Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What's Going On

Here we have my sister in law, Claudia, doing something that is relatively foreign

to her; picking out and purchasing fabric. I think I may have created a monster. Claudia always wants to make/create things but she can't seem to find just the right niche for herself. I gave her a little nudge by introducing her to a featherweight sewing machine.
Using it as a clean slate, Claud read the directions on how to thread, fill the bobbin and insert it and ultimately sew on it. She started out with the 9" zipper tote that I showed a month or so ago. That grew into a whole family of totes, ranging from 7" to 14". We are all very proud of her taking to sewing with so much vigor. She has more fabric and zippers so who knows where this will go.
And finally!!!! The dog's have used the pull toy dog the way it was supposed to be used. They were all over the house, playing tug of war. Our little girls are growing up !
While all this was going on, I started to do some serious studying of the books I checked out of the library about kitchen planning. My kitchen is great, but the footprint isn't the way it should be to be efficient and I want to check out whether I can change the floor plan without tearing up the whole kitchen. I got some ideas and we are bouncing them around. It seems as tho' I can never leave well enough alone. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

So Tommy, did you give your SIL that featherweight or was it only on loan?

Kitchen renovation is always interesting, can't wait to see what you do to yours. Mine is definitely without a footprint plan with an island smack in the middle....makes it hard to catch the teenagers being chased around

Anonymous said...

forgot to add, if your SIL doesn't own a sewing machine, an Elna Lotus is a more versatile machine than the featherweight. I have both and more so I should know....LOL.

Christine Thresh said...

Check out the "Not So Big" books. I believe there is one on renovating existing dwellings. Publisher: Tauton Press (I think).

Anonymous said...

Boring, Boring