Monday, September 17, 2007

Back To School

Yesterday the girls and I had a couple of small mini classes where we taught each other something that we recently learned how to do and wanted to share with others. First up was Anne, who taught us how to make these lined little totes in about five minutes.
We all made the same size but the size can easily be changed because all that is required for the construction is outside fabric, inside fabric, fusible fleece and a zipper. A ribbon pull can be added if ya want.
Then it was my turn to teach the girls how to do circles on the sewing machine without them being appliqued. As you can see, they were very diligent students. This is their finished
work. The fabric should be ignored; I gave them a scrap bag to choose their fabric from and didn't give them time to coordinate. Like I told them, this is not for keeps; it's just a lesson. That in itself was a bit of a lesson. The girls are still sleeping. I let them sleep in after watching the Emmy's last night.


Frieda said...

I love the cirlces, can you send me your directions for doing them on the machine?

Anonymous said...

And I love the bags, maybe you could post the instructions sometime....why were your girls dressed? where are the nighties?

Karen said...

I second Friedas' thoughts! Looks like much fun.

bonnie said...

Circle secret is my favorite shape......thanks.