Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fall Ain't Here Yet

Fall is upon us although you would never know it from the surroundings. The trees have barely changed; there is no leaf raking; and there are people swimming in Lake Michigan - without wetsuits!!!! But that's not to say that you can't get some great fall decorations an the neighborhood fruit stand. It was 88° today and will be tomorrow.
There were so many kinds of squash that I was dizzy.
These are gourds, right? The stuff you let dry and hollow out and make birdhouses from?
Some of them look like they are making out. Did I just actually say that? Oh yeah, that would be me.
I am assuming that the orange are carrots, as are the yellow, and that the white are parsnips? I really like the idea of a yellow carrot.

Acorn squash is a bear to peel. Best bet is to half it and cook it and then scoop out the innards.
Butternut squash. I love it and my arms would have been full had it not been the day before I am going on a trip for a week. If I purchased the squash, it would have been attracting flies by the time I came home.
I don't know this kind and because of the price, I am guessing that this Buttercup Squash is an edible one rather than the decorative kind.
Although I think this sign says differently, I always think of this as winter squash.
Popcorn pumpkins are kinda cool in that they are a washed out color but I like the kick of the pumpkin color. It makes the season of fall, my favorite FALL.

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Beth said...

Hey, Tommy, you're gonna be able to blog while you're on this trip, aren't you??? I'd miss my daily dose of fun if you didn't!!!