Thursday, September 06, 2007

iPod Woes

I have found out the hard way (and if I am wrong, please let me know) that audio books (not purchased from iTunes) and the iPod do not mix. That is to say that if you go to your library and check out some books on tape (CD) and download them to your iPod, there is no guarantee that they will not shuffle, either with other entries or within the book itself. I have tried to stop this with every fiber of my being and have even recruited young people to help. It is so irritating. So now, G is looking into MP3 players that don't have any issues with downloading library issue audiobooks. Anyone have a MP3 suggestion that you know that can just download a book on CD in the correct order?

Last night I watched the TLC channel and they had a program on about this woman that has no legs. She was born with a very rare disease and they had to amputate her legs at a very young age. She gets around on her hands and she was really amazing. She gave birth to a normal baby and besides her husband, she lives with a dad who is hooked up to an oxygen tank but guess what? He also smokes. Quite odd that the camera guy caught that on tape and no one said a word about it. Isn't that like a bomb?

Here's the birthday girl with the gift she gave herself; a tree branch The gift that keeps on givin'; ( a mess that is).


Cindra said...

I have used library books on my ipod. Some copy with the correct order and some don't. Some do it on purpose I think and really jumble things up, others can be manipulated within itunes and renamed in the correct order. It is more time consuming, but I have gotten it to work except for a few situations and I am not sure it would work on an MP3 player either. I think it was scrambled for copyright protection.

Sandy said...

Tommy --

I can feel your pain. I have tried getting books on tape (CD) to my ipod also. It wasn't a pleasant experience.

Our library now has audio books through a couple of online services. They download the tracks to your PC, and then you move them to your non-ipod mp3 player. Yes, I had to get another cheapie mp3 player to play only these books. It's all got to do with digital rights management. Ugg.

Loads of luck on your journey,


Beth in TN said...

My son has a Creative Zen mp3player that he researched before he got. I'm not sure about the books download aspect, but I do know he thought it had fewer limitations than an ipod.

Pamela said...


You can try out Audio Book Builder -- Here's the Mac Gem note about it:

Anne said...

Can't wait for you to figure this out because I just got a treadmill and am in desperate need of starting books on tape (because I can't stand the John Wayne movies my hubby is watching while I'm on the treadmill). So I'm hoping for a resolution ! Also - adorable pic of Bella today ! See you soon.

Michele said...

Tommy, try this website.
I used these instructions and am a pro now. It is cost effective, but it does take a bit of time to get them all transferred over. I find it so much easier once I discovered that you could "join tracks" and have the whole disk as one track on the iPod. Don't forget to check "skip when shuffling" on your info tab, if that is a concern or if you shuffle songs.
The down side is that the audio book does not come in as an audio book, it is in your main music library. I usually make a separate play list and copy all the tracks into that playlist, making sure they are in order.
Email if you have any questions. I love my books on the iPod!

Cindra said...

a big thank you to Michelle and Pamela. I think I am going to look into those programs.. The downloadable books from the library I will just listen to on my computer.

Anonymous said...

If you have previously purchased an audiobook from itunes or, you will automatically have a folder for audiobooks in itunes. If you are using a PC, you can transfer any mp3 audio file into the audiobooks folder by changing the file extension from .m4a to .m4b (In order to do this, you must first uncheck the "Hide file extensions for Known file types" in the Advanced Settings of the Folder Options in the Control Panel, then you just select "file/show file in Windows explorer" in iTunes and you can retype the extension. I don't know how well this works with imported CD files but it will certainly work with LibriVox recordings and other public domain audio files. Hope this is helpful:)