pilcher, Rosamunde---- Shell Seekers
See, Lisa ---Snowflower and the Secret Fan
Smith, Betty--- A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
Smith, Scott ---A Simple Plan
Stegner, Wallace--- Angle of Repose
Toole, John Kennedy ---A Confederacy of Dunces
Trillin, Calvin---- Feeding a Yen
Trillin, Calvin--- Alice, Let's Eat
Trillin, Calvin ---Travels with Alice
Unger, Lisa--- Beautiful Lies
Uris, Leon--- Haj
Walls, Jeanette--- The Glass Castle
Wells, Rebecca ---Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood
West, Morris ---Clowns of God
Carl Hiaasen books
Harry Potter books
Alice Hoffman books
Earlene Fowler books

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Margie said...

Just looking around on your new site. I just read Augusten Burroughs' A Wolf at the Table. I wanted my mommy, MY daddy and my blankie. Not much humor in this one.
Have you read David Sedaris?