Sunday, September 02, 2007

Breakfast of Champions

The girls went out to breakfast this morning so I am a little tardy with my blog. The summer is winding down and Regina is leaving tomorrow morning to go back home in Florida. We wanted to give her a french toast sendoff. But, now that I think about it, I think she had a waffle. I settled on a poached egg and rye toast. Too much information? No? Well then, Linda had an egg beater Denver omelette and Ann had a regular plain omelet. Everybody else had french toast. Now, even I know that this is more than you wanted to know.

I was turned on to this Cream of Balsamic by my girlfriend from college, Jayne. She gave this to me because I told her I had never heard of it and had not seen it in any store.

It is a thick sweet syrup. Besides having aged balsamic, it also has grape must to thicken it. It is divine. Get yourself some. It's wonderful on almost anything and can even be used on ice cream.
I took some pictures of part of dinner last night. Here we have G's grilled lamb. I also roasted
some white asparagus. Very yummy.
These shrimp were brushed with olive oil and then coated with a seafood rub (thanks Linda) and then skewered and put on the grill. These are as big as my fist. G likes big food.

I was sitting in the pedicure chair gabbing away yesterday when I spotted the back of a magazine and this is what it said:

I actually stole the back cover so that I could bring it home and share with you. There wasn't a picture or anything and the rest of the back was just white paper except for this verbiage. It's pretty clever if you ask me.


dee said...

I'm with G on the big food but it shows up a lot on me! You must really miss Regina when she goes back to Fla. I remain the official blogging Regina groupie! Safe travels home R. Have a great Labor Day weekend. Hugs to the pup.

Cindra said...

There are a couple of names for that Balsamic. I use it on salads all the time. I have one salad that I love with either walnuts or pecans or apples or pears (your choice) spinach and a nice blend of other garden greens and toss with just a touch of apple cider vinegarette.. just so the leaves have a touch of shine and then drizzle that balsamic glaze over it. It does look like chocolate syrup and it makes the salad taste like dessert! It is so yummy!!!!

Does Regina have a blog?