Monday, August 27, 2007

Tying The Knot

The kids came to stay for a wedding of a friend that had decided to get married at the Warren Dunes in Michigan. As the weather channel will attest, we have had our share of downpours this summer but this past week was the worst. Saturday morning was no exception. But, like a miracle of sorts, the rain stopped at 11 and the sun came out. That was just enough time for the sun to do it's work and dry off some of the land.
Here is the adorable couple, tying the knot. I didn't attend (wasn't invited and shouldn't have been as I barely know Janice, the bride) but, living vicariously through the kids, I managed to get them to take my camera and get some shots. Some shots were better than others.
As you can see, the photographer (who I am not naming) seems to be plagued with a
foot fetish. I managed to catch a picture of my weekend guests just as they popped out of the
shower and were heading out for lunch. This is Becky, Richard and my Maggie and her Evan. They are coming back next weekend for a leisurely visit before Maggie starts her new 'lawyer' job the following week. She's all growed up.


teri springer said...

Boy, I hope that the bride remembered sunscreen or the honeymoon isn't going to be a whole lotta fun!


Anonymous said...

Tommy, did Maggie pass her Bar Exams then?
Congrats if she did and congrats for her in the future too, whether or not she did.

Anonymous said...

The bridal couple are sooooo cute, did I say cute? I wonder what they were staring at so intently. The guy reminds me of Liz Hurley's ex, what's his name? Oh, Hugh Grant, that him!