Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Food Saver

Thanks everybody. I am fit as a fiddle and both procedures went off without a hitch. You would think that after all the times I have been through this that I would get used to it but I guess it's kinda like the dentist. There will always be that fear factor (and hey! wasn't that the name of a show?)

These two ads are for Vasoline (which I love and they would both make cool quilts). The last Dove campaign was so successful that I am guessing that this is Vasoline's way of
'copying off of Target'. I say this because it is a pat answer for me while watching a commercial. Not so much now, but when those first fantastic Target ads hit the airwaves, within days it seemed that everybody was copying the basic idea of their format. Hence, 'copying off of Target'.
Peter, my son, was saying that some of the frozen casseroles I send their way get freezer burn on them quite quickly. I went on another cooking jag a couple weeks ago and had tons of food that I was now worried about it's longevity. Solution? The Food Saver from Costco that G got me for my early Christmas present. I make the casserole
and then slip the whole foil pan into the pouch and vacuum out the air and seal it. It kinda distorts the perfectly square -ness of my pans but they probably will pop back to shape when you cut open the pouch or when it thaws.
Although this loaf of bread wasn't frozen when I vacuumed the air out, when I cut the bag open
it pretty much popped back to it's original shape. The gadget was real easy to use which I was surprised at. Lots of these types of things need a higher degree from an ivy league college than I have. While I was sucking the air out of everything in sight, I happened to look over at some appetizers (I had just served) that were left over in a freezer bag so I thought I would see how they would do vacuumed. Well, it never occurred that they had mostly thawed out and as the air left the bag, so did their shape, COMPLETELY. They looked like I had grabbed a handful of 'em and just squeezed. When I let the air out of it they weren't torn, but they definitely didn't lay down flat without assistance. The lesson I learned from this is that it's best to have the thing frozen if you want to keep it's shape.

Just another toy that I have to find a spot for when not in use.


Irene said...

Glad to hear everything went well - I was thinking about you and I'm happy to see you back. Is Bella getting dressed up for Halloween?

Anonymous said...

I, too, am glad to hear all is well with you! I'd miss the culture you bring to my life if you weren't here to read everyday.

You will love, Love, LOVE the FoodSaver system. I've used one for 15 or 20 years, and would never be without it. There's supposed to be a trick to freezing casseroles and such... (I've never used it)... but spray the non-throwaway dish with PAM or somesuch, freeze the casserole in the dish, then pop the casserole out and into the FoodSaver bag. It frees up the baking dish, or in your case, prevents the buckle. When you want to cook it, pop it out of the bag and back into the dish to thaw or heat.

Fantastic for marinating, too!!

I doubt you need them, but you can find a lot of good ideas on sites that promote once-a-month cooking.

Sheila in Ohio