Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Girls

Lookie who was in the kitchen when I woke up yesterday? These darling damsels came to spend

some quality time with me for a few days. Seeing as how we usually spend most or all of our time together in our sleepwear, it was only fitting that I took this pic of them in that attire. Notice that I didn't manage to get in the pic!!! We are always trying to get together and unfortunately life gets in the way and we only manage it a few times a year. But it's always grand and always productive. We hash over the projects we are working on, start new ones; sometimes together and all in all just have a gay ole' time. This time it's a bit different tho'. Instead of Hershey's Kisses and chips in little bowls by our sewing machines, we have grapes and apples and all that good stuff. The reason is simple; all these fine ladies are diligently following
the gospel according to Weight Watchers. Yep, the pounds are dropping like you wouldn't believe. I am thinking the total count for LB's lost is somewhere around 70 pounds. That's a ten year old that they have shed jointly. And my refrigerator never knew what hit it. There are
so many 'good for you' things in it that it is having a identity problem!!! I am very proud of these dear friends and give them a 'hips hips hurray' (in the good sense) for their valiant efforts. We are eating wonderful meals and enjoying each other's company. What more could I ask for? A brownie?

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