Sunday, October 14, 2007

Artsy Fartsy

Now, don't shoot the messenger but I thought this email I got from a friend about an anonymous commenter yesterday was pretty funny. Here goes.

Does your anonymous commenter write to newspapers and magazines, etc. and ask them not to publish stuff that he/she hasn't had time to read yet? Talk about "Get a Life"! She could just stop reading blogs and watch TV instead!

This picture is to show you that I am not just sitting around annoying readers with my tv commentary. This is the culmination of many, many, many hours of work; all boxed and ready to ship/deliver before Santa arrives.

There are twenty eight hand made gifts here and guess what? I forgot someone, so now I have to do just one more. Making one more of anything is something I hate to do, but I will.
Yesterday was filled with art. Bella's dog trainer, Laura ,
is an artist and Micky and I went to see her exhibit in this yearly production, The Heart of Art. I love the name of this event. She does pen and ink of homes and then fills it in with colored pencil. She does note cards with your house on the front. Laura also does paintings of pets and people in all medium. For years she has done local posters for events. Laura is a great artist.
Then, in the evening we headed to Michigan to another show. Kellie, this artist, used to be a bartender in a local restaurant. She followed her boyfriend to Prague (tho' he's no longer in the picture) and rekindled her painting talents into something that she loves and can earn a living with. She now lives in Prague and ships her paintings back to this gallery. Every now and then she comes back too, and this was one of those nights.
These two paintings are on the top of my list of likes. I actually said to Kellie, 'this reminds me of when we were little had had paper and crayons and we made a scribble and then filled it in with color' and she said that that was exactly what she did. Some people have a better color sense than others because I think this is a winner.
Although you can't tell from this photo, all of her works are covered with a shiny epoxy covering. How she does this, I do not know but it's a nice technique.
This is a good example of what people mean when they see something and say to me, 'that looks like you'. I hear it all the time. This picture is of a piece of silk that I fell in love with at one of the fabric marts in New York this past week. I mean, does this not resemble Kellie's paintings? I would love to know how this silk was done It appears to have color blotched on the silk and then somehow parts were 'burnt' and the more color was added to the burnt areas. Anyone got an idea as to the technique of this?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know who loses on these shows.
Then by following your comments I know when it is time to start watching the show.

Anonymous said...

I personally couldn't care less about who won or loss on a show, but if that's what you like to write about then go for it! It's your blog for goodness sake and if a reader knows you like to write about that stuff, then they ought not to read. I personally enjoy everything you write. You're silly sometimes and thoughtful the next. Then all of a sudden you throw in some neat art to spice it all up. If someone doesn't like it, change the channel, or in this case, click the button onto something else! Keep up with what you do! You Rock! Anonymous simply because I don't want my name thrown all around the internet.

Corky said...

Are those the pillows? I can't wait to see what you did this year.

LYN said...

Your friends email was right on target... really, can DwtS be THAT important in the writers life and if it is this nudge might help her lighten up.
I enjoy your stories, dog, travel and recently found your web site so now I can enjoy your quilts, too!
Only one suggestion... perhaps an extra battery charger kept in the suitcase?

Rosemarie said...

Well, if "Anonymous" doesn't want you to reveal info about t-v shows, then maybe you shouldn't write about all your fun adventures with your friends because that makes me jealous... and don't write about the fabulous meals you make or enjoy at weddings and restaurants because that makes me hungry...and don't write about your trips,your dogs, your kids, your hubby,your crafts, etc because again, that makes me jaelous ! Cheesh ! I love your blog...I don't understand how you accomplish in one day what I can't do in a week but you amaze me...don't change (not that you could)
A big fan !