Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Day On The Town

Claudia and I are back home from our overnight in the big city. We had lots of fun and saw lots of sights. I have never been downtown on a Sunday night before and it was pretty cool. Because it was so warm there were lots of people out even when the sun went down. A local church had a special service for victims of domestic abuse. The trees were virtually laden with purple ribbons; each ribbon to represent a victim. We went to Navy Pier where Halloween was in full swing. Instead of Pier it was renamed Navy Fear. They had a temporary 'fun house' where for $14 for a kid and $19 for an adult you could go in and feel all sorts of gore and be scared out of your wits. Is that not a rip? It should cost nothing for you to feel a bunch of grapes and call them eyeballs. Claudia doesn't agree. She says that the people who work it need to get paid and therefore, charge admission. Okay, an admission price is one thing, but the cost of this is ridiculously high, in my opinion.
There were all sorts of 'actors' on the Pier that were dressed up for the holiday, and in this case
these two appear to be dead people. The just sat there and people walked by and just stared at them, trying to decide whether they were real or not. Me, being a quick study, caught onto their gig from the get go. Claud, on the other hand was suspicious. That's my girl!!
We went to Hugo's Frog Bar for dinner. The air conditioner wasn't working and because we were all a bit hot (there were five women in our party between the age of 50 and 60) we got a free dessert. Will you look at the size of this? It was at least 8"tall. Yet, somehow, it managed to get scarfed up.

After doing a power walk on Lake Michigan in the morning, we said goodbye to our friends and Claudia and I headed to Lincoln Park, my old neighborhood. We went into Barker and Meowsky, a Paw Firm, and got some doggie treats. In the window, all these 'autograph dogs' were dressed in wigs.
Sorry for the reflection, but I had to show you these dogs. They were so damn cute.

These dogs look like they wanna be rock stars!!!

My brother Bill is coming back from San Diego, California today; two days early, because they had to evacuate the building where he was working due to the close proximity to the fires. He said that the air smells like a bonfire. I am guessing that it is not affecting the airports.

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