Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Here in Greenwich

So as I said, I am here in Greenwich CT where G had work and I have my college roommate

Maggie. I have been coming here for years and love these New England towns. The houses here are bigger than my town!!!
Bella is home with her dog trainer (we always have a laugh when we say that!!). She is a trainer but it doesn't seem to work so much when we try to do it. This is five month old Grace Kelly. Maggie was so crazy about Bella when she was staying with us in Florida that she just had to have a dog of her own. One day a friend of hers came home to her two little dogs going at it, and the outcome of that was Grace. She is sure a sweetie.
Yesterday we found a doggie day care for GK to go to today so Maggie and I could take the train to New York. So that's what we are gonna do today. I feel like a school girl, cauz' I'm a bit excited. I do have a bit of a problem with my camera tho'. A bunch of us were at Baang last night for dinner (Vietnamese) and this waiter there named Michael DeVito (shown
here with Maggie) is an opera singer and he's fabulous. Anyway, he sang for us and I recorded it on my camera and now it is very low on battery charge and you can probably guess that my charger is at home. I will use it very sparingly from now on. Oh, Michael has a CD coming out October 24th. I'll be getting that, for sure.

It looks like all these hotel chains are getting on the Martha Stewart bandwagon. Just as Wynn did in Las Vegas, the Hyatt where we are staying has this brochure in the room with everything that is in the room for sale. I don't get it, but there must be a market for it. Anything to make another dime. And, much to my dismay, they too charge for Internet. But, at the same time, every floor has a whole big Starbucks station for morning coffee. At least that's something!

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