Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jewelry Bag

I started to do a tutorial on this travel jewelry bag but Bella wouldn't leave me alone. It was just one of those mornings that I didn't get anything done. Hey, it happens. When Belly decided not to use me as a teething ring she actually climbed up

into the shelf of my ironing station and fell asleep. Is she not cute or what?

Then I was gonna do it later and realized that to do it right I should make another to take pictures of. So during Idol I made another bag and took some pictures while in the process. Here goes; a jewelry bag that anyone can make.

Basically this bag is two circles that are sewn together in a way to form little pockets for jewelry with a drawstring to close it up.

You need two outer circles around 14" across but it can be bigger or smaller depending on what you are looking for as a finished piece. So cut out the two circles and with right sides together, sew them together on the outside 1/8" of the circle. Because the lining center will be covered by other fabric later, you can make a slit

in the center to turn the piece right side out. Oh, it is important (or at least I think so) that you have a contrast in color from the outside fabric and the inside (lining). This is because when you are looking to put a pair of earrings in one of the little pockets, you can see the individual pockets easier if the fabrics you chose are noticably different. Also, the bag I initially purchased used actual lining fabric (kinda shiny acetate or something; I am not very knowledgable in these types of fabrics). It is probably a kinder fabric for your 'jewels' but I didn't have it and so used what I already had on hand, which was 100% cotton.

The inside circle needs to be smaller and I made mine dinner plate size which makes it three inches in diameter smaller. You need two of these also and do the same as the larger circle, sewing (right sides together) a 1/8" seam on the outer edge and then turning right side out through the lining (pink on mine) slit. I didn't say to iron these circles before but you need to (but I really didn't have to say that, right?) The center is padded, and I am guessing that is for two reasons; to pad the jewelry you put inside and also so that it sits upright. I used three layers of warm and natural but you could use less or more depending on how much padding you want. You then place this batting in the center of the large circle (pink side) and then place the inside circle on it centered also (pink side down.
Here is a pic of the batting in the center. If you look closely you can see the temporary markings I made to show where I need to sew the centers together around the batting and then the marks from the circle to the outside of the inner circle to make the compartments. I made eight compartments on this one and made six on the last one I made. You can easily mark them by folding in half and half and half and marking those lines.

You sew on those markings and then make three sewing lines on the outer circle that is free from the inside circle (the perimeter), the first about 1/4" from the outer edge and then two more that are far enough apart to fish a safety pin through.

On the outside of the biggest circle you need to make a hole on each side (fold it in half to mark the spots) to have the ribbon come through. This should be between the second and third sewing line you made. The jewelry bag I bought had a sewing machine made eyelet hole. I chose this method that - to cut a small circle in between the two sewing lines (making sure not to cut through both layers) and then I put fray check on the cut circle to eliminate fraying. I am all for not having to get out the sewing machine manual and once again, learn how to make a button hole.
You use either cording or ribbon and with a small safety pin, fish it through the hole and go all the way around the circle and back out of the same hole you started in. Then knot the two ends together.Do the same with the hole on the other side.
This is a picture showing the pockets that you have made.
Here's the purchased bag
and here's bra bag numero duo. I was watching while making it. It's simple; takes about 45 minutes all day and looks like you spent at least an hour on it.


Eleanaz said...

I will attempt to make one!

Anonymous said...

Finally!! I have been waiting and waiting for this one ever since you mentioned not really meaning to sound impatient.

Bella is probably much cuter when she is sleeping and not gnawing away on your legs. Get her a teething ring or some water cracker.

Laura-Murphy's Mom said...

I make this too and I use it as a sewing bag or a jewelry bag.
Instead of the padding in the bottom I trace a circle from the plastic lid of a coffee can and use that in the bottom. That way if you ever wanted to wash it, you can. This works well for the sewing bag--more body.

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for posting this tute! I made it and it turned out lovely. I was actually looking for direction on making this exact bag. I only had a picture to go off of, so I needed the details. Thank you also for explaining the why on several of your directions. (contrasting lining fabric, adding the padding and so on) I love to know the reasons why or I am liable to find out the hard way!

Anonymous said...


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Penny said...

Thanks for the tute! Made one for my hexagon project.

Jenny said...

Hi Tommy, great tute, I'm going to make up a few of these!

Margaret said...

I love this idea, wonderful


Graciela said...

Muchas gracias por el tutorial, ya hice un costurerito para mis hexágonos y ademas tambien hice Las fotos del paso a paso asi más amigas pueden hacerlo , si quieres puedes pasar por mi blog para ver como quedó
gracias de nuevo hasta pronto ! !

Alia said...

It is soooooo cool that I speak Spanish! It is so nice to see on blogland. Anyway, I made a jewelry bag sewing caddy. I want to thank you for the tutorial and your puppy is the cutest darn thing I have ever seen in the doggie world! What breed? I have an adorable kitty with a face like that! yummy! Come by my blog and have a look at mine!

Thanks again so much!


Anonymous said...

wonderfull!!! very great idea ;O)

Rosaria said...

wonderfull!!! very great idea ;O)

Rosaria said...

wonderfull!!! very great idea ;O)

Maria Rosaria said...

wonderfull!!! very great idea ;O)

Maria Rosaria said...

wonderfull!!! very great idea ;O)