Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Downloading into iPod

Had to leave early this morning and didn't get a chance to blog. I got my results back from the skin doc; I have both squamous and basal carcinoma. I am getting used to going under the knife now. I think I will start to wear only long pants if I get too many more scars on my legs. I guess my days of leg modeling are over.

Okay, here is my directions to download onto an iPod through iTunes. It appears to work like a charm. Copy these directions and probably in a book or two, you won't even have to refer to them at all.

To Configure iTunes (ver. 7)
Open iTunes and go to Edit at the top and click on it and go to Preferences and click on that.

Click on the Advanced tab. Then click on the Importing tab.

In the first box use the pull down selection to chose Show CD then in the next – Import Using – select AAC Encoder; in the next – Setting – choose Custom and right after you do another box will appear and you fill it in in the following manner

Stereo Bit Rate 64kbps
Sample Rate Auto
Channels Auto

Put a check in the box for Optimize for Voice
Click OK

Uncheck the box for Play Songs while importing or converting but make sure all the other boxes are checked.

Click OK and now you can start to download your library audio CD’s in the manner I am showing you.

To Transfer CD Audio Books to iTunes (Ver. 7)
Open up iTunes

Insert CD into computer. Press Ctrl and A to Select all.

Open Advanced tab at top of iTunes and choose Join CD tracks. Then open it again and select Submit CD track names. It should be filled in with the info automatically but if not, fill in author (artist), album (title) and genre (books and spoken), from pull down list). You only have to do this for the first CD of the book. It will automatically fill in on the rest. Or at least, it does most of the time. Sometimes some random name will pop up and you can just rename it correctly by typing in the correct name.I don’t know if you need to name them like this. I was afraid to do otherwise. You be brave.

Click OK twice and go to the Import tab on the bottom right and click on it.
The time it takes shows up on the top only it’s much less time than it says. When it’s done, eject the disc and put in the next one right away. This definitely saves time.

Find the disc you just burned under the Music category and right click on it. Click on the first option, Get Info. Under Options Tab check the first two boxes at the bottom- Remember Playback Position and Skip When Shuffling. I think you can probably do this stuff individually after the whole book is done but I prefer to do it after each disc is complete (like the instructions said; once again, you be the rebel).

Then go to Info Tab and where the book’s name is at the top, put the cursor in FRONT of the name and label with the number of the disc and the total number of discs. Ex. 03/18Honeymoon. This shows that you have just burned the third disc out of the complete 18 of the book entitled Honeymoon. You always need to put the 0 before single digits. This is very important.

You are now at the point for the next disc where you press Ctrl and A to select all (as above).

Continue in this manner until you have downloaded all the disc’s of your book. Then just hook up your iPod to your computer and it will automatically sync. Hallelujah!!!


Michele said...

Tommy!! I am excited that you have mastered this! You are right, it becomes automatic after the first time or (12). LOL. But it saves money from buying them and checking them out from the library is really easy. Now do you listen in the car with your iTrip??? That has been a lifesaver to me on my 1/2 hour commute to work each way. Something else to think about?

BTW, sorry about the leg modeling, but I think you have a new career of interpreting crazy directions for the world.


Cindra said...

Wow! You are awesome, Tommy.
BTW, I use iTrip, but I get a lot of static. Anybody? Any ideas how to decrease the static?

Anonymous said...

Hope you can lick this 'nuisance' Tommy and keep out of the sun in the future.