Saturday, October 13, 2007

What's Up With Me

We left home with summer upon us and definitely came back to fall. It was almost 90° when we headed east and it is now 50°. A tree or two has started changing colors but basically, it's just not happening yet. If the current weather stands, I have no doubt that we will be seeing lots of color change.

The report we got from the dog trainer about Bella was that she was kind, sweet, smart, quick and probably tired. She has been hanging with lots of different dogs. We are proud of such a rave report card. She can come, stay, sit, down, off and she has gotten on a two meal a day schedule. The trainer said that I don't have to take her out (except for exercise of course) more often that every four hours. And better than anything, she said that they would gladly take Miss Belly any time we need to leave her. Hurray!!!

See the cop in the middle of this picture? There is about a mile of a main drag in downtown Greenwich and within that mile you will find, in the daytime, three evenly spaced cops directing traffic. As a pedestrian, you can't so much as put a foot in the street without permission or you will be reprimanded, and sometimes quite loud and harshly. There are stop signs but during the day they are not active. The cop decides who goes when and when it is time for the walkers to move, they say 'Cross' and you can cross any ole' way; even kiddie corner, just as long as it's when you are told. I have always gotten a kick out of this. A little antiquated but cute.
These are the five restaurants that are my friend Maggie's. She has been in the restaurant business for about twenty years. These five are all northern Italian. I have had the pleasure of having many a (free) meal in them. I remember when the first one opened,
Terra, and that was about twenty years ago. There is a secret to maintaining a fine establishment such as these five and these people know the secret. Even the college age son is a manager of one of the restaurants.
This is the fabric house that the Project Runway contestants go to when they are picking out the fabric for a particular challenge. Maggie and I went to it and it was very cool. There were lots of pictures of Heidi Klum around. I am sure that it is more popular now that it is featured in the show. Speaking of that, I think the new season starts this fall.

I have started watching (tivo'd) the Next Iron Chef. It's pretty darn good. They have extremely hard challenges; much more difficult that The Next Food Network Star or Top Chef. And I just got caught up with Dancing and was very pleased to see that Wayne got the boot. Frankly it was hard to watch him, dance or just talk.

This water tower is being built and it has a crane inside it to built it. So, G and I figured that it needed a massive crane to put this pretty good sized crane on the top to build up the sides. It was only half made five days ago and it's almost complete now. Yeah, I know; Tommy, get a life.

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would you please stop saying "who won on shows you watch" and "who lost on shows you watch", please!! some of us don't have time to watch tv during the week and then i read your blog and you spill the beans. thanks