Saturday, September 29, 2007

Harry Potter

The last picture I had taken of myself before I got the haircut was on Thursday morning when Regina stopped by. (She and her hubby flew up for meetings and a long weekend; she missed me). I had just gotten back from a minor workout so I wasn't exactly 'groomed'. Okay, now I am off on a tangent because it doesn't matter whether I was groomed or not. The point of showing you the picture was to show you my hair. Then. My hair now. It's amazing what my guy can do. I just went in and said I was tired of the layered look and I was gonna start on the course of a bob. The picture is a bit odd cauz' I had to take it myself, balancing the SLR camera. But you get the idea.

While I am looking at this picture, being very critical of myself and seeing a bit of a double chin forming, I thought I would pass along what I learned about my dye job. Gordon and I just did my roots on Wednesday (it was really a HAIR week) and you will notice that there is a bit of silver showing by my cheek. I asked Tim, my stylist and supplier of my dye, why the grey wasn't covering anymore and he said it's because I use 'ash' and I need to add something to it for complete coverage. It has never covered the grey but it does cover the old red and the grey was more like blond so it never bothered me. Now I have so much grey (or silver, as I like to refer to it as) that I can see the difference. Actually, almost all the hair crowning my face is all grey. If I could count on all my hair being that lovely color I would stop the dye job. But as I can clearly see, the roots farther back are nasty salt and pepper and I am not willing to be that old gal; at least not yet.

Enough about me. What about you? What do you think of me?


dee said...

Love, Love, Love the haircut.I am all grey-salt&pepper and my hair stylist does a beautiful pale lemony blond and reverse highlights of a slightly deeper blond. It covers my grey and s&p- I can't imagine why yours isn't covering. I will say that it doesn't last as long because the color is so pale.
Hey!.....A Regina sighting!!!

Diane said...

I love the new bob! And by the way, that is my all time favorite Bette Midler line, ever.

And it comes in SO handy!

Cindra said...

I love that Bette line, too.... and your cut. I keep wishing my hair would gray faster because anything is better than the dull light brown it is naturally. I'm tired of coloring it!

Mechelle said...

Love the new do - very hip! I'm with Cindra - gray is much better than mousey-dishwatery brownish stuff I have to get highlighted every cupla months!!