Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What Happens In Vegas?

This is my version of a travel log for you of my take on the Wynn Resort. This photo is where you drive up to check in. The lights outside look like lamps. They are all over the property.
This odd piece of architecture is new to me, at least since I have been to Vegas. Prior to this trip the Fashion Show (Las Vegas' mall right on the strip) looked like any other mall with the big high end anchor stores, like Neimans. Now they have outside kiosks and a Starbucks and this zoomie structure that has advertising on it.
Last night when I was walking around I noticed this perfect grass and even noticed someone touching it. In the light of day, coming back from Starbucks with G, I had a feel of it myself. And guess what? It's fake. There was a guy that works at the Resort that was laughing and I said 'I guess I am not the first person to do this, right?'(knowing full well that I wasn't due to what I said about someone touching it last night.) Anyway, he laughed and said 'yeah, about a thousand times a day!!!) Fake grass at the Wynn. Who knew?
Here are fountains in front and to the side of the entrance. It is visually exquisite, even with the harsher than harsh 100+ days. Frankly, this hotel is a racket. It is on the north end (icky if you go to the north of the casino) of the strip and to get anywhere you have to go out side for a long, slow (due to old people; yeah, older than me and sporting polyester no less!!!) and it is so hot it's like putting your head (and body) in an oven. I literally walked about a mile and my face was the color of a carrot. I didn't get this affected by exertion running in a marathon! I even felt as tho' my breathing was restricted.

And to put flame on the fire, the gambling sucks. It's like it's so fixed, more than I ever noticed it before, that you can't win at all. It's a place to visit but I don't think I would ever stay here again.
This Wynn marque is very unique. The brown part with Wynn on it moves up and down and as it moves, the advertising for their shows, or restaurants changes.

These are inlaid mosaics on the floor of the casino all over the place. They definitely have a cheerful color scheme going.
This custom carpeting reflects the same shape and color of the flowers on the mosaics. Even
all the tassels on the drapes conform to the color scheme. In a couple of their atrium's they have all these balls of flowers. Last night I thought they were real but with the light of the day, I realized
that they were silk. It was really hard to tell.

Even inside the casino you will find lots of real flowers and plantings; bringing the outside in.
This is a rock wall (or something that looks like it) with a fountain trickling over it. It lands in a
pool with these four bronze (or something like it) naked people in various depths and there are holes in the bottom of this water bed to make it appear like it is real deep when it is probably only a couple inches or two.
This magnificent REAL floral arrangement is located in the corridor where all the guests go to get the elevator up to their abodes. It is very striking with some sort of trick lighting to change the background.
There are so many whimsical touches throughout the joint that it is hard to capture it and still
get any gambling and eating done. Oh, and speaking of eating, we are going to Bobby Flay's Mesa restaurant tonight. I will document it as much as is possible without humiliating G. I ate at Wendy's while G had a dinner meeting last night (although he invited me; YUCK!!) so I wouldn't spend a lot of time at the trough. Back on track, except for the Bellago, most of these places here are more glitzy than this, like say, the MGM Grand.

And last but in my mind, not least, I came across this circular carpet that looked like it was just shampooed (it was 8 a.m.) and they had three of these downward facing fans crawling around it to dry the carpet. I always wondered how things got cleaned in the town that never sleeps. Now I know. I need one of these to follow Bella around the house when she has an accident!!!

In a little while when G get's done working (golfing) we will have the rest of the day to go on a date. We are even gonna hold hands!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the blow by blow description, so wild and fake that hotel although I do like the waterfall wall idea for my yard.

One would think that the hotel would at least do a buffet in the evenings on the house, since you can't win anything, at least you could eat yourselves satt without feeling as though you were 'robbed' in the process.

teri springer said...

Most of the pictures wouldn't load for me. But the place sounds great!