Thursday, September 07, 2006


Micky and I went into Chicago for the afternoon while her car was being serviced. I don't think it is the closest place to go for her, but it get's her into the big city for a few hours and so that's why she chose it. Always willing to carry shopping bags, I accepted the invitation to join her. It's a pretty sweet deal; you drop off your car, they take you wherever you want to go, and when you return they pay for your cab. Neato.

We did some shopping (big shock there) and we stopped off at a new hit restaurant called Minnies . Everything there is little. I'm talking real little.

I don't know why I bothered with this menu board; you can't read it anyway. Oh well. So there I was, at Minnies with Micky. That must be an omen.

These beers (as well as wine, champagne etc) were little. I took this picture without the drinkers knowledge. These Miller Lites are about 4 inches tall. You get them in, what else?, a little bucket.

This was what Micky ordered (you order in multiples of three). The fries are tiny but yummy. Here we have a High Tea cucumber sandwich, a mini cheeseburger and a mini grilled tuna.

This is my dinner. It is composed with a tuna also, as well as a cuban and a reuben. Hey ! That rhymes! It was delightful and was quite a hoppin' place. You can walk up to the front window and order and have a beer or whatever outside while you wait for your very speedy order. There is talk of putting four more in Chicago. It is not cheap tho'. Three mini's cost $7 and the fries are another $3. But, it is a cute and unique place so it is worth the couple extra bucks.

Reading back on what I wrote, I sound like a food critic. On another note, I AM asking you to send in your list of great books you have read in the last two years. I will compile the list as before and will give us all a heads up on what's good to read.


Mrs. Mel said...

This is the first day of my *seriously must diet* diet.
Now look what you did, I am salivating.

Maggie said...

Glad you went. The prices are a bit large for the mini-ness of the items!