Thursday, October 04, 2007

This and That

I have started checking my Block Senders list at least once a day. I place all Spam on the list and sometimes the way it comes in, it actually is my email address and because that isn't readily noticeable to me, I find that if I haven't gotten email for awhile and my connection is functioning properly (snicker; snicker) that I look up the list and sure enough, there I am, on it. Sometimes it's my website email too. This should not be happening.

I just finished listening to 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult. It was very good. The new show Pushing Daisies was excellent; I didn't even want to like/watch it but G came home and said some news source gave it 4 stars. Now I have yet another show that is a must see. As it is, tonight when I go to the city to view a trunk show (first time - tree trunks? elephant trunks? swim trunks?) with Maggie, I have to use my tivo and G's tivo to tape all the stuff that I watch (eventually) on Thursdays! I am taking the train to Chicago. It takes an hour more each way (2 1/2 hours vs 1 1/2 hour) but you can read or knit or whatever and not worry about parking or anything.

I did take my longarm machine to Janesville, Wisconsin to get fixed. I spent seven hours getting there and back and only spent 45 minutes actually there. The machine works now so the trip was worth the time it took. And if you get into audio books, it's amazing how the time passes; that and a couple of fast food stops.

And now, for my wisdom for the day:
Even when you are having a really bad day, someone will still screw you.


dee said...

OMG stop it! My stomach hurts from laughing. Even Roger was laughing at 7 a.m.- that's unheard of.

Cindra said...

LOL... you even spaced it perfectly... didn't see it until I scrolled down! Too funny.

My tivo is working overtime this season, too!

Mrs. Mel said...

I too loved that Pushing Daisies show. Too sweet and what cute stars.