Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Fall LineUp

Our little girl likes to bring in souvenirs while she is out on her walk. Yesterday she decided to lay claim to this burnt piece of wood. She ran all over the house with it when I tried to get it from her, and then I gave up.
Here she is, with dirty face and feet after she had her way with the charred wood. She is always up to something!!!
When I bought my little pots of herbs in the spring I had one space opened on those plastic trays that the pots fit in and so I filled it with a pot labeled 'fennel'. Well, I stuck it in the ground and this is what it looked like yesterday. It's almost as tall as I am. I keep looking at it and wondering
where the part is that you actually use. Is it this part that is coming out of the ground? Surely it's gotta be almost done growing. It's been five months. Anyone out there grow fennel?

I'm in heaven with the fall lineup starting. I plotted out my evening viewing and actually got a bit giddy thinking of all those great old shows and possible great new ones. It's a good thing my newest quilt top is mostly hand work. Idle hands and all that. I haven't seen anything new yet, but did get a look at all the new characters on Boston Legal. Half of the cast has been replaced!!!
It's still good tho', don't get me wrong. Tonight I want to see the Grey's spin off of Private Practice. Yeah!!!
I watched parts of the first two Dancing With The Stars (Monday was the girls and last night was the guys) and can't even believe how great they are doing on their very first dance. It's amazing. It would take me a year and lots of Epsom Salts to get one fiftieth as good. Wayne Newton and Marie Osmond could use a little more time at practice tho'. I relate to their talent much more than those others. Jane Seymour is elegant and looks professional and she is 56!


Laura Christensen said...

It's the bulb you want. Looks just like the fennel bulb you buy in the store. Use for soup maybe??? good luck!
oh, and thanks for the small bag tutorial, really clever. It's on my list of things to do.
And thanks for all the work it takes to keep up with this blog. I enjoy your pics and comments so much. Your's is the first I read every day.

Valeri said...

As well as using the bulb you can use the feathery leaves for flavouring sauces, for fish dishes and for garnishes. They have an aniseed flavour. The bulbs can be roasted and make great vegetables. Again, faintly aniseedy.
See http://www.purplesage.org.uk/profiles/fennel.htm

Mechelle said...

Little Miss Bella is sooooo photogenic - even with the mustache! Such a cutie with happy eyes.

Anonymous said...

I think Bella is smiling in that 2nd picture. She is such a pretty doggy.

Cindra said...

I had to tape Boston Legal last night although I peeked a little and noticed my favorite funny man from other shows (John Laro- however you spell his name) is playing a different type of character...hmmmm. I have another engagement tonight so I will have to tape Back to You.. I watched last week's on the Internet and it was hilarious! And taping the spinoff tonight. There is so much to watch.. I won't even miss Saving Grace... although I do miss her angel Earl!