Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weather Permitting

I was sitting at Laura's station - she does my manicures (once a year when the cuticles are so long that they are covering the entire nail) and pedicures (once a month when I am in town) and

this is my view over her shoulder. The metal bird bobs in and out of the feeder. Is this not adorable?
My long standing salon has moved to a more countrified location and closer to me. Before, you had to enter Gold's Gym and go through the main floor of it and then up stairs through more sweaty people and then you could safely enter the salon. Now, it's a vision of loveliness.

The backyard is simply stunning. It is prettier than a well manicured park.

And here we have the lovely Laura, doing a manicure outside. They do that when the weather is accommodating. How fun is that?

And now on a sadder note, my friend Micky took her dog Maggie (named after my daughter?) to my doggie day care for the temperament test. She passed (I think that was last Friday) and after a half day session at doggie daycare yesterday, Maggie was asked to not come back. She has never gotten on with other dogs. She growls at them every time she sees them and although she doesn't bite, growling can antagonise another dog into biting. It may just be to late to teach her to play well with others because she is almost six. Bella is looking mighty fine right about now. She will be going to daycare for the second half of the day and spend the night (first time) tonight because we are going to the opera. It was the kids birthday gift to G. He likes it; I don't (can't sit still and all that) but I am going without a word of complaint. That in itself is something!


Maggie said...

so, so sorry for regina. i have not and not sure i will take grace kelly to doggy day care - i think shes still too young!she was scared tommy!and since i've had many a friend step up- everybody wants a dog! i say take her for the day!!!

Anonymous said...

Great salon with fun concept? Why are you so weird???? Not fun and so into yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SELFISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE WAY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>