Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Wynn Pool And Other Stuff

This is a much better view from our room of the whole pool area. It is the nicest layout I have
seen, bar none. It is nicer than anything I have seen in Hawaii or the Caribbean.
There are beautiful walkways with all these amazing archways and vines.
The pool is a very popular place in this dry heat. The bottom of the pool has great tile work.
Here's an up close view of one of the arches. They have that mist coming out in regular intervals.
These are little private areas that you can reserve, for money of course. This place is like robbery. The bottled water (not large) is $2.50 so I bought one and filled it up with tap water the whole trip. And I am sitting in the Las Vegas airport where there is free wireless (tho' Chicago's O'Hare charges) and the Wynn charges $12 a day (of which G told me to stop being a cheapskate and buy a couple days) which I did.
Here's some other pictures of the outside area.
This is a view through several arches. It was just beautiful.
Look how cute this wrapper is on the extra roll of t.p. that was hidden in our bathroom. Someone has a sense of humor!!!
I am easily amused, as you already know. I was intrigued at the shape of the bath and facial soap they had in the bathroom. Just changing the normal shape of the bar makes it so much more appealing to me.
In one of the lounges I took a peek in (it was only opened at night and this was the day) and saw this wonderful lighting. The colors changes as it went from one end of the room to another.

Here are two big hits I made but alas, in the end they took it all back. I also was playing video
waiting for our reservation at Mesa for dinner and made $800 the very first play I had when I sat down. I am probably about even at the end of the trip. That was great.
I was walking by the Wynn buffet (hate them myself) and couldn't help but take a picture of
how beautiful it was.
I think it's time to catch a plane.


Cindra said...

Vegas is like fairyland. Everything in impossibly big, beautiful and expensive. In fairy land I think they are free... I need to go visit Vegas. Haven't been there in a few years.

maggie said...

Were you playing at the bar right outside the restaurant?