Friday, November 09, 2007


My website, is finally up and running again. It has been down for over a week due to some domain nonsense.

I heard something on TV about a guy that was married to Danielle Steel and it vanished from my brain until last night when I thought about it and couldn't remember where I heard or read about this guy. So I googled Danielle Steel's husbands and WOW !! did I ever get info on the dame. I might have known this if I was a fan of her writings but I am not so had no clue as to her personal life. Here's just the tip of the iceberg.

* married five times and engaged to be wed for the sixth time to George Hamilton. One of her husbands was a serial rapist and pimp, another was an ex con and heroin addict, and another was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.
*has seven kids
*has had cancer and polio

On just reading a bit more about Danielle I realized that it was her last husband, Tom Perkins, who I had heard on 60 Minutes about his monster big state of the art sailboat. He also had something to do with Hewlett Packard.

I have finished one of the six pieces that I have been commissioned to do. This one is 6' x 5. Four of the pieces are to be the same size and I tried to start with those but it just didn't work. In fact, you can faintly see the yarn that is marking off the 37" x 41" size of those on the design

wall underneath the piece. Besides the size constraints I also have color limitations. The following is a list I can go by.

Rosy Brown
Saddle Brown
Sandy Brown
Indian Red
Lemon Chiffon
Pale Yellow

Pretty doggone exciting, eh?

Speaking of dogs, Bella has Porta A Groom come today for a bath. Bella saw the van at a neighbors house and went crazy just by seeing it (or smelling; who knows?) so I gave the groomer a call and sure enough, she can fit her in. Because her normal grooming isn't due for another two weeks, I just decided on reacquainting Belly with her and then take up the monthly chore after the holidays. I am also going to find a doggie daycare for a once a week visit but this trip is too short to bother with so I will wait until after Christmas.

Regina comes today so I have to decide what to make with a couple rotisserie chickens. What sounds good?


dee said...

Everything you said was very interesting but all turns to blah blah in the face of a visit from Regina-
Seriously-chicken burritos??? quesadillas?? Make some Margaritas and who cares about the chicken.
Danielle's son & his wife are San Fransisco socialites that are feuding with the other kids in a major way. Vanity Fair had a great article about them not long ago. Last name Traina I think.

bonnie said...

What sounds good...oriental chicken salad, Ceasar salad wrap, Waldorf salad with chicken, chicken pot pie....geez I must be hungry....

Anonymous said...

You could use the chicken in Giada's tri color orzo salad. YUM! and gets better and better!