Friday, September 14, 2007

When Three Days Is More Than Enough

We are back in the good old Midwest, with a keyboard and a mouse and the comfort level is awesome (did I just say awesome?) Anyway, it is very windy and about 50 degrees and it feels mighty fine to me. Just to wrap up the Vegas trip, I got a few more pics for you. This one is showing the bank of elevators up to the guest rooms.

I love how old fashioned it is. Oh, and it's now 27 floors. You go left for 1 - 27 and right for 28-whatever. It sounds like I never get away from home, doesn't it?
I highly recommend the Burger Bar for a meal. We went there for lunch and I wasn't disappointed. I saw a show on the food channel that told about it. You pick your burger type (I chose turkey burger) and put anything on it you want, with any kind of bun you want. My concoction was provolone, grilled portabello, sweet pickles and lettuce tomato on an onion bun. You can choose from all kinds of fries (including sweet potato). The combo's you can choose from are limitless, and the protein was done to perfection. It is in the Mandalay Bay mall, and not advertised at all. You don't want to miss it.
And the dinner at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill was very good. It has a very casually elegant feel and was bustling but not loud. The dinner was exceptional. I would suggest it to anyone. I took pictures but what with the lighting and not wanting to use a flash, they just didn't turn out like I would have liked.
Back to the balls of flowers. I didn't realize for three days that not only are the flowers fake but the trees themselves are fake. They did an fantastic job on faking them.
Because I couldn't get enough of the mosaic floor patterns, I took lots of pictures. It didn't
appear as though they repeated any of the designs except for the flower shape, etc. themselves.
This is pretty funny; a cage to protect a FAKE TREE !!
And if you think you have had enough of the floor at the Wynn
here's another. Final, Fini, Capoot.


Cindra said...

Maybe they didn't want people touching the trees and discovering they were fake. So, no leaves to rake and no down time on the green leaves... or do they have control over that, too.
I do love the floors and all the beautiful colors of Vegas. I do think it kind of wears you down. All the hustle, bustle, color, lights, action. Whew!

Mechelle said...

I always say 3 days in Vegas is more than enough - about 1 time every 7 - 10 years!! I love the floors very - Laura Wasilowski quilt like! I just can't get over the fake trees, guess its better than wasteing the little water they have!

Anonymous said...

The floor is truly beautiful. Was that carpet real and inlaid or was it also mosaic tiles?

Ah the pool, if it was a salt water pool, but IMHO, still too crowded.