Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Don't Worry, Be Happy

By the way, the skin cancer thing is nothing new to me. I have dealt with it for more than fifteen years. And I do stay out of the sun. If you knew me at all you would know that the very first thing I do to start my day is take out the dog and apply sun screen. I'm not an idiot. The skin problems I am dealing with now are from my childhood, when I was foolish and didn't know any better. And actually my legs are mostly paying the price and that is the one place that I thought never seemed to get sun. Oh well. I faithfully go to the doctor for a complete once over four times a year. I am totally on top of this predicament, thank you very much.

The circle technique is one that I was taught by the circle guru herself, Dale Fleming, while she was Artist In Residence at a retreat. She has since published a book,

and in it she teaches her 'Six Minute Circle' among other things. Once you get the hang of it, it is a lot faster than six minutes. As far as the little tote bag directions, they will be following shortly; just as soon as I get my act together.


Anonymous said...

And yet you seem to have your 'back up against the wall' in your reply to such a harmless comment by Anon. Something is niggling you there old girl.....

masteroftheobvious said...

Could it be the cancer, do you suppose?

Cindra said...

good for you, Tommy. I tell my kids the foolish things you do today come back to haunt you. Unfortunately, there were no studies or info to save us. I had melanoma, luckily a very early stage, I don't go in the sun and I get checked all the time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tommy,

There could also be a genetic component in your skin cancers... it runs in my family (on my mother side), for instance. Both my grandparents, my mom and my uncle have had some surgery done on several parts of their (beige) anatomy because of some local skin carcinomas, unfortunately, my aunt died of melanoma. As a child, even if I didn't know how bad the sun can be for you, I would always hide from it(I guess it is because I have very sensitive eyes), but I clearly remember my grandma telling me to stand in the sun so I could look a bit healthier... Now I know I was right!
Keep the ipod lessons coming!
Isabel (Spain)