Friday, October 05, 2007

Give Me A Little Friday's

This weather we have had is unbelievable. It is in the eighties and it's October. This coming week is supposed to be much the same. I can certainly get spoiled!! It feels like it's the middle of the summer. I was out until eleven last night and didn't even think about putting on my wrap.

While killing time yesterday after I got off my train and meeting up with Maggie, I did some window shopping in Chicago. I found myself in awe that all the beautiful flowers that I saw a couple weeks ago have all changed completely,

in lieu of a fall spread. Overnight, Chicago was transformed with mums, corn stalks and kale.
I also went by a couple dress form creations that I hadn't seen before. You would be surprised as to how much attention these beauties get. There is always someone breaking from the path of walking to get close and look and read about these 'sculptures'.
I actually looked at the written literature (Ha ! get it?) to see who sponsored this and low and behold, it was Loyola, Maggie's law school. That must be an omen.

Oh yeah and I may as well confess; I am a bit of a stalker. I actually went to Cru (wine bar and restaurant) yesterday to see if I could spot one of the finalists from Top Chef. Dale previously worked there (before it closed for a redo - only to reopen bigger and better). I didn't catch a glimpse of him; in fact, I don't know if he even works there anymore. I was chatting this up with Maggie and she said that the newest Top Chef is being filmed in Chicago as I type. She said there are chef sitings in Chicago all over the place. Now G tells me that the show wanted to film in a particular grocery and they wouldn't allow it because the show doesn't pay the market and this store wouldn't tie up all the time it would take to set up and film the would be Top Chef's without some payment.

And on one final note before I start to watch the five, no, six shows I tivo'd, I have to comment on the winning chef of this seasons Top Chef. I didn't know who it was until last night at close to midnight when I watched the final episode. I thought that Casey, the final girl would win, but her finale was not good. Dale and Hung were about equal and I was hoping the Chicago redhead with the Mohawk would take the prize but no, Hung won. I was a bit disappointed in that I am not crazy about Hung's personality and his lack of playing well with others, but it was a great show; much better than the food channel's, The Next Food Network Star. And speaking of that, Amy, the last winner of that show, has her show, The Gourmet Next Door, starting next week. That should be interesting.


dee said...

I'm so dissapointed-I really wanted Casey to win. Dang!

Beth said...

Casey was definitely the most well-rounded, but Dale was fun. Hung probably has the most workaholic ethic to make a go of it. But he'll have to be more inventive/put his heart into it if he wants to succeed! JMO