Monday, September 24, 2007

White Stuff

My timing has definitely been off. Friday my computer was down and by the time the ERROR sign was gone, so was my desire to type. Then, next morn, I got up at six thirty to catch a 7:20 a.m. train into the city for the remainder of the weekend and neglected to toss my laptop in my bag. So here is what I did.

We went to see the Buckingham's on Friday night. There wasn't one person under 45 at the 'concert'. I am putting that in quasi quotes because it was just a large room with very bad acoustics. There was a duo of singer/guitar players who opened for the Buckingham's. They were pretty darn good. It was fine; 'Susan, looks like I'm a Losin', was memorable but I remember the great iceberg wedge with blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes diced and bacon bits that we had in a bar before more than the band itself. Am I food oriented? Yeah, and what is wrong with that?

I spent Saturday in bridal salons. Maggie made up the agenda and we followed it to the letter.

We went into beautiful spaces full of light and mirrors. One such establishment, we were asked to remove our shoes and wear little cotton footie's, which we gladly did. We saw every kind
of dress imaginable and then some. It was very fun to either love or hate a dress. And that is just what it boiled down to. Within one second of the zipper being pulled up we both looked at
each other and said ' nah' or 'ick' or 'ohw'. The point was gotten across and there was no pussyfooting around. We had way to much on our appointment schedule to pacify the sales girls. They totally understand. You will know it when you see it. And we saw four. Now it's up to my Maggie darling to pare that amount down. We are leaving the final decision until at least next week, when we get together again to go to a trunk show of bridal gowns. It's a lot of fun. And even more for me cause I don't have to take my clothes off!!!

Gordon and Bella met up with us, as did Evan and we had a fun night of Italian food at an old neighborhood joint, Tarrantinos, where we used to live in the city. After a good night's sleep, we ran some city errands and met up for lunch at the Daily Bar and Grill in Lincoln Square (great grilled cheese !!) and checked out a location for a pre wedding party. We had to head home in the afternoon in order to not sideswipe the Bear fans that would be heading in for the game. I think that catches us up so far. My computer has been very bad and most of the time, rebooting doesn't help. It's as tho' the cable 'juice' gets to low or something. Right now it's the only game in town so I have to live with it.

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teri springer said...

I just LOVE downtown Chicago and I HATE cities! I heard Bill Hurt say on, I think it was Rachel Ray, that Chicago was the best city in the world and I agree. Even if the Bears did lose. Sigh....And you just had to mention Terrentino's. There's also the Italian Village in another part of town...yum.

As soon as this weather cools off I'm going to have to make grilled cheese and cream of tomato soup....the ultimate comfort food!!