Friday, September 28, 2007

TGIF (and for no particular reason)

I have now watched Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Back To You, and Big Shots. My critique is still out. If I had to pick one (and Back To You is a sitcom so I am not counting it) that I like best I would say, after one viewing, that it would be Dirty Sexy Money. I love Donald Sutherland when he is playing this type of character with a twinkle in his eye. I love the name of the family; The Darlings. And mostly, it's kinda like the old Dynasty, which I still think of every time I see Yanni in a commercial. (That was supposed to be a joke.) It's too early to tell but it just seems like these new shows are trying to copy shows that we already love and not a great copy at that.
I think the Heaton/Grammer combo is a sure thing. I always felt that Patricia Heaton should have had a much bigger part in Everybody Loves Raymond; maybe bigger than Ray. Now she has a venue to shine.

Once again, I could not resist this doggie bag. Not necessarily because of the cute dog on the box but because I think it's time that Bella stay on her own seat of the car when we go short distances rather than sitting on my lap and sticking her head out the window. This particular bag has many possibilities as you can see.

Actually, while I was typing this I had an idea. I gave an actual car seat for a dog to Bea a couple years ago and I don't think she uses it. Bill and Claud are visiting in a couple weeks so I think that I will ask them to give it to me to try. Yeah, I am gonna do that.

I am off to get a hair cut. I have decided to get rid of the layers (eventually) and go for a sleek bob cut for a bit. Gotta run.

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Cindra said...

I have to agree with you on Dirty, Sexy, Money. What a hoot! Looks like plenty of story lines to follow. I missed the first Back to You, but the wonder of the internet allowed me to watch it online and I was surprised at how easy it was to watch. Little or no delay! I can see that my tivo is going to be very busy this season.