Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Bigger Picture

It isn't in my nature to do just one thing at a time. Therefore, due to yet another baby girl being born in the family (welcome Paige Taylor) I decided to start on her quilt. I love the Patrick Lose baby quilt book called Special Delivery Quilts but the quilts are always so small and I hate to just do border after border. I decided to enlarge the bear in the pattern that I like the best. I took the picture of the completed quilt that was in the the book and then printed it on transparency paper. I put this picture under the light and mirror of a overhead projector and projected it onto a large piece of paper that I taped on the window.

You can see part of the projection of the bear (sideways) with the bear's outstretched arms. I
am showing here how much bigger the new pattern piece is compared to the one in the book. It will make a substantially larger format . I am hoping to have this done to give to the new baby at the Thanksgiving feast.

As far as Thanksgiving goes, I have lost both my offspring to their significant other's families. It's the first time I haven't had at least one of my two kids at Thanksgiving. It does insure that I get them all for Christmas tho'. I won't complain. I have signed up for a vegetable and dessert for twenty at my sister in law's home where we mostly always have Thanksgiving.

I' took out the two sets of stitches on my leg because the two week mark has come and gone. G was gonna do it but it bothered him that they were so deep into the skin. I figured that I have ripped out enough stitches in my work that I could remove fifteen stitches from my leg. It was a walk in the park. A new profession possibly?

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Anonymous said...

After I was married my mom always played the guilt card regarding the holidays and I hated it. I never did it with mine because I knew how it felt. You have raised nice children and are sharing them with the universe. The payback of being a good Mom.