Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Boat Show

I was just opening my blog and saw yesterday's title, 'Tying The Knot'. I remember last fall, when we were in the city for a wedding, I was in a Walgreen's and looked over at the newspaper stand and there was the New York Post with the caption, 'Tying The Nut'. Along with it was a picture of a famous couple. Can you guess who it was? Non other than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I laughed out loud. Every now and again I remember it, for some reason. There. I've said it.

Once again, Micky and I attended the in-water boat show. Neither of us are interested in boats, but it's a thing we seem to do, year after year. Last year our timing was off and we didn't get to see Twiggy, The Water Skiing Squirrel. We did much better this time. We were barely in the door and it was time for the performance.

Here is Twiggy in all her glory. She really likes to water ski and she's very cute and tiny. She's about the size of a man's hand.
As you can see, she attracts quite a crowd. We were given the option at the end of the five minute show to go and pet her and give her a kiss. We took a pass.

We always go into the largest boat that we don't need an appointment for. By saying that I should explain that the real big boats don't want riff raff like us on it just being nosy. They want possible buyers so you have to make an appointment. So the biggest one we could find was a 48 footer. It was very nice with all the bells and whistles but this appliance was a first for me. It is a combination washer and dryer all in the same footprint. How cool is that? It's so smart and space saving. I was duly impressed.

Another cool thing was the Crusin' Cooler. They were selling them for $499. You could pick

your own color and get different options (like a horn, for example). Here is Mick test driving the contraption. It was pretty cool. It goes about 18 mph and it has three wheels.
Parked by the party boat were these double coolers. The first one has enough power to pull the second cooler and rider. The load limit on each is 300 lbs. Oh, and I almost forgot, it IS a COOLER!!!!

This boat caught my eye as the boating example of a HUMMER. Kinda manly.
And this was the coolest of them all. It was so sleek in design. I thought of a car from the 40's
when I saw it. They did not have this in the water and rightly so. I don't think you could see what a cool shape it is if you were looking down on it.

Now you've been to the boat show.

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I thought you were going to use the 'movie' feature of your camera Tommy?