Friday, October 26, 2007

You Made Your Bed

I am now all alone, just the three of us. Bella has no one to intimidate and grab by the ear/tail and so is in a bit of a funk. She can also tell that something is going on as we prepare to go south to see how things have survived the heat of the summer and fall in Florida. My 'Florida drawer' has long since been filled up and has now overtaken part of the garage.

This pumpkin that was in the paper (yeah, this is a photo of a picture that was in the Chicago Tribune; not bad quality, eh?) for being big (250 lbs) although this very farmer also had a pumpkin larger than 450 lbs. When I first saw this pic, I thought the pumpkin was that much bigger than the man. I know, what an idiot I am. You needn't feel bad that you thought that because I thought the very same thing about me. I forgot about that old perspective thing that you draw with a triangle involved that I remember not quite getting in my first art class.

Speaking of art, I would love to make one of these bird house chairs. I could forgo the cute little
flowers stenciled on the top one but I love the idea of the birdhouse planter chair. Years ago I saw somewhere and then copied getting a chair (like an old looking painted wood one) and taking the seat center out. Then I lined it with screening (like you put on the window screens) and stapled it down but with lots of give so that when you filled it with topsoil it was hanging down below the seat. Then all you have to do is fill it with flowers and remember to water and you have an adorable planter.

Oh, and once, on a bike ride I saw a magnificent array of flowers and on closer inspection, I noticed that they were planted in between a brass headboard and foot board. It took me a while but probably a mile further down the road I realized what I had just seen; a flower bed. Clever.


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The bird house is dorky!!!!

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