Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Body Double

I am always struck by the beauty of Chicago for a big city and all. There are spectacular plantings all up and down the main drag, Michigan Avenue.

This particular one sports a little fountain. Lots of the plants are recognized with little placards stating their name.
I mean, come on, is this not gorgeous? There are always little contests, or rather activities going on and this summer is is sponsored by Nokia and it is the dressing of a mannequin. Each form
had a marker stating the name of the creation as well as the local establishment that sponsored it. This is the marker for the American Girl Store
and here is their interpretation. Some of these are clever and
some are a little scary. Then, like this one, it doesn't seem as though they
put a lot of thought or effort into them.
This may be my favorite.
This one is called Bird of Paradise and you may notice that they have a stick on the bodice that is similarly shaped like the flower.
I feel like taking a salsa lesson when I see this one.
What were they thinking?
You gotta love this. It is adorable. It's probably Ann Taylor or Talbot sponsored.
I have no comment on this one. It's just a dress.
This looks suspiciously like some of my felting.
I think I owned something similar to this in high school.
This one is all plastic.
I'm a sucker for a circle. This body wrap concludes my tour for you of the sights in the gardens of Michigan Avenue.


teri springer said...

You just never know what you're going to see in Chicago! My favorite areas are still Old Town and Streeterville. On "What's My House Worth?" this weekend they had a limestone in Bronzeville. The owner had done some fantastic renos and wanted to do more but needed the place to appraise at a minimum of $500K. Shoot, her kitchen alone was worth that! Anyway, I figured $700-$750K and the realtor came up with $850K....wish I had bought downtown 25 years ago!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the eye candy.

Cindra said...

How fun was that? I think I still liked the circular planting the best of all. Wow! Gorgeous!

Peggy said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. Some of us rarely make it downtown to enjoy the eye candy, but we appreciate you sharing what you see!