Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy Birthday G; One Day Late

Gordon actually came home from golf yesterday and said, 'I am sick of golf'. Yes, he did. Then ten minutes later he gets a call that says he has to come back to play in a sudden death for second place in a little tourney he was involved in. He did go back and they did win. He says he is still sick of golf. We shall see. He was in Flights (where you play guys that are in the same handicap range as you) on Friday and Saturday and he won his flight. Lots of golf stuff had to be pushed back due to all the rain we had. It seems to have all landed on this past weekend. Oh, it was also his birthday yesterday.

Maggie and Evan were here for the weekend and they gave G this very cool zen like steel thingy for his desk at work. They also went together with Maria and Peter and got tickets for all of us to the opera, La Boheme, in October. It's G's favorite music (from the movie soundtrack of Moonstruck!!)
Every time I look at this picture of a fountain, I see a laughing snowman. Is that weird or what?
We are thinking about purchasing it if we can find the perfect place that can have water and electricity available.
It's that time of year; where I start to think of the Christmas pillows and so I did. Low and behold, the Joann flyer with the 50% off pillows coincided with my thinking. These four baskets are all mine. Besides these, there is a box of 28 that didn't make it into the picture. I am set on 14" (size I always use) pillows for a year or two to come. It was pretty funny getting them into my car. I have a regular sedan so I just filled up the back seat until I had to close the door and start the finishing of the back seat fill by throwing them from the front seat. Then I filled up the front passenger seat and then onto the trunk. If I had to, I could have gotten in five or so more. It was quite a sight. I had an audience.
This poor dog was left in a car, in the heat, without so much as one window cracked. Furthermore, he was in there for some time. That makes me very angry.

I'm off to take Bella for her grooming. It's another beautiful day.


Cindra said...

I think I would have reported the owners... that's awful!

Mechelle said...

In some states (Florida) it's against the law to leave a dog in the car - I would have called the cops - poor sad doggy!

spikemuffin said...

Bobo! The Check!!

Anonymous said...

No wonder those 'killer' dogs turn on some owners eventually.

I cannot believe you will sew all those cushions! Is the theme for this year a secret?

Your G's present is so cool. Will you have to 'dig' in the plants or do they just sit on top as in the pic?

I think I'd like to make one of those just that those things gather so much dust!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Yes, against the law here too. Still, the K-9 Director left his Canine in the car and it died.

Hug Bella a bunch today, she lives with some awesome humans!

teri springer said...

I call the police whenever I see this. In Florida I blocked a guy in while we waited for the police after he left his dog in his truck in 90+heat. Animal control came and took possession of the dog and they guy was ticketed.

No matter how many times I sign up, Joann's never sends me anything. Probably a good thing as I would have loaded up on pillows too.

I saw the snowman right away before I even read what you wrote about the fountain.....this means we think alike....you poor girl.

Hugs and treats to G and Belly on their natal celebrations!!


Diane said...

I used to have a printed flyer from the Humane Society that warned about leaving dogs in hot cars, and how the temperature escalates way faster than people think..and I'd leave it under the windshield wiper of cars when they left their dogs in with the windows cracked. With no window openings? I'd call the humane society and report it right away. Poor dog!