Saturday, September 08, 2007

Public Display Of Affection

I watched Oprah last night.
I never do but I was killing time while processing 46 basil plants and had to mix the wet leaves up for at least an hour before I went to bed or else they wouldn't be ready to finish into pesto in the morning.

The show was about amazing children and it was awesome. There was an eight year old opera singer; a 13 year old college student from India that did surgery at age 7 to separate fingers on another child's hand that had been fused together since birth ( and successfully) and the 17 year old from Austria who remembers all names that go with faces for years. The had pictures and names of 50 people from the audience and she had twenty minutes to learn the names. I was very impressed.

The mp3 player is charging and I will give it a trial run today and keep you posted.

Life slows down in Northwest Indiana after Labor Day. I mean, it really slows down. So much so that while out in the yard last night, G had to call me to bring a camera in order to record two
slugs? or snails? or whatever going at it. Shortly after this picture was taken, the loving couple
separated and went about their own merry way. What are these things? Their parents must never have told them about PDA.


Cindra said...

Ewwwwww! Talk about slime.

Anonymous said...

A spoonful of salt would have taken care of those 2! LOL...