Saturday, October 27, 2007

And He Huffed And He Puffed

When we go into the city, every now and then we venture into our old neighborhoods to see what is going on and how much it changed. We had three houses in Chicago, all of which were purchased to fix up. The first one

was this read brick number. If you look closely at the sidelight window, you will see our little Mazy checking out the street. After we practically gutted the house and dug out a basement
it looked like this. The powdercoated steel grid that I had made for the front of the house was to house flowering vines that hadn't gotten started in this photo. You can't tell by this picture but the front door was stainless steel.

So, wanna see what it looks like now?
It just broke my heart to see this. They tore down my beautiful house for a massive cookie cutter place. It wasn't even ten years since I did the rehab. And this lot is only 28 feet wide!! Now you tell me, what one has more character? Oh, I just thought of something. Some of you are saying the same thing about the rehab job I did on the original house. Like why would I mess with a good thing? I guess it's all about what we personally like.


Mrs. Mel said...

O my goodness. That is so disheartening. I would feel bad too. Like a slap in the face.
I gotta say that the grid caught my eye and I thought "what a great idea!" Who cares if the vines ever covered it? I loved it just with the exposed grid.
And now it is so psuedo-classical. Gimme a break.

spikemuffin said...

Nice to see Mazy again.

Anonymous said...

It Looks a-whole like better now. Sorry. Your rehab was great but the new owner did what they wanted to do!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So, the house looks beautiful Your rehab was so basic,,,,,,,, Get over yourself. You don't owe the property.

You had your time to re-hab.Why did you sell if you didn't want it to change????????????????

Anonymous said...

Tommy, I am interested in knowing how you got a basement beneath an established structure?

Tommy said...

To make a basement under an established house they brace it up, dig out a bit, then brace it some more and on until it was supported enough to pour concrete walls. The basement was only under half of the existing structure and with the addition we put on the back of the house (my studio was part of it) we had ample storage (which is what every house in Chicago on these super small lots needs).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation Tommy. Now please show us the other houses.

Kim said...

Even by choice, it is difficult to let go of a place where you left a very large piece of yourself. Former homes have a way of staying with us.

A bit shocking to see, but we are indeed entitled to do what we will with our homes. You saw fit to make changes, too, right?

I wonder if your former home has a fabulous location. In the real estate world it's all about location!

Be glad that you had the time and opportunity to be creative while you lived on that corner. Great news that you have photos of it.