Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I am in Greenwich and once again am surrounded by disappointed sports fans as the Yankees are failing in their pennant race and the Cubs just got knocked out in Chicago this past weekend. Oh well, I have no sympathy as my White Sox sucked this year. Now they know how it feels.

I will share with you all my musings when I get my camera that I left in my car. I will now tho' share with you two pictures that I love that I took this past weekend.
Last Friday night, when out to dinner, we were moving from the bar to the table just completed being prepared for us for dinner. Literally, this is the amount of beer that someone brought with them from the bar to the table. I got a kick out of it. Just drink it!!!!!

And this handsome fellow is the face that graces a major real estate print campaign. Every time I see it I have to smile. It just makes ya.

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Lyn said...

I have been reading your blog for a couple of years and just today found the link to your website... quite the detective aren't I? Your quilts are (WOW)stunning I really enjoyed seeing them. So Different from the projects you share on your blog.