Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday (Fosamax Day)

The flower meeting was very successful yesterday. We saw just about any kind of flower you can imagine. It was very productive. I didn't even think to take pictures.

I may have to go to Janesville, Wisconsin today or if not today, then soon. My long arm machine just petered out on me and all the manual reading in the world doesn't seem to help it get fixed. It needs a complete overhaul and the place to get that is where I bought the thing to begin with. I am just waiting till the place opens up to give them a call. Once the thing quit working I went to my trusty old table model sewing machine. No sooner did I start to work there when I was visited by Belly. Then she seemed to just get closer and closer and before you knew it, she

completely took over the whole area. G seems to think she likes the vibration but frankly, she gets in so up close and personal that I have to curtail any sewing; meaning there is no vibration. So at that point it was time to get out the hand work.

Bella is so smart. The amount of words and phrases she understands is considerable. I say 'go get your peanut butter' and she goes and gets her Kong. (The stuff I spray inside it is peanut butter flavored). I say go get your ball and she does; go get your baby, etc. She knows when we are going for a walk on the beach or the road or going in the car. She can differentiate between lots of items. She's a genius!


Anonymous said...

Tut tut, how could you have missed taking pictures of such an important meeting? This is the beginning of the documentation for your darling dd's wedding and you forgot! wagging finger...

Anonymous said...

Why don't you 'crate' bella (small crate) and place the crate on your sewing table so she can still be in your presence while you sew.....even I can think of such a simple solution.