Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I just tried to download Bella in her costume but it wouldn't go through. These two pictures that did make it were posted earlier but Bella hadn't been dressed. I will post the very scary Bichon tomorrow.

We are on the road and it is sunny and beautiful. The leaves have started to change but not to the extent that it should be for Halloween. Normally, as far back as I can remember, even when I was a kid, and more recently when my kids still trick or treated, the weather was mostly yucky; trees almost bare of leaves and it was coldish, grey and weather that was not good enough for you to wear your costumes as they were. Sweats or something had to be under the costume. When the kids were little I made their costumes in such a way that long pants and a shirt under it would fit in nicely. If I was at home right now I would post Halloween pictures of the kids, way back when. Oh, well, maybe next year.

My purse camera has a card in it of a couple of pictures I took in the last week. This first one was of the car seat that Claudia brought me that I had bought for Bea and she never liked. Well,

Bella took to it like she was made for it. The only problem with it is that her 'supermodel' legs are too long for her to turn in it. She liked being up and being able to see everything but she was so restricted in movement with it that I didn't have the heart to continue with it.

When we were ready to leave on our trip we ran into another neighbor walking her dog. We got to talking about a car seat or some restrictive seat that can keep a dog safe in a car without restricting them to the point that they can barely move. The neighbor told us about a car seat that she found that had the dog sitting up high enough to see out the window but was safe and somewhat shackled (with a harness on Bella that was loosely connecte to a strap that is connected to the car seatbelt holding the car seat. She said that it cost $90 which she thought was ridiculous and so she walked away, got into her car and a block later she put her foot on the brake a little too hard and her little Jack Russell, Mya, flew out of the seat of the car and into the foot space. She went around the corner, pulled into the lot for the pet store and laid down the $90. She said it was the best $90 she ever spent, and that was only two weeks ago.

Needless to say - so I won't. We have on and we love it. We haven't used the seatbelt and harness; it seems a bit unnessary in that the ' bucket' as our neighbor called this seat, is wedged so tightly in between the clothes I had to take with me and the various skeins of yarn, fabric and bric a brac that I am taking along that it would take a tornado actually hitting the doggie car seat to roust her. The picture of the booster seat also didn't want to download so that will be tomorrow too.

Now on to a building that I just love the color scheme of the exterior. No kidding; when I go by this building I actually always have my jaw drop. The colors together are just spectacular. Can you get the great color combo in this meager picture that I took in my car while at a stop sign?

It's called Mix and Mingle and I am embarassed to say that I have never been in it although I pass by twice a week or so as it's on the way to the vet and my favorite dollar store. It is simply gorgeous.

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Del said...

Is it a residence or a shop? Looks kind of gloomy.