Wednesday, October 17, 2007

La boheme

Well, I'm not saying that I will become an opera regular, but I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it.

First, this Lyric Opera logo. It is so hip and understated for what I have always thought was a rather heavy form of entertainment. I still think it is a bit, but I was shocked to see that they had cliff notes in a little screen over the stage so you knew every word that was sung.

The lead soprano, Angela Gheorghiu, due to her diva ways and missing six of the 10 rehearsals, got canned four days before opening of this opera.

Her understudy of just 27 years old stepped into the spotlight and played Mimi like she was made for the role. Her name is Elaine Alvarez and she did a grand job.

The Chicago Civic Opera House is just beautiful in all it's deco splendor. There have to be 10 bars that you can get a coffee or a drink from, both before the performance and during the intermissions. The spacing of the acts was perfect, going from longest act to shortest.

And completely off the subject of this particular opera, my son Peter said that Pavarotti got a standing ovation once for 47 minutes. Who remembers this stuff?


dee said...

Oh I am so envious. Years ago when I was in & out of Manhattan on a regular basis I went to the Opera and saw La Boheme, Carmen, and once I even got to see Gilbert & Sullivan's Mikado in Central Park. Luciano was the reason I first loved Opera. I was so sad when he passed away-a sad end to such a dynamic voice.The first time I heard The Marriage of Figaro I had goosebumps.
An old friend of mine once had a great collection of recording of Caruso-old ones on real records! Imagine!!

Cindra said...

Wish they treated athlete divas the same way they do artistic divas. Oh, they do! in women's sports.