Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Viva !!!!!

We arrived in Las Vegas early last night and checked into our hotel

shown here. It is the Wynn and it is named after the legendary Steve Wynn. It was to be named Le Reve but The Donald told Wynn that he should name it after himself. And so, he did.

Speaking of The Donald, he's got a Trump Tower going up kitty corner from this new resort.

The furnishing's are very french; like this soft downy duvet/pillow combo.
This is the bathroom with a SCALE that will never be pulled out; that's for sure. You know how I dig the little things. This packaging is just gorgeous. Very Martha, wouldn't you say?
And I so like that they are calling mouthwash - dental wash. Of course, as with much of what I do, that lettering is about the only one that's unreadable. Trust me, it says dental wash.
This is our room facing the windows and this place is massive. This is not a special room or a mini suite or anything but a regular room. The curtains and sheers are electronically controlled.
Our phone was personalized with G's name on it and it was done before we ever got to the room.
This is a so/so view of the pool from our room on the eleventh floor. I will try to get another because it was so very cool.

We have a comfy love seat and ottoman and everything in the whole room, from sheets to furniture and Andy Warhol knockoffs are all for sale. That is a first for me. You like it, you can buy it!! But it's a rip of course. And you have to pay for Internet and a glass of wine costs $13. G looked up on room service what Clos du Bois cost (for me at Costco, $8.99) costs by the bottle and it is a paltry $47!!!
his grouping of delectables is perched on top of the dresser that holds the mini bar. Gordon was informed that if you touch anything by moving it in the slightest in the mini bar, within 60 seconds that item will appear on your bill. Yikes!!
And just to finish off this room with a view segment, I thought I would show you the darling room service menu. As you all know, for me, it's all about the packaging.


Lyn said...

My nephew is Head of Security at the Wynn... hope you never need him, but say "hi" if you do!


Anonymous said...

Hope you'll have some good wholesome fun..lol...how is the tan?

Cindra said...

Wow! Don't go near that snack area.. and don't sneeze! It could be expensive. Room looks fabulous though... how about the tub?