Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I have tried the video feature at least 20 times and it failed. I have since, every six hours or so, taped some such blather going on at home to try and see if it worked. Tonight we were trying to corral Bella to get her in the box so we could go out to dinner with friends and I decided to try and video it. The first two times I tried to post it it didn't work. It seems as though this will work so here goes.


Anonymous said...

This is CRAZY cute! Don't you just love this new technology?

Well done Tommy, now you have it down pat.

dee said...

That is sooo great! Bellavision-Bwahhhhh.

teri springer said...

It works great!! kaiser has the same toy in lime green.

So, are those G's monster feet in the video??