Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cousin Bea

Friday morning we were graced with company of Claudia, my brother Bill and their cherished bichon, Bea.

Here she is, enjoying a bone with her Halloween pumpkin shirt. She is a source of lots of exercise for out little Belly, who is four days into her medicine and feeling considerably better .

Sometimes the terrorizing of Bea is so overwhelming that we have to separate the girls. I have this bag that I got online for Bella at the suggestion of Judy Perez (and I love it) so I popped Bea in it and carried her around for awhile but then tired of that and but her on a door handle and she hung there for a considerable amount of time. As I have said before, she isn't the smartest tool in the shed.

After I dolled up Bea with ribbons on her ears, it still wasn't a deterrent from Bella, who is here in this picture, chomping on an ear. Bella's ear is a little dirty looking because of her medicine that goes directly into her ear and then is massaged; making a little bit of a greasy kid stuff hair.

Her ears tend to be moist all the time because that is Belly's favorite spot on her and she is always going for the ears.

My brother Bill just left to fly from Chicago to San Diego for a few days of work and Claudia is remaining behind with me. We are going to Chicago ourselves today for a sleep over and to meet up with friends and maybe a daughter. I will let you know what we are up to. It will probably involve food and a bit of shopping, if I had to take a wild guess.


Cindra said...

They are too cute together. Which one is in the pumpkin head?

judy coates perez said...

What a doll. she looks so cute in her bag.