Friday, August 31, 2007

Another Beautiful Day

I think I figured out why I couldn't post the first two videos I did. I think they were just too long. The one where Bella gets into the thread drawers was the funniest. I have solved the

problem by putting the cart on top of my sewing table. The only drawback is that it is in the exact place (the only clean spot on the table) where I can view my tv while sewing. I will have to rethink this.

Maggie and Evan are coming for the weekend. I decided to make a mixed grill while they were here and I already had the shrimp so I asked G to get some protein. He came home with lamb chops and steaks that were bigger than my head. Guys. It's gotta be the testosterone, ya think?

Yesterday was a perfect day. I worked in the yard (yes, you heard me correctly). The shrubbery has gotten so big that Bella can't maneuver in between to do her business. I don't really care about stuff like that until it hampers the pet. And the pathetic part of that last statement is true. I would not have even noticed. People probably come over and think to themselves , 'can't she do something about this garden?' Well, they're not invited back, that's for sure.

Do you remember, way back in December

when I made the facebooks? Well, all went well until last month (more like six weeks ago) when all hell broke loose and I got very busy and neglected to do it weekly. I called Regina in hopes that she was just as negligent as I but that was definitely not the case. I was chastised and I promised to get up to date; which I did. This is Bella's post for this week. Oh, and she went to Doggie Day Care yesterday. I got a report that she totally bonded with a soft coated Wheaton Terrier named Gracie. I also was told that when all the big dogs are playing around, Bella just sits on the sidelines and watches, just as regal as she can be. Her perfect posture was mentioned too. I am making sure she goes once a week so that she will feel comfortable there and not fear it. It's good to be social. So far so good.


dee said...

before I go on and on about Bella(too cute for words)can I please come over and help you out with all that fabric. It looks way too heavy for the shelves-I think you need to lighten the load and I'm nothing if not a helpful friend!
I loved that facebook idea.

Rian said...

That's a scary amount of thread!