Sunday, September 02, 2007


Take a look at these ferns. I can't believe how uniform and gorgeous they all are. And they seem to be a steal to me at $15. These photos are of the Sawyer Garden Center in Sawyer, Michigan. It's my new best friend.
The place is amazing. They have an interior store of kitchen stuff, wines, goodies to eat and outdoor furniture, besides having the best produce I have seen in a long time.

They have all kinds of everything. I was in love. Okay, so they didn't have white radishes.
Remember yesterday's asparagus? This is where it came from.
I have never seen so many options for cherry tomatoes. I was equally impressed with the
variety of romas. Even though we have an abundant harvest of G's tomatoes, I still had to buy these with a little fresh mozzarella. This next fruit was named Dinosaur Eggs but I know them by another name,
which is Midnight Moon Plums.
This is the first sighting of pumpkins for me this season (except for the fake ones I saw at Joann's made out of paper mache.)
This is my cart of basil that I took home with me. It is only half as much as I took last time I was here. I am nursing these smallish plants for a few weeks in hopes of getting more leaves and therefore more pesto production.
Of course, with the pumpkins comes the mums. They had three different sizes with lots of color choices.
These peppers are a pleasant surprise. The supermarkets around here don't have near the selection that we see here. I am always having to substitute jalapeno for everything.
And last but not least is this simply gorgeous grouping of bell peppers. This is worthy of framing and putting on your wall. A natural work of art.


teri springer said...

Good grief! That's worth the drive from here!


dee said...

those plums are pluots. They are across between plums and apricots and they are amazing. Our produce stands are mostly out east and with Roger off this week, we will probably head out for a day in the Hamptons and Montauk. The tourists have gone and it's full of grateful people who are happy to serve you again. There's a great lace called "The Lobster Roll"-guess what I'll be having with my sweet potato fries?

Cindra said...

wow! Those ferns are a great deal! Where is this place? How far is it from you? I have never had the white asparagus... how different do they taste?

Sew Unique Creations said...

Holy cow! I grew up in northwest indiana - small town call DeMotte, now I live in Joliet, IL. Tell me something - about how long of a drive is it to get to this farmers market for you? I'm very jealous - I want to go too! Tara