Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Miss Bella Is One Year Old Today!!!!!

Even though Bella is a dog and we are human, the environmental trait comes into play. For example, today is Bella's first birthday, and although I can get a picture without thread in her mouth, or in her hand or wrapped around her, it just isn't a perfect representation of her without it. I don't think I can ever teach her to sew; she still hasn't gotten the whole potty training thing down pat, but she is her mother's (me) daughter. There will always be thread in her future. Happy Birthday Belly.

Watching Bobby Flay is something that I love to do. In fact, when I work out, I time it (if possible) to coincide with his morning show. I used watch it at the workout place I sometimes go to, but it has gotten much busier (which is a good thing) and so I seem to do better at home. I digress. I watch Bobby and he
cooks very southwestern and that means there is a lot of mango in his recipes. I love mango but hate to cut it. So, following a tip from Bobby, I purchased a mango cutter. Trust me, it is worth having yet another gadget in your drawer. If you follow the simple directions, it works perfectly
each and every time you go to cut a mango. No more of that slippery and slimy mango oozing through your fingers. Now, with this new contraption
you can zero in on the seed (or core, or whatever that massive and irritating thing in the center of the mango is)
and eliminate it from your life. In about as many minutes, I cut three mango's with the speed
of a gazelle. There is a little waste from the cutter but that can easily be remedied by trimming it down, but for the first time in my life I have actually cut mango into nice dice, not mushy and pulpy. I say onto you, if you like mango, get yourself one of these babies.


Mechelle said...

Ooohh - tks for the mango cutter thingy - must get one. On Bella - have you had a urinalysis done on her? My Vet told me that often dogs that are having problems w/potty training may have a bladder infection, and it held true w/my Cocker. She was still peeing in the house (she almost always poos outside) so we tested and sure enough bladder infection, so ampacillin to the rescue - now she goes outside 99.5% of the time, shes 7 months old next week.

Irene said...

Happy Birthday Miss Bella! Hope you have a wonderful day with lots of goodies.

dee said...

Happy Birthday Bella Baby. Thanks for the Mango tip. Maybe now I can eat one without looking like a 3-year-old who needs a bib. Sloppy but delish!
I know you probably already know this but I had friend whos dog got thread caught and twisted around the intestine and had to have surgery, Just a thought!

Lyn said...

HB to B!
What would she think if you "made" a spool of thread for her that was safe... A Nyla (or other brand) bone with permenant marker lines to look like a spool? Just thinking, my little pug puppy LOVES my old thread spools but she started biting small pieces and those edges are mighty sharp!