Thursday, November 29, 2007

Billowy Pillowy

This year's pillows mark the 20th year I have been doing this. I can now post the pillow of the year because we sent them out on Monday. I used to send them the third week of December and G always questioned that, saying "why wait? It's got this year's date on it." I finally succumbed and they are out and hopefully in a holiday array.

My friend Peggy (while deeply involved in her job) always manages to find lots of pillow ideas each year and this one is from her. Sometimes I take the idea and change it a little as I only work with the square 14" form so that the pillows have some consistency from year to year.

I actually blogged the other pillows a couple years ago (I can't believe I have been doing this that long!!) So, if you want to see them, look in December 2005 and on the 23rd of December you can view them

I have to share this email I got last night. If you were on the original pillow list, when your offspring get married, they automatically make the pillow list. This darling Susie is one of them.


We got your pillow tonight. Loved it! Shane loved opening a present. He wants to sleep with the pillow. Attached is his picture with the pillow. He asked if you were the woman cooking the turkey. I promised to show him your picture on your blog.

Have a good evening; thanks again!


By the woman with the turkey, Shane is referring to the pillow to his left that was my old lady (from the internet; don't know her) carving a turkey and the bottom caption says, "does this turkey make my butt look big?" Only a child; I say no more.
I want a grand child so I can have these pictures!!!


teri springer said...

Beautiful pillow and what a great looking kid!! I am sure you will be a grandma soon enough. And a wonderful one at that!!

Hope you can talk G into ballroom dance lessons. I have so many great memories of my mom and dad on the dance floor. Mom had no choice but to lear to dance since her mom owned a very popular Chicago dance studio in the late 20's, thirties and on into the 40's. My dad is a farm boy from Lawrence, MI but I suspect his cousin Marge (who my grandparents raised from age 9 on) taught him. Interestingly, despite his Parkinson's he can still dance pretty good!!

Hugs to you all.


Anonymous said...

Love this year's pillow, great idea!
I dunno how you do it....keep a "verving" social life and get your crafting done.

Cindra said...

Any grandchild of yours will be a super blessed child!

Corky said...

I've been looking forward to seeing this year's pillow and am so glad you posted it earlier than usual! Fab as usual.

Irene said...

Another great pillow - wish I had a quarter of your imagination. I want a grandchild too....