Saturday, September 01, 2007


Maggie and Evan are coming up for the weekend this morning but I am going to sneak out with Linda this morning and head to the best farm stand I have ever been to. I have never (not even in Whole Foods or Fresh Fields or anywhere) seen the array of produce that they have. In fact, I am gonna take my Nikon and snap off a couple or three pictures for you. It's in Sawyer, Michigan and I just discovered it a couple weeks ago. And, I am still on a basil lookout to finish up my pesto production. I have made some with Claudia, myself and today or tomorrow I am going to make some with Maggie so she knows the fine art (ha ha) of making it.

This is an old wedding dress, that was probably worn the first time in the 40's (just a guess). First it was worn by the mother and later in the early seventies it was cut down to accomodate a daughter's trimmer figure. I can tell this by the workmanship. It was a handmade gown.
Here is the train that attached to the back waist of the dress. Nora, my friend who is a brand new grandmother, gave both of these garments to me to make a christening blanket for the new grand baby Annabelle, and all her future cousins. The idea was to make something that was old and passed down yet not a heavy dress that no one would want to use. With a blanket, each child can have their name and birth date embroidered on a piece of fabric and attached to the back.
There's something a little creepy about cutting up an over fifty year old wedding gown. I stablized blocks of lace by sewing it down onto a very thin piece of broadcloth.
The blocks were alternating satin and lace. I did this to lighten the weight of the satin. The lace was three inches thick so that was the deciding factor on how large I made the blocks. If you do the math, each finished block ended up being 2 1/2" square.
Here's a close up of it. You can see that every four patch has a satin bow that served as the 'quilting'.
The back was a piece of matching broadcloth (Joann's Symphony) and it too had the same little bows on it.

Now it just waits for it's first 'gig'.


Jen said...

I love it! What a great way to preserve some history, while recycling it into a new piece of history.

Cindra said...

What a great family heirloom. You're awesome!

Anonymous said...

You are so very very gifted ....and have great VISUAL
talent. It IS a gift at birth, believe me!!

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job Tommy, priceless.

Michelle said...

It is beautiful!

dee said...

what a thoughtful gift and beautifully done.