Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Beaming Professor

Friends of mine are often showing their students work after they have taught a class. Well, I am very proud to announce that I too, have students. I am thrilled to show off their work. I have two so far, but I am sure all of you are gonna make the tote that I showed in a tutorial (thanks Anne) and send me your crowning achievements, right? That is not to say that I am not honored by my first two pupils.

First off be have the lovely work of Beth Burke.

She opted for her own sizes, a smaller version with a 7" zip and a larger with a 12". She chose not to make the corners as I did in the tote tute, but hey ! that's great. We all need to make it the way we want. Great job Beth!

Next up is Laura Christensen. She even made her instructor look bad with her most excellent
pieced and quilted tote. Even her photography puts mine to shame. I am expecting great things out of this pupil in the future if this is her FIRST ATTEMPT.
Notice the detail, the little pull strap
and to even add more insult to injury, she put in an inside double pocket. I love this girl.
And is the usual Laura trick, she managed to 'just happen' to have the new tote she was photographing right next to her main squeeze Murphy. And she is trying to tell me that this young man is as smart as my Bella. Now, he may be as smart as Maggie; but Bella?


Beth Burke said...

WELL! I see Laura has raised the bar for these bags! I will just have to get busy and make more!!! LOL!!! My little one was the prototype, as I needed the bigger one in a hurry for a weekend getaway--no time for jazzing it up--but now I see plenty of possibilities!! Anybody who hasn't tried it yet--this is THE easiest thing I think I've ever made.

Laura Christensen said...

I get so inspired by you and all my other creative "friends" out there in cyber space. You ALMOST make me want to cook!
Thank you for your kind compliments-Beth too! it was a lot of fun.

Beth said...

Laura, aside from the neat piecing you did and the beautiful stitchwork, your COLOR combo is stunning! I keep going back and looking at the pic and getting inspiration. Show us more of your work!