Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just Some Info

I feel a bit foolish. I was talking to a girl who is going to Vegas and I was telling her about the slot machines at the new New Buffalo, Michigan casino, Four Winds Resort. Thinking I knew what was cutting edge, I was blabbing on and on about the fact that there is no money coming out when you cash out or none of those buckets everyone carried their loot around in. She politely informed me that that's how it is in Vegas too; that they changed over to tickets some time ago. No one told me. Oh well. Anyway, Maggie and Evan are in Vegas for four days and they are gonna see Celine Dion. G and I are going in a couple weeks. He has work to do out there and I said I would go along for the ride. I am trying to talk someone else to go with me cauz' he will be working most of the time.

My quilt top that I started is done. I am very happy with how it turned out. I can't share it with you now because it's for a challenge and I can't have it out there until they are due and all will be viewed at the same time. I am now starting the second one for this same challenge.

I haven't shown flowers in ages and thought I would share a couple beauties. This one has my favorite rose in it; sterling roses. They are a very light lavender.
This has a very pleasing arrangement. I just love fresh flowers.
This handkerchief was left at my house a couple weeks ago. No one seems to want to claim it. Is it yours?

You know that washer/dryer combo I blogged yesterday. My friends in California said that in 1972 they actually chose an apartment because they had this combo? It was the deciding factor. That was 35 years ago (the year I got married!!!). Where the hell are they now? They might be good for dyers that are limited in space.

The second time we flew out to D.C. to be with Maggie and Evan (four or so years ago) I was gifted with a wine glass that actually holds a whole bottle of wine. I put it in the car and then later climbed in and sat on the box with the wineglass and broke it. Well, Maggie and Evan
replaced it and gave it to me a couple weeks ago. I still haven't had the nerve to try it out. I am of the understanding that what goes into a wineglass needs to be completely drained; and by me. I'm gathering strength.


Anonymous said...

Tommy, the washer dryer combination are still about but as far as I know not very popular as they are not energy efficient...and has to be on an extracting drainage to remove the water collected during the drying process. 'Normal' dryers are air blown, this is an evaporation system. I have never seen a consumer test that recommended the usage but if all else doesn't matter it might be worth considering.
On the planet that does main course.

Anonymous said...

Check out Asko brand.
But if you mean good to dye fabric in that part doesn't work as they drain and refill several times. I have an Asko washer and dryer in WI and FL. Love them.
My dryer vents to the outside and the washer and dryer are separate.
But they do have the washer and dryer in one.
Kay S

Mechelle said...

hmmm - must search for whole bottle wine glass - what a great gift!! haha